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Chapter 183 - 183: Do I Look Rich?

Obviously a little embarrassed, Chen Yulian coughed and said, "Your cousin\'s academic performance is indeed poor, but he\'s really very talented in architecture. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t think of furthering his studies abroad. Jinyi, we are a family after all. It\'s a good thing that your cousin wants to study abroad. When he returns from studying abroad, he will become a top architect. Wouldn\'t that be an honor to you too?"

With one leg crossed over the other nonchalantly, Yan Jinyi asked, "Am I very embarrassing now?"

Seeing that Yan Jinyi suddenly changed the topic, Chen Yulian was rather displeased. \'What\'s wrong with Yan Jinyi? She used to give me money right away as long as I act pitiful. What\'s wrong with her today?\'

"You\'re his sister and you\'re so lucky to have married Mr. Huo. We\'re only asking for hundreds of thousands. This amount of money is peanuts to you. No matter what, you have to help your relative. Your uncle is your mother\'s half-sibling!"

Someone actually tried to borrow hundreds of thousands of money from her.

Yan Jinyi seemed to have heard the greatest joke ever.

\'What a joke. Do I look rich?\'

"I heard that Mr. Huo mistreats you. Jinyi, I do have a solution for that that will make Mr. Huo pamper you. Why don\'t I teach you?"

Yan Jinyi rolled her eyes and thought, \'Do you really think this is about vying in the harem?\'

\'Besides, I can easily attract countless hunks. Must I waste my effort on trying to please that dog Huo Xishen?\'

Yan Jinyi still refused to speak and Chen Yulian began to panic. "Jinyi, we really only need help because your uncle\'s funds are stuck. Once we get the funds, we\'ll return the money to you immediately. Think about it, when your parents passed away, we were the ones who helped you!"


\'Of course, you\'d have to work hard to help. You\'ve been pocketing all the condolence money that the neighbors gave me.\'

"No, what makes you think I have money?"

\'Don\'t you have money?"

Chen Yulian asked with her gaze. \'You\'re Second Young Mistress Huo, how can you be short of money?\'

\'This Yan Jinyi probably doesn\'t want to acknowledge us now that she has attained success. Back then, I was the one who told Yan Jinyi about her engagement with the Huo Family. Otherwise, why would she marry into the Huo Family?\'

\'What a joke!\'

"Jinyi, after your parents died, your uncle and I have been worried sick. Within a few short days, you turned into skin and bones. The debtors had to look for you because they couldn\'t go after your parents." While speaking, Chen Yulian wiped her tears as she sat down beside Yan Jinyi. "It broke my heart to see you that way. Unfortunately, we weren\'t rich at that time and couldn\'t help you."

Yan Jinyi bent down and plucked some grass before placing it in her mouth.

"Your uncle suddenly remembered that when your grandfather was a young man, he met Old Master Huo who had gotten hurt by his enemy. He brought him home and took great care of him. Back then, Old Master Huo immediately set that engagement for you and Mr. Huo."

\'So this is how the engagement came about!\'

Yan Jinyi had a moment of epiphany. Indeed, having a burning passion for helping others would give one the chance to enter a rich family.

"At that time, I saw that you were almost going crazy, so I decided to tell you about the engagement. I didn\'t expect your grandpa to keep it a secret for so long. If he told you earlier, your family wouldn\'t have... Fortunately, when your uncle and grandfather were drinking, your grandfather accidentally let it slip..."

\'You went around the bush just to say that I managed to marry into the Huo Family, all thanks to you, right?\'


\'It\'s all your fault that I married that dog at such a young age!\'