Lust Knight - Chapter 370: Demonic Council

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Chapter 370: Demonic Council

In a state of great happiness, Sophia hugs and kisses Lucien many times, ignoring how strange it is for a brother to propose to his own sister in marriage.

"And here we go." Donna sighs, still trying to figure out how things ended up this way.

Daisy looks at Rose with a curious expression. "What is this ceremony?"

Rose quickly explains. "It is a cultural ceremony of the people of the Alliance to thank the Nature Spirit and show respect for our spouse."

"It looks cool," Daisy responds while she can\'t help thinking about her race traditions. "Did you and him... you know."

"Yeah..." Rose blushes a little before explaining. "When we were on the run, I drank his blood to get more mana, and then I gave him my blood because I knew I would only want him as my husband forever."

"I see." Daisy nods. She finds Lucien more and more incredible, but she still wants to know how well he treats her beloved daughter.

Before Daisy can ask anything more, she hears Lucien\'s voice behind her. "Mother-in-law... sorry for our first met being so... peculiar."

She turns and smiles at Lucien as she starts to bow. "Thank you for-"

But Lucien quickly stops Daisy from bowing, gently holding her chin. "You must never thank me for things like that. We are family, and the family protects each other."

Daisy really wants to thank Lucien for saving her life and especially looking after Rose, but she really agrees with him about the family protecting each other.

She still thinks that Rose deserved a husband only for her, as is her relationship with Heike, but she can\'t deny that Lucien is definitely the most amazing man she has ever seen, and he looks more impressive every second.

"Mm." Daisy blushes a little as she takes a step back. She can agree with him being Rose\'s husband, but she wants to have as little contact with him as possible and remains loyal to Heike.

Lucien also steps back while trying to maintain a neutral expression. He wants to make it clear that he respects and likes Daisy, but he definitely doesn\'t want to seduce her and end up hurting Rose, which doesn\'t seem that will be easy as Daisy captivates him in every way possible.

"I believe you are not happy with me for taking things with Rose so quickly..." He speaks in a respectful manner. "But the situation didn\'t give us much time. I needed her help, and I also fell in love with her quickly."

Daisy nods while smiling at Rose. "I don\'t blame you for falling in love with my beautiful daughter quickly."

Lucien feels like smiling, but he maintains a neutral expression as Lust mentally warns him that smiling at women can make their hearts beat faster while they are fascinated.

He also begins to avoid eye contact with her as he speaks. "Anyway, our plan was to come to you as soon as possible after the ceremony. I wanted to ask for the blessing of Rose\'s parents and also the help of a great alchemist."

Daisy realizes that Lucien starts to avoid looking her in the eye and also seems to force a neutral expression, but his praise by calling her a great alchemist still makes her heart beat faster.

[Shit!! Shit!!! Why do I feel like a young girl?!?] Daisy thinks as she tries to contain the natural excitement she feels just for being around Lucien. The fact that she is a mature and experienced woman makes her understand even better how incredibly attractive he is.

She tries to stay calm while talking. "To help you with the crystals mine, right? We can talk about it when you have time."

Lucien nods. "Thank yo-"

"No, no, no..." But Daisy interrupts him from thanking her as she smiles. "The family stuff... do you remember?"

He can\'t resist and smiles at her while nods.

So Donna quickly gets to his side and hardly taps on his shoulder. "Damn, Luci! Did you become so charming just by starting to smile?"

"He was always cute like that," Eve comments as she tries to embarrass Lucien, but he looks perfectly fine with the compliments as he smiles at them.

"Okay... can we go back to the fox-clan now? Let\'s talk more on the way." Lucien suggests.

Lust and the other sins had already looted the bodies of angels, looking mainly for their weapons, which are made with rare materials from medium worlds. Both weapons and other resources, as well as angels\' storage treasures, will be very useful for Lucien\'s wives, as he and his sisters have Soul Weapons.

"Yes, let\'s finish your wedding ceremony." Eve smiles provocatively at Lucien.

He looks at Angela, and she quickly creates a large ice floating platform, surprising Wrath, Sloth, and Daisy, as they know that managing such a large platform adequately needs power at least above the Earth Realm\'s early stages.

"Angela." Eve stands on the platform and hugs Angela, as well as greets Lucien\'s other wives. Also, he introduces all his girls to his newly arrived sisters and sins.

The women quickly start talking and getting along. Daisy and Donna really want to meet all of Lucien\'s wives, and even Sophia makes an effort to stop kissing him and properly meet the new members of their family.

Lucien\'s wives want to talk to Donna and Daisy about many things, yet, they can\'t help but be more curious about Sophia\'s pregnancy as that will hopefully be their future as well.

Meanwhile, Eve and the sins stand by Lucien, talking about their future plans while Angela takes them toward the fox clan.

"I\'m concerned about June\'s master..." He comments.

"Alexa is her name. And yes, she seems to be someone very powerful from what June told me." Eve responds.

"Alexa Crassus?" Sloth makes a thoughtful expression.

Eve nods. "Yes, do you know her?"

Sloth quickly responds. "Yes, I heard about her hundreds of years ago when she was just a child with great potential among their race. Though their parents didn\'t seem very happy to be slaves of the Gods."

"Melitta, the woman I killed, seemed to fear Alexa a lot and said that she would destroy her family because of June. Also, she seems to be looking for the cursed swords for a long time." Lucien explains.

"I bet these swords have a mysterious power that Alexa wants to use to rebel against the Gods." Sloth thinks out loud.

Lucien makes a puzzled expression. "Is that possible? I mean, shouldn\'t angels love Gods?"

Envy shakes her head. "Some of them does, but most are just afraid of suffering their fury or losing their beloved wings."

"Others do not want to be their slaves but are afraid of being destroyed by other races when they lose the protection of the Gods." Lust complements.

"Any angel who rebels publicly against the Gods suffers severe punishments, such as being transformed into fallen angles." Pride comments.

Lust looks at Sloth. "Oh, there is a fallen angel following us, probably since we arrived in this world. But I couldn\'t really feel them..."

"Really?" Sloth is surprised, but her tone remains the same, and she just looks at Lucien as she speaks slowly. "Does them want some demonic love?"

"More likely to be a good fight." Lucien comments.

Wrath shakes her head. "If there are any fallen angels in this world, they are our allies. No one hates the Gods more than the fallen angels."

Angela\'s floating platform isn\'t exactly giant, and so everyone on top of it is near each other, which allows everyone to hear their conversation.

Most girls are focused on their conversation, but Daisy looks at the sins with a thoughtful expression when she hears them talking about the fallen angel.

Lucien notices Sloth gazing at some point and looking in the same direction as she, notices Daisy\'s expression before she looks away as if nothing has happened.

"She knows something about it." He comments in a lower tone.

Sloth nods while the other sins didn\'t really see Daisy\'s expression. Wrath looks at the group of girls. "We can ask her about it. She has been cooperating with us since we helped her kill some Ché dragons."

"Ché?! Why didn\'t you tell us about it before?!" Pride asks in an arrogant tone.

Wrath shrugs. "It was no big deal, and how could I talk while you and the boy just seemed to want to fuck on top of the corpses of those angels?"

Pride shakes her head while Lucien is curious about the Dragons, but Lust quickly explains to him how the Ché dragons are a kind of rabble that is not loyal to the great Royal Dragons.

"What did they want?" Envy asks.

Wrath quickly explains what she knows. "They talked about a crystal mine."

"And?" Envy can\'t believe that is all Wrath knows.

"It was all they said before Donna smashed them all, hehe..." Wrath smiles.

Envy sighs. "Damn, Wrath!! Couldn\'t you at least have interrogated one of them?!"

Wrath shrugs again. "To find out what? All Ché are our enemies as well as the Gods and angels. Knowing what they want will not change the fact that we must smash their heads in meat paste."

As Envy rolls her eyes, Lucien smiles at Wrath. "I agree with her. Anyone merely hostile to us can die that I won\'t feel anything bad."

Wrath smiles at Lucien. "I totally agree. Our enemies only exist for us to crush them down!"

Pride shakes her head again while looking at Lucien and Wrath with an expression of disapproval. "But it doesn\'t hurt to know their plans sometimes."

"Well, they want the mine as well as the angels, maybe to find the cursed sword or just because they felt a new crystal mine. Either way, killing them will be the best plan in the end." Lust comments.

Sloth slowly nods while Wrath looks at Daisy. "So... what about the fallen angel? Should we question the vampire?"

Lucien shakes his head. "She went through a difficult situation and just met with her daughter as well as having a lot of new information to understand. Give her some time, and I\'m sure she will soon tell us what she knows."

Eve and the sins agree while Pride comments. "But it doesn\'t hurt to ask as well."

He nods. "If she doesn\'t take the initiative to tell it to us before the other angels arrive, I will talk to her."

"Alright." Everyone agrees, and Wrath speaks. "What about Alexa and her assistant? She will send more and more angels after her and the cursed sword, right?"

"Hmmm..." Lucien makes a thoughtful expression. "I\'m not sure if Alexa knows about June and the mine."

"Why?" Pride asks as Eve, and the other sins have the same question.

He explains. "The first group of angels was not led by June but her brother. Also, Melitta was very afraid of Alexa; that\'s why she was so happy when I said that June was alive."

Everyone makes thoughtful expressions, so Lust complements Lucien\'s theory. "This is an inferior world, so exploration groups would not fear dangers here. That group coincidentally felt the mine, but maybe they were not sent by Alexa as June was not the leader. So we killed them, and the group that sent them, probably Melitta\'s family, thought that June was dead or captured and came quickly after her, fearing Alexa\'s fury and also to check if the crystal mine was the one they were looking for."

"It makes sense..." Sloth comments. "Alexa must be a very influential person, so smaller groups want to please her. If they left someone close to her in danger, they must want to fix this before Alexa knows and punish them."

Lucien nods. "Anyway, Alexa, at some point, will find out about it and will probably come to recover June and the Ghost Lady personally."

"We cannot face endless hordes of angels now. Also, this world would not be able to resist such an attack." Lust comments.

"June is the key. By bringing her to our side, we may even be able to get a provisional alliance with Alexa if she really wants to rebel against the Gods." Envy comments.

Pride nods. "It could work, but how do you get an angel to cooperate with demons?"

Sloth smiles at Lucien. "You can seduce her, don\'t you?"

Before Lucien responds, Lust and Envy nod together. "Of course he can!"

Wrath makes an angry expression. "An alliance? You can\'t be serious. Alliances are for the weak!"

But while her sisters ignore her, she looks at Lucien with an imploring expression. "Come on, what did we just talk about smashing all our enemies?"

Lucien smiles. "A temporary alliance does not mean that we will not crush them later. Also, corrupting an angel seems so mean... and good."


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