Lust Knight - Chapter 376: Jealous Sister {R-18}

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Chapter 376: Jealous Sister {R-18}

About fifteen years ago.

In one of the training courtyards of the mountain fortress, little Lucien watches Eve and Donna in a sparring session.

Impressed by the incredible abilities of Eve, who manages to deflect the blows of Donna\'s greatsword with a thin longsword, Lucien holds a small wooden sword with one hand while is also hand by hand with Sophia.

Sophia, who is only a year older than Lucien, is also impressed by the fast movements of their big sisters. Yet, she is enjoying more being hand in hand with her cute little brother. Playing with him is one of the few good things in her life.

Besides them, there is also Amelia, who is almost three years older than Lucien. She already has the maturity of a normal child of ten or eleven, but she is still just a child and does not know how to deal with the growing jealousy of her sisters.

While she wishes to be amazing as Eve and Donna, she also wants to be beside Lucien, holding his hand. She wants to be admired by others as their big sisters and loved by her little brother as Sophia and Lucien love each other.

All she wants is to be part of their lives, to feel that she is not alone…

Of course, their siblings love her, but Amelia still feels out of the group. She has tried to get close to her other sisters, but Claire and Naomi are of similar ages and are always training together, so Amelia ends up being the most lonely among them.

While watching Eve and Donna\'s sparring session, she makes a promise to herself. [One day, I will be as strong as you...]

Then she looks at Lucien and Sophia\'s hands as she makes another premise... one that she thought was secondary but ended up becoming the most important thing for her.

[One day... I will be as loved by him as you are!]



While watching Lucien suck on her pink flower, Amelia remembers everything she\'s ever wanted up to now.

Envy promised her power and everything else she wanted, and after so many manipulations and bad advice, they are finally becoming good friends.

Amelia even feels that she could call Envy a sister... However, that is not because of her but Lucien.

It is Lucien who is giving Amelia the power and affection she always wanted. He makes her feel special, part of a real family that loves her.

She sees the cute and gentle face of their childhood\'s little Lucien transform into the devilishly sexy man in front of her.

[It is as if Lucien is the great demon, and Envy and I had made a pact with him to have everything we want...] Amelia thinks while she feels so good and powerful under his caresses.

Lucien not only awakens lustful feelings in Amelia\'s body and soul, but he also awakens in her all other sinful feelings.

In his arms, Amelia feels relaxed and wants to do nothing but enjoy that moment.

She wants to be with him all the time and wants all of his attention. She wants everything he can give her.

And she can\'t get enough of it. She never has enough kisses and caresses; she never has enough looks and praises.

She feels very good and proud of herself for him to love and find her beautiful, but of course, she still wants to be the most beautiful, powerful, and important woman in his life.

And, of course, she is upset when she is not with him and even furious when he has to pay attention to many other women, neglecting her insatiable desire for his affection.

By last, and her most intense desire, she wants to be loved by him more than any other woman.

"Ahhhhh!!" Amelia moans as a delightful orgasm messes her thoughts.

Lucien takes a nice sip of her delicious love juices and quickly moves forward to kiss her. He covers her delicate body with his body and seals her lips.

"Mmmm..." Amelia cannot contain her moans of pleasure even as she kisses Lucien passionately.

His tongue makes a pleasant sloppy mess inside her mouth while she feels his hard cock rubbing onto her pink flower.

Because she is totally shaved down there, she can feel every part of his cock perfectly, and that stimulation intensifies her orgasm even more.

Amelia\'s hand moves instinctively to Lucien\'s hard cock, and she starts to stroke it while still having an orgasm.

"Ahhh... this... mmm... your cock... is mine... now, it belongs only to me... right?" She blushes as she asks.

Lucien smiles and nods at her before continuing to kiss her lips. "Yes... now my body belongs only to you, and yours to me."

Amelia sweetly smiles. "But I am so jealous, selfish, greedy-"

He doesn\'t let her finish speaking, sealing her lips again. He kisses her until she runs out of breath, so he lovingly smiles at her. "No matter how you are like, you are perfect like that... you are perfect for me."

She smiles and bites his lip while holding his cock firmly in her delicate little hand. "So, fuck me hard. Make my insides take the shape of your big cock and make me really yours."

"Right now!" Lucien responds and also bites Amelia\'s lips.

He keeps using his left arm to support himself on the bed, and with his right hand, he caresses Amelia\'s face before holding her by her low back.

Amelia wraps her legs around Lucien\'s waist. That position looks complicated for normal men, but he has no trouble supporting her while she hugs his neck.

Then he slowly starts to bring her body up towards his. She can see the tip of his dick and the entrance to her pink cave approaching slowly.

She uses her legs to bring their bodies even closer while she can\'t wait any longer for them to connect finally.

"So hot..." Amelia comments as she feels Lucien\'s cock head touch her pussy.

As her pussy is already well lubricated with a lot of her nectar and some of Lucien\'s saliva, his cock smoothly starts to open its way inside her lovely pink cave.

Time seems to slow down for them while Amelia looks at their most private parts connecting. Her eyes shine with a beautiful shade of gray and purple sparkles.

She feels as if every millimeter that Lucien\'s cock moves inside her pussy, she is reaching a new goal. Waves of pleasure leave her body in an incredible state of ecstasy.

The more of Lucien\'s cock she has inside her body, the more she craves it. She wants him to explore every part of her pussy and her other love holes all the way with his hard cock.

"Yeah... it\'s fucking hot!" Lucien comments as he slowly enters that adorable and wet little cave.

Amelia\'s pussy is very tight, slippery, hot, and tightly squeezes his cock as if it has just been waiting for him all those years that he never saw her as anything but his troubled sister.

She is beautiful and has a perfect body, but Lucien feels something else. He feels that it is much better than his first time with most of his other wives. He feels something incredible... something he missed since that he had sex with Sophia.

And Amelia also feels that strange, pleasant sensation. She feels it is mystically sinful to have her little brother\'s dick inside her naughty pussy.

But of course, she has no desire to stop as it is so fucking enjoyable to have sex with the man she loves regardless of whether he is her brother.

After slowly moving for a few seconds that seemed like several minutes, Lucien feels the tip of his stick touch her purity seal. He smiles at her as he moves slightly aside, making his cock kiss her hymen.

Amelia giggles with happiness while feeling his cock so excited inside her. "This is so good... I wish we had done this before..."

Lucien kisses her lips. "Do not regret the past, but live the present properly to make a good future."

She nods while stroking his face. "Say you\'re going to fuck me every day from now on."

He smiles as his eyes shine with purple energy. The power and pleasure that Lucien is feeling with Amelia now far exceed the results of his love session with many others of his wives, so for the sake of his whole family, he would already fuck her every day, let alone the fact that he loves her so much.

Without Amelia expecting it, Lucien moves forward while bringing her body up by her back.

His dick, already touching her hymen, quickly breaks that barrier and goes all the way to the bottom of her love cave in a firm push, filling all her little pussy.

"AHHHHH!!!" Amelia loudly moans as she feels pleasantly fulfilled, be it in heart, soul, and pussy... filled by the love of the man she loves.

And of course, the incredible pleasure of Lucien\'s slow movements added to the hard thrust afterward makes her have an orgasm even more intense than the early one.

"Does this answer pleases you?" Lucien asks as he keeps his dick deep inside her, kissing the bottom of her pussy, right in front of her cervix entrance.

Amelia feels her mind going blank as she goes crazy with pleasure. Her pussy is so happy that it keeps pouring love juices at Lucien\'s dick, thanking him for giving her so much joy.

But she is a powerful girl with a strong will. She quickly controls that orgasm and looks Lucien in the eye while his eyes glow purple and hers gray.

"I love it, but I want you to answer me again: are you going to fuck me every day from now on?" She smiles as she asks.

Lucien moves his hips backward while letting her body drop a few centimeters until his cock almost leaves her pussy, stopping at the entrance.

Amelia feels a strong sensation of loss and emptiness as drops of her blood drip onto the bed sheet. But she continues to smile because she knows Lucien\'s answer.

And he doesn\'t let her down, thrusting his cock all the way inside her pussy again. Although she was a virgin a few seconds ago and her pussy is so tight, he knows that she is very strong, and fucking her so hard just gives her more pleasure.

"AHHH~~!" Another cute, loud moan comes out of Amelia\'s mouth as she feels her body tremble and convulse in pleasure. But Lucien\'s arm holding her by the back make her so certain to have as much pleasure as possible since she will never be in a safer place than his arms.

"Again!! Answer me again!!!" While Lucien enjoys the pleasure of pushing his cock so hard into Amelia\'s tight pussy, she exclaims again, barely able to breathe properly.

The desire to run all the way inside her pussy and kiss her most profound part until she is satisfied goes from Lucien\'s cock to his heart and soul.

He again moves his hips back, her body down, and then thrusts his cock in her pussy again, again, and again, exploring each part of her insides with different speeds.

"Ahhh... mmmm... aaaahhhh!!!" While Amelia wildly moans, Lucien kisses her lips, neck, and breasts, making her have multiple orgasms.

Her will is really powerful, similar to that of Lust and Envy, but under so many new pleasures, Amelia\'s pussy starts craving for something more than kisses from his cock.

"Cum... your cum... I need your cum inside me!!!" Amelia begs while Lucien pleasantly ravages her pussy.

He smiles as he kisses her without slow down his movements. "This is so good... your pussy is so damn good, Amelia, my love!! I will give it to you as much as you want!"


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