Martial God Asura - Chapter 4881: Scent of Danger

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Chapter 4881: Scent of Danger

The humongous Holy Lotus Tree began swaying from side to side upon Chu Feng and the other juniors’ approach, but there was clearly no wind at all. It was the Holy Lotus Tree moving on its own accord.

All 88 of the bloomed lotuses on the Holy Lotus Tree began releasing their unique auras, which converged together to form a massive spirit formation gate.

This spirit formation gate contained a myriad of colors and looked beautiful.

The other juniors were still feeling a little down from having Chu Feng receive the spotlight, but the beauty of the spirit formation gate alleviate some of their frustrations. This was the legendary full bloom of the Holy Lotus Tree, so they bore great expectations for it.

“A full bloom is truly different.”

They knew that the spirit formation gate would take on a far more ordinary appearance had it not been a full bloom. They quickly entered the spirit formation gate, and Chu Feng did the same too.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Shortly after all of the juniors entered the Holy Lotus Tree, numerous figures suddenly leaped out from all directions to stand behind Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu. They were all elders of the Holy Valley.

It turned out that they hadn’t left the vicinity. They simply concealed their whereabouts using treasures.

“Did you take a good look at the ray of light shining on Chu Feng earlier? Was there anything special about it?” Shengguang Baimei asked.

“Lord Baimei, I observed the ray of light closely, and there wasn’t anything special about it. I believe that it’s just a symbol of acknowledgment, so it’s unlikely that it would accord Chu Feng any special powers.”

“I didn’t notice any anomaly either.”

Several of the elders wearing world spiritist robes replied.

“Shengguang Buyu, what about you? Did you take a good look?” Shengguang Baimei asked.

In terms of spirit power, there was no one in the Holy Valley who could rival Shengguang Buyu. His evaluation carried much more weight than the other elders.

“Don’t worry, I’m a member of the Holy Valley. I won’t side with an outsider over a matter like this. I did pay close attention earlier, and there doesn’t seem to be anything amiss with that ray of light. However, I can’t say for certain either. We don’t have the ability to see through the secrets of the Holy Lotus Tree, after all,” Shengguang Buyu replied.

“You sure know to phrase your words,” Shengguang Baimei sneered.

“I’m just speaking facts here. Lord Baimei, are you still worried? You already used the Purplestream Lock to seal off Chu Feng’s cultivation. Even if you don’t trust me, surely you can trust the Purplesteam Lock, right?

“Besides, this current generation of juniors is the most outstanding one in terms of talent and wits. Even young miss Menglai is amongst them too. Surely, they shouldn’t be so weak as to be unable to deal with Chu Feng when his cultivation had already been sealed, right?” Shengguang Buyu replied.

It was only then that Shengguang Baimei’s complexion alleviated a little.

The Purplestream Lock was an incredible treasure that was specifically used for sealing off a person’s cultivation. Each Purplestream Lock could only be used once, and it could only be unlocked with its respective key.

If Shengguang Baimei were to never unlock the Purplestream Lock on Chu Feng, his cultivation would be permanently stuck at rank nine Utmost Exalted level, never to advance a single step forward.

It was an extremely dangerous and valuable tool. Due to its limited number, it was only used on the worst of criminals in the Holy Valley. It shouldn’t have been used on Chu Feng, but Shengguang Baimei still resorted to it anyway because he had witnessed Chu Feng’s means with his own eyes.

With such a treasure sealing off Chu Feng’s cultivation, it was indeed unlikely for him to inflict any harm upon the juniors of the Holy Valley.

Besides, the juniors of the Holy Valley weren’t pushovers either. They weren’t dubbed the most outstanding generation of the Holy Valley for no reason, especially when it came to Shengguang Menglai.

Shengguang Baimei was still pretty confident in the strength of their juniors.

“Hopefully young miss Menglai and the others will be able to obtain something good from this trip.”

With his heart put at ease, Shengguang Baimei began wishing the best for the juniors.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng had already entered the world inside the Holy Lotus Tree.

The spirit formation gate earlier was already beautiful, but it wasn’t even worth a mention compared to the current scenery before him. He was currently in a humongous cave where even the ceiling was over a hundred thousand meters above him.

An ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to see the ceiling from the ground.

This vast cavern was filled with a wide variety of flowers and greenery. Be it the most insignificant grass to towering trees, every single plant here was glowing with a different color, creating a breathtaking sight.

However, Shengguang Menglai and the others had solemn looks on their faces upon entering the realm. With their sharpened sense of sight, they were able to see the ends of this seemingly vast cavern. There were dead walls in the south, north, and east, but not the west.

This should have been a hint for them to journey to the west, but they could spot a glowing waterfall in that direction.

It was more like rays of light cascading down from above like a waterfall, but it was still a stunning sight. More importantly, this waterfall of light was a barrier that sealed off their route of progression.

If it was just this waterfall of light blocking their path, they wouldn’t have thought much into it. The issue was that this waterfall of light was giving off a dangerous vibe that made them dare not approach it.

Such a situation was completely unprecedented.

Just as what Shengguang Buyu had said, there was no danger inside the Holy Lotus Tree, but clearly, something was different here, possibly due to the full bloom. What they were witnessing right now was not the same sight that their predecessors had seen in their time.

There was not a sliver of doubt in everyone’s mind that the waterfall of light was a dangerous existence.

“Menglai, what’s that?” Shengguang Chuyao asked.

The other juniors also turned to look at Shengguang Menglai.

It was clear from their attitude that Shengguang Menglai was the most trusted one amongst them. In times of uncertainty, she was the one that they instinctively turned to.

“I can’t tell, but the dangerous aura it’s emitting doesn’t seem to be a lie,” Shengguang Menglai replied.

Her eyes had been locked on the waterfall of light as soon as she entered this area, but she was unable to see through it.