Martial Peak - Chapter 2452 - It’s Him

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Chapter 2452, It’s Him

Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Lan He’s face flushed red while listening to the noisy comments coming from all around her, whether it was because she was angered or ashamed, however, it was impossible to tell.

Even though she had a neutral personality and her appearance was flat, she was still a woman and naturally felt embarrassed when someone spoke such things right in her face. Even if her will was firm, she couldn’t help being disturbed by such overt harassment.

Seeing this, the two cultivators besieging her looked happy and started to attack even more ruthlessly.

Lan He was quite strong, though, so although her two attackers had an absolute advantage, they would still have to pay a hefty price if they wanted to really kill her. But at this moment, Lan He’s emotions were in chaos, so her defeat was imminent, it was only a matter of time.

At this moment, another person broke into laughter, mocking Lan He, “Who hasn’t heard of the famous Heavenly Wolf Valley’s Eldest Senior Brother Lan He? Oh, sorry, I was wrong, it should be Eldest Senior Sister, hahaha!”

Yang Kai found this person’s voice familiar, turning his head to look and realizing it was none other than Brahma Holy Land’s Holy Sons, Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian, whom he had met once before.

The speaker was Zhang Hao, who had fought against Yang Kai before.

By the looks of it, he was acquainted with Lan He, and it didn’t sound like a friendly relationship; there might be some dispute between them so he didn’t shy away from adding insult to injury here.

“Heavenly Wolf Valley?” Yang Kai raised his brow, feeling as if he had heard of this Sect somewhere before, but even after mulling over it, he couldn’t remember.

“Whether she is a man or a woman, let’s quickly check it!” Someone made a ruckus, rallying many along with him.

“Shut up!” Yang Kai glared at everyone before sneering, “Is it really that interesting to watch a group of men bully a woman?”

The person, who just yelled, immediately lashed out angrily, “Little brat, who do you think you are? You were just being arrogant and now you dare to treat others with contempt? I dare you report your name!”

Others also glared at Yang Kai and everyone was extremely dissatisfied with his arrogant attitude.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, completely ignoring that one who spoke before his figure flickered and he flew towards Lan He. Halfway there, he summoned a hundred Golden Blood Threads.

Suddenly, a dazzling golden flash blinded everyone as the Golden Blood Threads soared through the void.

Although the two besieging Lan He were focused on their battle with Lan He, they were still paying close attention to Yang Kai’s movements; after all, he seemed to have some friendship with her.

So, when Yang Kai made a move, the two of them promptly reacted, one of them turning to confront Yang Kai, shouting, “Boy, you court death!”

Unleashing a slash from his sword, it seemed as if space was being cut asunder. The incomparably fierce blade aura made the world go dark and everyone paled at the sight of this.

But suddenly, the Golden Blood Threads transformed into an enormous golden net that gave the impression that it could cover the entire world, directly trapping the sword wave.

The next moment, grating noises rang out. Although the sword wave was quite strong, it was unable to break through the Golden Blood Threads. Instead, it was pushed back while the Golden Blood Thread net remained completely unaffected and it continued shooting straight towards the cultivator while shrinking rapidly, looking like it was about to wrap around him.

The man’s face drastically changed. Although he had no idea what was special about this golden net, the terrifying fluctuations emanating from it were impossible to ignore. Not daring to let it touch him, he made a prompt retreat.

But the next moment, his eyes widened in shock as his face went pale as a ghost.

Because Yang Kai, who had been hundreds of metres away from him before, was now somehow standing right before him with a wicked grin on his face. The vicious glint in Yang Kai’s eyes made this man’s feet go cold as he trembled all over.

He didn’t even notice how Yang Kai got so close to him. It was as if he had fallen into a momentary trance then the two were already standing face to face.

As their gazes met, that cultivator only saw a white lotus bud image suddenly fly out of Yang Kai’s left eye. The bud was spotless and pure, but it disappeared in a flash.

The next moment, his Knowledge Sea suddenly shook, making him dizzy and almost knocking him off the ground.

The next moment, Yang Kai threw a punch.


At the same time, the sound of ribs cracking came out as blood splashed into the void.

The man stood rooted in place, dazed as he gawked at Yang Kai with a look of incredulity hanging on his face.

At the same time, gasps could be heard coming from all around.

Because everyone saw Yang Kai rush in front of his opponent using some unknown Secret Technique or Divine Ability. The next moment, a painful look appeared on his opponent’s face before Yang Kai punched straight through the man’s chest, leaving a huge gaping hole.

The eyes of all the cultivators standing nearby this place jumped wildly.

Because at this moment, Yang Kai was actually holding a beating heart in his hand. This scene was so bloody that they didn’t dare to look directly at it.

With a slight force, the heart burst apart, and along with this sound, the head of the cultivator, whose chest was punched through, tilted to one side as his aura disappeared altogether.


Sounds of everyone nervously gulping were heard, one after another. Many people’s gazes toward Yang Kai changed dramatically as even the strongest and most prideful people present here had serious and grim looks on their faces.

Killing a cultivator of the same level in the blink of an eye and in a completely relaxed fashion was not something everyone present here could do.

Even if they could do it, they would have to resort to their most powerful Secret Techniques, which would consume a lot of their strength.

On the other hand, Yang Kai just summoned a big golden net, and then threw a punch. It was like he was killing a chicken rather than a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master.

Only now did everyone finally realize that Yang Kai had the capital to act so arrogant, not putting any of them in his eyes.

“It’s him…” Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes, staring at Yang Kai closely, seemingly realizing something.

“Who?” Zhang Xian asked in a low voice.

Zhang Hao answered with a grim look, “If I’m not mistaken, he’s the guy we saw with Yu Ying before.”

Zhang Xian was greatly shocked, “How is that possible? Didn’t you injure that guy in one move? How can he be this strong then? Not to mention, the two of them look completely different.”

Zhang Hao explained, “One’s appearance can be changed, but their aura can’t be disguised. I could tell when he made his move just now. This kid hid himself deeply. He definitely concealed his strength before. But if he is here, what about Yu Ying?”

Zhang Xian replied with a straight face, “Since this brat is so ruthless, Yu Ying’s fate was most likely quite miserable.”

Zhang Hao worriedly stated, “I hit him before… I wonder if he’s holding a grudge against me for it. If he attacked me like how he just did…” At this point, his face went slightly pale. As a Holy Son of Brahma Holy Land, Zhang Hao had never been afraid of anyone in the Dao Source Realm before, but witnessing Yang Kai’s decisive and ruthless move, he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.

Zhang Xian’s expression changed as he proposed, “If Yu Ying really died under his hand, we can inform the Netherworld Sect. Yin Le Shang isn’t a well-tempered man.”

Zhang Hao’s eyes lit up after hearing this and he hurriedly agreed with a nod, “Yes, we can do this.”

While the two were secretly communicating, the battle on Lan He’s side ended.

Lan He was not to be underestimated based on her stunted growth and appearance, her strength was nothing to make light of. The reason she had fallen into a disadvantage before was that she was fighting one versus two, but now that Yang Kai had instantly killed one of her attackers, shaking the other’s nerves greatly, it didn’t take long for Lang He to kill him by taking advantage of the lapse in concentration.

Immediately after, two Star Seals flew up into the void before being taken away by Yang Kai and Lan He respectively. Even the Space Rings were quickly divvied up by them.

Having survived the disaster, Lan He gratefully glanced at Yang Kai.

No matter why Yang Kai had helped her, the fact was that Yang Kai had saved her life. Had Yang Kai not made a move, her death would have just been a matter of time. At best, she could have dragged one of her attackers down with her.

“Who was it that was asking who this Young Master thinks he is?” Yang Kai looked around and shouted in an arrogant manner, “Come, come! Stand forth, this Young Master will tell you now!”

The person who had spoken earlier had already hidden behind the crowd, trembling in fear.

“Friend, you should show some propriety, shouldn’t you?” Zhang Hao suddenly sneered as he rebuked, looking at Yang Kai, “Could it be you think that you are invincible in this world and everyone here is beneath you?”

His words had dragged everyone into this mess in one go, causing all of them to direct their anger towards Yang Kai.

Although it was obvious Zhang Hao was instigating discord, Yang Kai’s attitude was indeed over the top.

“So what if I think you are beneath me? Come and bite me!” Yang Kai coldly glared at Zhang Hao, who didn’t know that an early bird is shot first.

Zhang Hao coldly snorted, but he wasn’t angry; rather, he looked at Yang Kai with a grin and a cold expression on his face.

“Where is my Junior Sister Yu Ying?” Someone suddenly asked.

Yang Kai raised his brow, turning his gaze towards the speaker. Immediately, a weird look appeared on his face as this person was none other than Yin Le Sheng!

[This is interesting! I have been looking for him, and now he came to me first, but the first thing he asks is about Yu Ying… how did he know about Yu Ying having been with me? I’ve already changed my appearance…]

However, very soon, realization dawned upon Yang Kai as he took a deep look at Zhang Hao, realizing that he had been recognized after making a move just now.

“Long time no see. Who would have thought that you would have grown to this level,” Yin Le Sheng looked at Yang Kai coldly while inside he was feeling quite shocked. Apparently, he already knew of his real identity. After all, Zhong Zhen Yong had sent him some information earlier, revealing some news about this newcomer. It was precisely because of this that Yin Le Sheng looked shocked.

He could cultivate to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm because of the vigorous support of an entire Sect and the teachings of a powerful Master.

He didn’t believe that Yang Kai was blessed with such luck.

If Yang Kai didn’t have such conditions and could still cultivate to the same level as him, it was evident that Yang Kai had encountered a great opportunity.

“You aren’t bad either!” Yang Kai sneered. Since his identity had been revealed, it didn’t make sense to hide anymore, so he simply reached out and took off his mask, immediately revealing his real appearance.