Martial God Asura - Chapter 4883: Deception

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Chapter 4883: Deception

“Alright, you should quickly go and do whatever you need to do.”

After a quick hug, Shengguang Xintian stepped away from Chu Feng’s arms. Her composed tone showed that she harbored no special thoughts for Chu Feng; she was simply fulfilling his wish.

In fact, her gaze and attitude showed her disdain for Chu Feng.

“Xintian, how could you let that fellow embrace you?”

A seething voice echoed. It was Shengguang Haoxuan.

Looking at the inferno blazing in Shengguang Haoxuan’s eyes and his clenched jaws, Chu Feng nodded in realization. It turned that Shengguang Haoxuan was interested not just in Shengguang Menglai but Shengguang Xintian too.

With such thoughts in mind, Chu Feng turned to Shengguang Xintian and remarked, “Young miss Xintian, to be honest, I’ve never kissed a lady as beautiful as you are. If only the world could give me a chance, I think that I would be able to rest in peace even if I die.”

“That’s enough, you’re getting ahead of yourself. I’ve never been kissed by a man in my entire life too, so don’t even dream about it. You should already thank your lucky star that you got a chance to embrace me. You better go and decipher the formation right now, or else I’ll show you what it’s like to die in regret!”

Shengguang Xintian showed not just her displeasure but her killing intent as well when she said those words. Her rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator gave her an imposing air that intimidated anyone she stood before,

Unless Shengguang Menglai intervened, no one would be able to save Chu Feng.

“Wait wait wait, I’m just joking. I’ll go right now, alright?”

Chu Feng walked over to the waterfall of light. He first formed a series of hand seals before taking in a deep breath and walking into the waterfall of light.

His face started to distort, and his legs began trembling uncontrollably. It felt like he was being put through great pressure, such that even standing was a hassle to him. Left with no choice, he could only sit down.

He closed his eyes and began forming hand seals with both his hands.

Nevertheless, the pained look on his face showed that he was being put through a lot of pressure.

Shengguang Xintian walked over to Shengguang Menglai’s side and asked softly, “Big sister Menglai, isn’t there something peculiar about Chu Feng’s hand seals?”

“Yes, there’s indeed something peculiar about it.”

Shengguang Menglai eyed Chu Feng’s hand seals intently as she fell into deep thought.

“Brother Chuyao, Menglai, Xintian, I don’t think that we should have listened to Chu Feng’s words. How could he possibly know more about the Saint Lotus Tree than us? Xintian, someone of your identity really shouldn’t have… Haa!

“Chu Feng is nothing more than a countryside bumpkin. You really shouldn’t have embraced him. Your grandfather would surely berate you once he learns of it.”

Shengguang Haoxuan prattled. It looked like he was putting down Chu Feng, but it sounded more like words of jealousy.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a hug. If I didn’t embrace him, do you expect big sister Menglai to do so? Besides, why are you saying all of this now? If you wanted to, you could have tried out the formation with your martial skill or march over to decipher the formation. You only backed down because you’re scared,” Shengguang Xintian said disdainfully.

“I… I…”

Shengguang Haoxuan still wanted to argue about this, but Shengguang Xintian interrupted him in annoyance.

“Enough. Don’t bother explaining. What’s the big deal about being scared? It’s not as if no one is blaming you for it. It’s just annoying how you’re prattling off about all sorts of things after backing down earlier on.”

“Xintian, is that how you see me? Do I look like a person who fears death? I’m only worried that my actions would implicate the rest of you!” Shengguang Haoxuan exclaimed indignantly.

It was just that Shengguang Xintian wasn’t bothering to listen to his explanation at all.

“That darned Chu Feng!”

In the end, Shengguang Haoxuan directed his anger and displeasure toward Chu Feng.

“Very well, I’ll let you claim the center of attention for the time being. I’ll deal with you once you decipher the formation and is no longer of use to us!” Shengguang Haoxuan spat as he began thinking about how he would torture Chu Feng afterward.

“Something is wrong.”

Shengguang Menglai suddenly remarked in astonishment.

“What’s wrong, big sister Menglai?” Shengguang Xintian asked.


Before Shengguang Menglai could reply, something had already happened where Chu Feng was. The waterfall of light had transformed into a surge of energy that flowed into his body.

As the waterfall of light started to fade, the crowd was finally able to catch a good look at the scenery beyond it. There was actually no path beyond it; it was a dead-end too.

However, there were two massive lakes there. One was blue and emanated a slight fragrance and the other was yellow and gave off a revolting stench reminiscent of crap.

“It’s all done. We can advance now.”

Chu Feng stood up and walked over to the side of the two lakes.

“Brother Chu Feng, are we supposed to enter the lakes next?” Shengguang Chuyao asked.

The others also posed their questions with worried looks on their faces.

There was a whirlpool in the lake that was whirling with considerable force. If they dared step into the lake, they could very well get caught within moments and be swept away.

However, the fact that there were only these two lakes here showed that this was a path they would need to take. It was just that the danger posed by the lakes was concerning.

“That’s right. We need to enter the lake to proceed on,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young master Chu Feng, are you going to continue withholding the truth from us?” Shengguang Menglai suddenly spoke up.

Her attitude was still polite earlier, but there was a hint of ire in her voice now.

The crowd immediately realized that something was amiss and turned to look at Chu Feng warily. However, Chu Feng merely looked at Shengguang Menglai with a composed smile on his lips.

“Young miss Menglai, what do you mean?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’ve taken a good look at the hand seals you have formed while you were inside the waterfall of light, and it’s just a cultivation method. In other words, you have been putting on an act. You weren’t deciphering the formation but cultivating.

“The waterfall of light doesn’t pose any danger at all. It’s a place to cultivate. You have lied to us,” Shengguang Menglai said.

“What? This countryside bumpkin dared to lie to us?!”

Shengguang Haoxuan and the others were infuriated.

“Brother Chu Feng… is what Menglai said true?”

Even Shengguang Chuyao looked at Chu Feng with eyes widened in disbelief.

“My apologies, Brother Chuyao. It looks like I’ll be disappointing you. Young miss Menglai is right. The waterfall of light doesn’t pose any danger at all. The aura it emanated is nothing more than a scare. As long a person is daring enough to approach it, he would be able to pass through it easily. I have indeed lied to all of you,” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

It was just that there was no embarrassment in his words at all. He spoke as if it was only normal for him to do so.


It went without saying that Chu Feng’s honesty wouldn’t be met with understanding from the crowd. All of the juniors went livid with rage, and some of them even bared their killing intent.

“You countryside bumpkin! How dare you lie to us? I’ll slaughter you!”

Shengguang Haoxuan had finally found a reason to make a move. He scrunched up his fingers like a claw and released a series of swipes at Chu Feng.

It was a martial skill, but Shengguang Haoxuan had controlled the strength so as to ensure that it wouldn’t take Chu Feng’s life. That being said, it would still inflict grievous damage and pain upon Chu Feng if the attack were to land.

Shengguang Haoxuan was doing this on purpose. He had a deep-seated grudge to pick with Chu Feng, to the point that he didn’t want the latter to die that easily.

He wanted to take his time torturing Chu Feng before ending his life.