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Chapter 949: Choosing the Same Place

It was still Shen Jingyan who was more tactful, though he was also very dissatisfied with Qiao Chen’s performance after coming to Beijing. This was especially so when he saw that Qiao Nian kept suppressing Qiao Chen, and Old Master Jiang also came forward to acknowledge Qiao Nian. He increasingly regretted his poor investment judgment and choosing the wrong person.

However, he was a man, after all. He had to broaden his horizons. He knew very well that he had already made his choice. It was useless for the Shen family to regret choosing Qiao Chen over Qiao Nian.

Therefore, when he saw Qiao Chen calling him, even though he frowned, he still squeezed out a light smile and said gently, “What’s wrong, Chen Chen? Are you looking for me for something?”

Qiao Chen clenched her fists and heaved a sigh of relief in this low-pressure atmosphere. She quickly said, “Teacher said that my trophy at the Grammy Awards has been awarded recently. He plans to fly to Beijing this week and find time to hold an apprenticeship banquet for me.”

Logically speaking, with the matter of Qiao Chen being humiliated by Zhui Guang, she should not have the right to receive the award. However, Qiao Chen’s plagiarism scandal was mainly popular in the country and was not known overseas. In addition, she apologized quickly and the new song had not been officially released to the public. It could only be considered a unilateral post on the International Piano Association’s official website.

With all these reasons added up, the stone hammer plagiarism incident did not affect the award that Qiao Chen had won with Steven overseas.

That award had a very high status in the piano world. Qiao Chen had the backing of a famous teacher, a background, and some talent. She managed to win the Best Newcomer Award. It could be said that the impact of this award was very significant. It could let Qiao Chen make a comeback despite being in trouble.

Before the trophy was distributed, she was still feeling uneasy.

She had just received a call from her teacher and quickly came down to tell Shen Jingyan and the others about this.

As expected.

At first, Shen Jingyan’s cold and perfunctory attitude clearly changed. His expression softened. “The trophy is here?”

Seeing his expression calm down, Qiao Chen secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She nodded and said, “Mm, it’s already been distributed. Teacher said he would help me bring it back.”

Shen Jingyan’s solemn face finally revealed a serious smile. He raised his head to look at her and said in a gentle tone, “This is a good thing! We should celebrate. Mr. Steven said that he wants to hold a public apprenticeship banquet for you?”

“Teacher said that since he accepted me as his student, he should invite a few people for a meal,” Qiao Chen said humbly.


In fact, during this period of time, she had been putting in a lot of effort to please Steven. She had also asked Qiao Weimin to take out her old capital and spend money to buy a piano gift that was worth millions in yuan. It was probably because this gift got to her teacher that the apprenticeship banquet came about.

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However, she couldn’t tell Shen Jingyan this. She had to say that Steven valued her as a student so he wanted to hold an apprenticeship banquet!

As expected, Shen Jingyan’s expression softened a little. He finally looked her in the eye and said, “Since you’ve already won your trophy, this apprenticeship banquet has to be easy to organize. I’ll see if I’m free that day. If I am, I’ll go over early. Have you decided on the place?”

“Not yet.” Qiao Chen was obedient and sensible. “I want to seek your opinion.”

Shen Jingyan thought about how the previous banquet held by the Jiang family was arranged at the Imperial Mansion. No matter what, Qiao Chen was his niece. He made up his mind and said, “Since it’s an apprenticeship banquet, then let’s hold it at the Imperial Mansion. That place is worthy of Mr. Steven’s reputation.”

Qiao Chen revealed a happy smile and immediately said gently, “Thank you, Uncle!”