Martial God Asura - Chapter 5149: My Willpower Is Unrivaled Amongst My Peers

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Chapter 5149: My Willpower Is Unrivaled Amongst My Peers

However, Chu Feng didn’t despair at the setback. Instead, he turned his full attention back to deciphering the formation. He knew that he would have to go all out now that his opponent was proving to be a formidable adversary.

Even if the chances were slim, he would fight to the bitter end.


That was not a word that existed in Chu Feng’s dictionary.

“Hoh, you aren’t going to give up? Can’t you tell that there’s a huge difference in our skills? What can two despicable rats who are only capable of hiding in the shadows possibly be capable of? When it comes to a true fight of talents, the two of you are no more than dogs to be crushed under my feet!” Bai Yunqing scoffed.

He had noticed that Chu Feng and the third person were lagging far behind him in terms of their progress in deciphering the formation, but what he didn’t know was that his words had successfully provoked Chu Feng.

It made Chu Feng’s World Spiritist Bloodline boil.

Chu Feng’s eyes, senses, and control over spirit power became much more sensitive as a result. His intensified fighting spirit and awoken bloodline greatly increased the speed at which he deciphered the formation.

In terms of speed, he was starting to match Bai Yunqing, perhaps even exceeding him.

“That fellow has been holding back his true capabilities?”

Bai Yunqing panicked at that sight. Not wanting to lose, he devoted all of his attention to deciphering the formation too.

While Chu Feng’s senses had become much more sensitive under the enhancement from his World Spiritist Bloodline, the formation was much more testing on one’s techniques. While his world spirit techniques had always been the strongest amongst his peers, he had really met his match this time around.

As arrogant as Bai Yunqing was, his skills were the real deal. Once he went all-out, Chu Feng found himself struggling to catch up. In the end, Bai Yunqing finished deciphering the entire formation when Chu Feng was only nine-tenths in.


With a burst of light, a key appeared from the deciphered formation and floated toward Bai Yunqing.

Meanwhile, the formation that Chu Feng was deciphering was locked up. He couldn’t even continue deciphering the formation anymore.

He did fare much better than the third person who went by the family name of ‘Tiger’, who only managed to decipher four-tenth of the formation, but that wasn’t important anymore. Regardless of how well they had performed, they had lost the competition.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng wasn’t too disappointed. After all, his opponent was the disciple of a True Dragon World Spiritist. He didn’t think that it was embarrassing for him to lose to someone like that.

“That was a close shave. You nearly caught up with me. Too bad that my skills are far above yours. You still lost in the end. Still, I guess that you’re much better than that Tiger trash. What’s with that result? Where do you find the courage to compete with me over Lord Zhenlong’s legacy when that’s all you’re capable of?” Bai Yunqing sneered.

Chu Feng didn’t pay any heed to him. He had encountered far too many of such situations to be affected by it anymore. If anything, Bai Yunqing only looked like a clown to him.

“Brat, stop acting so smug. You’ll suffer soon enough!”

As the gate opposite the palace opened up, a voice suddenly boomed.

It was from the third person who went by the family name of Tiger. He couldn’t take Bai Yunqing’s insults. Judging from his voice, he had already left the palace to advance deeper into the ancient remnant.

“Tiger trash, why are you in such a rush? Wait for me!”

Bai Yunqing quickly rushed ahead. He was afraid that he would miss a fortuitous encounter if he arrived late.

“That person’s voice… Why does it sound so familiar?”

Chu Feng found the voice oddly familiar, but he couldn’t recall where he had heard it from. There was still an ancient remnant for him to explore, so he tossed the matter to the back of his head and quickly hurried on.

It was yet another long passageway beyond the gate, but this time around, there were no paintings on the walls.

Chu Feng kept a close eye on the walls along the way, but he didn’t notice anything peculiar. There didn’t seem to be any clues here. It left him baffled as to what the purpose of this corridor was.

At the end of the corridor was yet another palace.

This palace was as large as the previous one, but it was also utterly empty. There was a closed gate at the opposite end of the door. The projection of Lord Zhenlong was already waiting for them in the hall.

This time around, Chu Feng was the last one to enter the room.

As soon as he stepped in, the projection of Lord Zhenlong started speaking.

“It’ll be a competition of willpower this time around. The one who proves to have the strongest willpower will receive a key.”

Spirit power started gushing into the palace once more, forming three light pillars. There was a character on each of the light pillars, namely ‘Bai’, ‘Chu’, and ‘Tiger’.

This light pillar was a trial, and it would be activated once an individual stepped into it.

As soon as the three light pillars manifested, the closed gates at the other end of the hall suddenly opened. The projection of Lord Zhenlong left ahead of them, slipping deeper into the ancient remnant.


Bai Yunqing suddenly burst into laughter.

“What are you laughing at? Afraid?”

The third man’s voice echoed loudly even though he didn’t show himself.

“Afraid? Why would I be afraid? I’m laughing at how pathetic the two of you are! It wasn’t easy for you to slip into Lord Zhenlong’s ancient remnant, but you ended up encountering a powerful opponent, me!”

Bai Yunqing had a triumphant expression as if he had already won the battle.

“You have a big mouth for someone as shabby as you,” the third man sneered.

“Big mouth? Hah! I, Bai Yunqing, talk with my strength, not with my mouth. I’ll have the two of you know that I’ve undergone willpower training from a young age. There’s no one who can beat me in a fight of willpower. This key will be mine to take as well! You don’t stand a chance at all!” Bai Yunqing said confidently.

What was hilarious about this situation was that neither Chu Feng nor the third man was standing at the place Bai Yunqing was looking, which made it seem as if he was talking to himself.

However, Bai Yunqing didn’t find the situation awkward at all.

After finishing his piece, he stepped into the formation.

This was a battle of willpower and not speed, so Chu Feng was in no rush to enter the formation. So, he decided to take his time and first see what Bai Yunqing would encounter in the formation so that he could mentally prepare himself.


Both the ‘Bai’ and ‘Tiger’ character formations activated at once. It looked like the third person had stepped into the formation too.

White smoke started puffing from the formations, and a dragon’s roar could vaguely be heard. It was so soft that it could hardly be heard without pricking up one’s ears, but it seemed to be coming from the white smoke.

The third person was still concealing his presence, so all that could be seen in his formation was the white smoke. On the other hand, Bai Yunqing was in full appearance. Thus, Chu Feng decided to focus his attention on him.