Martial Peak - Chapter 2451 - Natural Spirit Array

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Chapter 2451, Natural Spirit Array

Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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“Brother Yang is a dragon among men, but if you want to subdue the Mountains and Rivers Bell, you can’t just depend on handsomeness!” Qi Hai summoned up his courage and stated. He was the one requesting Yang Kai’s help, so he couldn’t be too straightforward, lest he made Yang Kai upset.

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he asked, “Judging by Brother Qi’s words, do you know the way to conquer the Mountains and Rivers Bell?”

“Of course I don’t know the way to subdue it, but this Qi has some information about it for Brother Yang.”

“Oh? Let’s hear it,” Yang Kai immediately became interested.

Qi Hai continued, “The world only knows that the Mountains and Rivers Bell is the Yuan Ding Great Emperor’s Natal Emperor Artifact, but what few know is that the Mountains and Rivers Bell didn’t belong to the Yuan Ding Great Emperor from the start. It’s an Ancient Exotic Artifact!”

“Ancient Exotic Artifact!” Yang Kai’s pupils shrank after hearing this.

“Indeed!” Qi Hai explained with a nod, “It was precisely because the Yuan Ding Great Emperor got his hands on the Mountains and Rivers Bell that he could become a Great Emperor. It could be said that the Mountains and Rivers Bell made him a Great Emperor.”

“So it was like this!” Yang Kai got to hear a lot of surprising things. This was really a big secret, and had Qi Hai not told him, Yang Kai might never have learned this.

“If not, how can the Mountains and Rivers Bell suppress the Phoenix True Fire? What’s more, after the suppression, even Heaven Devouring Great Emperor was unable to break through its defences. If it were a normal Emperor Artifact, it would have been impossible for it to suppress the Phoenix True Fire for tens of thousands of years.”

Yang Kai felt that this also made sense. The Phoenix True Fire was extremely overbearing, yet it was suppressed by the Mountains and Rivers Bell for tens of thousands of years. If the Mountains and Rivers Bell hadn’t flown away on its own, it might have been impossible for the Phoenix True Fire to see daylight again.

“Then Brother Qi, isn’t there something you were going to tell me?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.

Qi Hai’s expression turned grim as he continued, “It is written in ancient records that the Yuan Ding Great Emperor had ventured into the Eastern Territory’s Ancient Wild Lands in the past. There, he had stumbled upon an enormous bell. It was the Mountains and Rivers Bell. At that time, Yuan Divine Great Emperor was just an ordinary Emperor Realm Master. He wanted to subdue the Mountains and Rivers Bell but was unable to. In the end, he forcefully endured its eighty-one gongs and finally won the approval of the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Only then was he able to bring it out from Ancient Wild Lands.”

“The Mountains and Rivers Bell actually came from the Ancient Wild Lands!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. He had heard Qi Hai mention Ancient Wild Lands before, but he hadn’t paid too much attention to it, but now, after hearing that the Mountains and Rivers Bell came from the Ancient Wild Lands, Yang Kai naturally realized that it was an incredible place. Secretly, he decided that he would go there and take a look if got the opportunity.

However, the Yuan Ding Great Emperor actually endured eighty-one gongs to finally obtain the Mountains and Rivers Bell’s recognition. It was a remarkable feat.

Yang Kai had also experienced the might of the Mountains and Rivers Bell first hand. A Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator had died on spot just by coming in contact with it, so Yang Kai wasn’t confident that he could withstand its eighty-one gongs.

By informing him of this, Qi Hai had undoubtedly provided Yang Kai with a way to subdue the Mountains and Rivers Bell, but the danger was also great.

“Brother Yang, if you are uncertain, I advise you to ignore the Mountains and Rivers Bell. There are still many priceless treasures in the Shattered Star Sea. You and I can together…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yang Kai interrupted him, “I would still like to go and see.”

Qi Hai’s face darkened as he said, “Since that’s the case, then this Qi won’t persuade you anymore. Brother Yang, please be careful along the way.”

“Many thanks, Brother Qi. See you again!” Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile and while speaking, his figure flickered, flying off into the void.

Qi Hai stood in his place, staring at Yang Kai’s back with a complicated look on his face. Only after a long time did a heavy sigh finally escape his lips before he went searching in another direction, alone.

He didn’t have a deep friendship with Yang Kai, but judging by the fact that Yang Kai promised him that he would visit the Qi Family Fort in the Eastern Territory if he got the chance, it was quite evident that Yang Kai was an easy-going person. Had it been someone else, he or she would have totally ignored him, or more likely, silenced him.

After all, Qi Hai had witnessed Yang Kai suppressing and subduing the Phoenix True Fire. If the word of this got out, Yang Kai would have pretty hard days ahead of him.

It was precisely for this reason that Qi Hai vowed first to not speak a word of what he saw.

However, he had no confidence that Yang Kai would go to the Qi Family Fort and look for him.

If Yang Kai didn’t visit, then his wife would really die, but even if Yang Kai went there, in light of his wife’s current condition, she only had a slim chance, that’s all.


Yang Kai flew in the direction of the Mountains and Rivers Bell for half a day before he suddenly sensed that Soul Mark he had left on Lan He.

When Lan He passed by him earlier, he deliberately patted Lan He’s shoulder, just so that he could plant the Soul Mark, giving him a chance to track the Mountain and Rivers Bell easily. As for becoming the target of Lan He’s discontent and suspicion, that was inevitable and unavoidable.

Without this Soul Mark, Yang Kai would never be able to track the location of the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

Yang Kai immediately flew in the direction of the Soul Mark, and after another hour, Yang Kai finally saw Lan He’s figure somewhere in the void.

However, what surprised him was that Lan He was fighting with some people at this moment. Furthermore, she was being besieged.

Yang Kai focused his gaze and found that two besieging here were Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters. Their cultivation was pretty good, and with one against two, Lan He appeared to be in a rather precarious situation. She seemed to have suffered a lot of injuries already and she was bleeding in a lot of places.

When he took a second look at the surroundings, Yang Kai found that almost none of the dozens of cultivators that were on the dark red star before had fallen; everyone was here.

And the Mountains and Rivers Bell was hovering in the void in one place, completely still.

Everyone was looking at the Mountains and Rivers Bell with a greedy and covetous gaze, but no one stepped forward to fight for it. Yang Kai found this extremely strange and he had no idea what was going on here.

However, what put his heart at ease was that Yin Le Sheng of the Netherworld Sect was still here. Yang Kai was pretty relieved by this. The Shattered Star Sea was so vast, so if he lost track of Yin Le Sheng, Yang Kai wasn’t confident he could find him again.

Almost everyone remained still in the void. Only Lan He was fighting with two opponents, so Yang Kai’s arrival attracted a lot of attention. Yin Le Sheng, too, indifferently glanced at him, but as Yang Kai was wearing a disguise, he wasn’t recognized.

“Don’t come here!” Just when Yang Kai was rushing over, Lan He, who happened to be fighting and at a disadvantage, suddenly shouted at Yang Kai.

Due to this momentary distraction, she had suffered two more wounds as blood spurted from them.

Yang Kai looked at her in astonishment, wondering why she prevented him from approaching when she was still being ganged upon. If it was because she was disgusted by his previous actions, then she was being too sensitive.

However, very soon, Yang Kai understood her intention.

Just as he rushed over, he suddenly noticed an anomaly around him.

There was a Natural Spirit Array hidden in this place, one that was extremely dangerous and well concealed.

He didn’t notice it from outside at all, but as soon as he entered it, Yang Kai felt as if he was surrounded by a crisis, unable to find a way out.

No wonder no one was acting rashly when the Mountains and Rivers Bell was right in front of them. The place where the Mountains and Rivers Bell was seemed to be the most dangerous place in this entire Natural Spirit Array, causing Yang Kai to tremble all over.

After understanding this, Yang Kai’s face turned black.

The dozens of cultivators in the vicinity were looking at him with a mocking look on their faces, taking pleasure in his misfortune.

Yang Kai coldly snorted as he shouted, “What are you looking at? Bunch of wastes, do you believe this Young Master won’t gouge your eyes out?!”

Having accidentally rushed into this Natural Spirit Array had somewhat annoyed Yang Kai, and even though it was normal for these people to not warn him, their act of taking pleasure in his misfortune was very irritating.

As soon as he said this, several dozen pairs of eyes were fixed on him, their murderous intent instantly spilling over to the surroundings, causing this part of the void to freeze.

Every cultivator here was an elite of some great force and had always been to ones to be on the receiving end of respect, but today, they had been called wastes by Yang Kai; how could they take it?

Not to mention, Yang Kai scolded everyone in one sentence. He was too lawless and he didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

Many people looked at Yang Kai as if they were looking at a dead person.

Yang Kai spat disdainfully, as if he didn’t put any of them in his eyes. He then turned to Lan He and asked, “What hatred or grievance do you have with these two that you have to fight here?”

The act of Lan He warning him not to come when she was under attack had slightly moved Yang Kai. Naturally, he couldn’t sit back and watch this without doing anything.

Lan He lashed out, annoyed, “It’s a matter between our Sects, nothing to do with personal enmity!”

The reason why she warned Yang Kai was not because she was trying to save Yang Kai. Rather she wanted Yang Kai to send a message to her Sect to inform them about her own situation. If she died here, at least someone would know about it.

But this idiot actually rushed in, so now he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

Lan He found that ever since she met this guy, everything had been going wrong, as if he was some kind of god of misfortune plaguing her.

One of the two men besieging Lan He shouted, “Slut, Eldest Senior Brother was castrated by you. He is neither man nor ghost from now on, and you dare to say that it has nothing to do with personal enmity!”

As soon as this was mentioned, everyone’s expression was unusually brilliant and secretly sympathized with that unknown Eldest Senior Brother. As a man, getting castrated was a tragic thing, and just the thought of it caused many legs to clamp tightly.

Lan He rebuked with a cold snort, “He used that thing to try to commit an outrageous act against me, he should be punished for it!”

The man angrily lashed out, “With your looks, no man in this world will ever be interested in you! I think you were just jealous, that’s why you did such a sinister thing to Eldest Senior Brother.”

The other man yelled, “Yes, as a woman, you’ll never get to have a man in your life! If you don’t believe it, you can try it out and see if any man here will be interested in you!”

“He’s a she?” One of the surrounding cultivators stared at Lan He with widened eyes as he asked in amazement.

“I’m really blind. I thought she was a man!”

“Tsk tsk, this girl is really interesting. Could it be that she was born in the wrong family!”

“Haha, you don’t understand, the more a woman is like her, the more interesting it is to play with her.”

“Sii… Brother, your tastes are quite… heavy…”