Lust Knight - Chapter 288 - Easy Decisions

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Chapter 288 - Easy Decisions

Lucien takes a sip of wine while looking at Raquel. "You have two options: I c.u.m in your mouth, you get stronger, and we go our separate ways."

Raquel is even more confused. [Becomes stronger? Is he talking about this feeling of power that I\'m feeling? What is it? A spell?]

So Lucien continues. "Or you agree to join my troops, fight for my family, and receive more benefits than you can imagine."

"Really?!" Raquel is shocked by Lucien\'s proposal.

But then she quickly questions him. "Would I be just a soldier for you or a concubine?"

Lucien makes a thoughtful expression before he answers. "Well, you must be feeling my energy running through your body by now. I can help women get stronger this way, so my troops are my concubines too. So, yes, you would be both."

Raquel knows that her life in Raco will not be good after losing her state of nobility, as some people may want to take revenge on her and her daughter for what Emmanuel did.

So Lucien\'s proposal seems very tempting to her even without her knowing the details. However, just as everything she did before was to protect her daughter, now it would be no different.

"What about my daughter?" Raquel quickly asks.

Lucien smiles and sips more wine. All the sympathy he has for Raquel is because she is a good mother; otherwise, her head would have already rolled because she did not denounce Emmanuel.

"I would never separate a mother from her children. I promise to take good care of you and her. She will be a good sister to Ko, and my wives can teach her how to fight." Lucien explains.

Although choosing to follow someone \'blindly\' seems complicated, Raquel doesn\'t even want to ask for time to think. It is evident that the best thing for her daughter is to have the protection of someone like Lucien, and if he can really make her stronger, there is no doubt that becoming a soldier, concubine, or maid to him is a proposal that she should not deny.

She looks Lucien in the eye. "I want to accept it, but how do you know that I will be loyal to you?"

Lucien smiles. "Well, I know that you will do the best for your daughter, and for you to be with me is the best. However, my troops have a magic mark that prevents them from betraying me. You will have a mark like that, okay?"

"A mark?" She asks.

Lucien quickly explains about the black mark and how it will make her suffer if she betrays him.

Raquel pout. "A slave mark... How ironic that I end up with a slave mark after many people became slaves because of me."

Lucien offers Raquel his glass of wine. "Yes, it is a mark used to enslave people. However, I do not force my troops into humiliating acts, but they do know that following my orders and being loyal to me will give them many benefits."

Raquel takes the glass and drinks a big sip of wine before smiles at Lucien. "I\'m sure you are a good master."

Lucien slightly moves his h.i.p.s, moving his c.o.c.k, still rock-hard, inside her, giving more pleasure to her p.u.s.s.y. "Yes, I am."

"Ahh ~~." Rachel m.o.a.ns. Then she looks at him while speaking honestly. "I accept everything you want to give me."

"Good girl..." Lucien smiles as he runs his hand over Raquel\'s thighs towards her waist.

Then he holds her and moves his h.i.p.s forward hard, thrusting his c.o.c.k through her p.u.s.s.y, hitting Its deepest spot.

"AHHH!!" Raquel m.o.a.ns very loudly as she is caught off guard by Lucien\'s incredibly pleasurable movement.

After making his c.o.c.k\'s tip kiss Raquel\'s cervix, Lucien moves back quickly before pushing it all the way through her p.u.s.s.y again, f.u.c.k.i.n.g her harder than before, which gives her much more pleasure.

Back and forth, Lucien\'s movements move to the table while Raquel covers her mouth with her hands to contain her m.o.a.ns louder and louder.

Every time Lucien\'s c.o.c.k kisses the door of her baby room, Raquel\'s body begs for his baby seeds.

Raquel is feeling so much pleasure that her mind doesn\'t even think about the possibility of getting pregnant, which wouldn\'t be bad for her, of course.

After Raquel having some more amazing orgasms, Lucien shoves his c.o.c.k deep into her p.u.s.s.y and presents her with an incredible c.u.mshot, painting white her pinkish interior and marking her as his forever.

He smiles. [One night stand? Humph...]

"MMmmmm.... AhhhhhhhHH!!!" Raquel is unable to contain her m.o.a.ns, which are heard even by servants upstairs, while she feels her insides filled by Lucien\'s hot c.u.m.

Lucien enjoys the incredible sensation of coming inside a tight p.u.s.s.y while Raquel enjoys the best orgasms of her life for a few minutes.

He takes a towel out of his storage ring, wipes off the excess c.u.m leaking of Raquel\'s p.u.s.s.y before taking her in his arms and a bottle of wine with his tail.

Then Lucien heads towards Cassidy and Angela\'s bedroom, but as he passes in front of Aria and Ella\'s bedroom, he can\'t resist inviting harpy mama for milfs night.

Upon entering his queens\' bedroom, Lucien is surprised to see Cassidy and Angela wearing s.e.xy lingeries while waiting on the bed for him.

Cassidy and Angela smile as they see Raquel in Lucien\'s arms. So they comment together. "Of course..."

Lucien explains to his wives that Rachel will join the troops, and they all agree. Cassidy, Angela, and Aria sympathize with Raquel for doing her best to protect her daughter as they know what it\'s like to be a mother, and of course, as Lucien made it clear that Raquel will join the troops, they have nothing to worry because their positions as main wives make them always get more attention from him.

Then the group doesn\'t waste any more time and starts a long session of passionate love where the girls end up with satisfied smiles and a lot of Lucien\'s hot c.u.m inside their bodies.

And, of course, L.u.s.t also joins the milf night even though she is not yet a mother.


"Ahh..." Lucien takes a deep breath after leaving the bedroom while the day dawns.

The thought that one day all his wives can be mothers of his children makes his d.i.c.k get hard.

The girls will need some time to rest after he f.u.c.k.i.e.d them the whole night while the rest of his group is still sleeping after drinking so much wine the last night.

Well, some girls sleep a lot just because they\'re lazy, but Lucien can\'t stop to relax now.

He leaves the castle and meets the young spy before they gather the most influential people in Raco. Then he passes all the power on to the spy until the new ruler arrives.

Lucien also publicly declared Emmanuel\'s crimes and punishment for his family and Raquel\'s is to lose their noble titles and give all their wealth to the new ruler who will use it to improve the lives of the people of Raco.

Some people in the family of Emmanuel and Raquel did not like Lucien\'s decision, and he cut off some heads, making it clear that his decisions cannot be questioned.

Raquel was not upset with Lucien for killing some members of her family because those same people blamed her and her daughter for being coerced by Emmanuel. In the end, there is nothing for her in Raco and being able to follow Lucien was the best thing that could have happened to her and her daughter.

After resolving everything in Raco, Lucien and his group prepare to continue their journey to the Alliance.

Before embarking on his ship, Lucien left a storage treasure full of resources for the young spy and orders him to stay in Raco, awaiting information from the spy called Lana about Bowen and Theodore\'s location.

Although Lucien has no way of communicating with the spy, he can take the information to Ron in Portgreen, and at some point, Lucien will be informed.

The group then set sail for the open sea again, now having two new members on Lucien\'s ship. While Raquel acts as one of the troops, she also receives certain special attention from Lucien to reaches the Mortal Realm soon, and Estela spends all the time playing with little Ko and training with Lucien\'s wives.

Although the coast of the Alliance\'s territory is hundreds of miles distant, the estimated time is that the group will reach it in a week or less as Madelyn and the wind mages troops are always getting stronger, thus being able to boost Lucien\'s fleet more and more.

So, the group continues their daily routines with Lucien making all his girls stronger and stronger as he gets closer and closer to the fifth layer of the Mortal Realm.


In the middle of the Alliance\'s south forest, there is loud commotion while birds and other animals run everywhere.

Below the big trees, hundreds of unicorns run at high speed towards the south, all mounted by beautiful demi-human women, equipped with the best equipment of the Alliance.

Leading the group of ten thousand SS-rank warriors is Eve, riding the biggest and most majestic of the unicorns, a beautiful creature with glowing skin and an almost half-meter horn.

Right behind her, there are some matriarchs and their daughters, all in the first layer of the Mortal Realm and being able to have the power of the fifth or sixth layer under the effects of the aura of Pride, who is inside Eve\'s soul.

The group of ten thousand women follows Eve totally confident of their victories over any army even though they are a relatively small group.

The best part of attacking with a small group is that most of their forces can remain in the Alliance clans, protecting them from enemies.

And just like Eve\'s attacking troops, the warriors who stayed in the Alliance are all women because the men of the Alliance no longer have the right to be warriors but only servants used for general work and procreation.

While Eve rides her majestic unicorn, she keeps thinking about the man named Lucien, who could possibly be her little brother.

And surprisingly, Eve hasn\'t yet realized that Lucien is a man like the ones she now intimidates in favor of an era of women.

All she can remember is the cute little Lucien who has become a handsome boy, who she loves very much. And of course, she wants to reunite with him and their other sisters so that together they can grow stronger and protect their family as their father has failed several times.

However, Eve, like Pride, has the same intention: to dominate everything and lead their group to absolute power.

And so the group continues on to Portgreen. Eve and all the women who follow her are too excited to conquer the whole continent.

The troops, elves, fox-women, cat-women, and women from other races, are very excited to show their new power in battle and especially face the famous Handsome Devil\'s troop of women.

With the gain of power comes the will to fight to honor their proud leader and prove the superiority of the women who follow the great Queen Eve.

But what would be like the surprised face of these women when they find out that the man they hope to beat in battle is the brother of their leader?

And how will they feel finding out that man is already giving women more benefits than Eve and Pride can do with their limited aura?


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