Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 812 - A New Level in Boss Pei’s Investment Path

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Chapter 812: A New Level in Boss Pei’s Investment Path

Pei Qian did not have to worry with He Desheng handling the various procedures.

He Desheng did not know why Boss Pei was spending millions to pick up rubbish but since the matter had been decided, there was no need to ask further. Boss Pei had his reasons for making such arrangements. He just had to watch and learn well.

The matter was settled very quickly. The investors in the conference room left separately. Meng Chang left the fastest, seemingly not wanting to have any interaction with the people in the conference room.

He could not take a plane or a high-speed rail as a judgment debtor. He could only take an ordinary train back to Beijing. The few hours he would spend on the journey would be torturous.

Of course, with the Cold-Faced Lady gone, it was hard to say if Meng Chang would still remain in Beijing. However, everyone present obviously did not care about what would happen to Meng Chang in the future. It would be good enough if these people did not skin him alive.

Li Shi said a few polite words. He wanted to invite these investors to have a meal together, but everyone declined.

Not in the mood!

In fact, these investors had only come to Jingzhou this time for Boss Pei’s sake. They were looking to sell off their shares cheaply now that it had become rubbish in their hands. Since the shares had already been sold, it meant that the investment had completely failed. How could they still have the mood to eat?

Many people could not understand why Li Shi was so calm.

Boss Pei had previously sold the Cold-Faced Lady’s shares to earn a few million yuan. Now, even if he were to take out three million yuan to play the game, he would not incur a loss. Boss Li had invested money into the Cold-Faced Lady, and even bought some shares at a cheap price. No matter how you looked at it, this was a huge loss. Yet, he did not look upset at all?

It was hard to understand.

Although they were all investing, investors in Beijing did not think much of investment companies in small places like Jingzhou. After all, investors in Beijing invested in internet companies with unlimited potential. What could they invest in a small place like Jingzhou?

Of course, they did not mean to look down on Boss Pei in their hearts. Strictly speaking, in the eyes of investors in Beijing, being an investor was just one of Boss Pei’s many identities. Boss Pei’s true identity should be an entrepreneur who made games and engaged in physical businesses.

Everyone dispersed except for Boss Li.

Pei Qian was in a good mood after obtaining a new money-burning tree.

The Cold-Faced Lady had already proven that it could not be supported after money was burnt. No matter how much money was invested, it would only be a waste. What’s more, this brand was already dead. It was not worth any money in any way.

He would reopen the store and burn money steadily. He would strive to one day treat the entire country to cheap and delicious roasted cold noodles.

Suddenly, he thought of something and said to He Desheng, “Right, there’s something else.”

“The Cold-Faced Lady might have screwed up, but the suppliers who supplied the goods to the Cold-Faced Lady are innocent. Meng Chang probably won’t be able to pay them back in a year or so since he owes them a few million yuan.”

“These suppliers are owed money for these goods. Their capital flow might be affected. This can be said to be an undeserved catastrophe.”

“What I think is that we should first pay this sum of money. That would be equivalent to transferring this debt to us. Meng Chang is now a judgment debtor. He can slowly repay us this debt.”

The current situation was that Meng Chang was the one who owed the suppliers money. He had to think of ways to return the money even if Meng Chang did not want to be beaten down. The millions in debt would be enough to keep him busy for several years. He could forget about getting the money if Meng Chang really gave up and decided to be beaten down for the rest of his life.

Pei Qian’s idea was equivalent to transferring the risk that the suppliers would not be able to get back their money to himself.

On one hand, he wanted to do this because the suppliers were indeed quite pitiful. Some small suppliers might go bankrupt if they did not get paid. Pei Qian felt that this was an undeserved catastrophe. On the other hand, Pei Qian was worried about having too much money now. He could convert some money into Meng Chang’s debt to him. That would slightly reduce the pressure on this cycle.

What’s more, the money wasn’t given to Meng Chang for free. Meng Chang would have to pay it back in the future.

He Desheng did not ask further and nodded.

Boss Li could not help but raise his thumb. “Boss Pei is so righteous! Only Boss Pei would be so kind.”

Pei Qian looked at Li Shi helplessly.

Obviously, Li Shi misunderstood him again, but Pei Qian had no motivation to explain.

Pei Qian felt a little melancholic. When would Boss Li understand that he would incur losses if he followed me blindly?

Based on the current situation, Li Shi had also lost a lot of money. The money he had invested previously had been exchanged for shares, but Cold-Faced Lady’s shares were no longer worth anything.

Unless the Cold-Faced Lady’s valuation skyrocketed or became profitable in the future, Boss Li would probably not be able to earn back the money.

However, Boss Li seemed to be very confident in the revival of the cold-faced lady. That was ridiculous.

Pei Qian did not know why Boss Li was so confident…

After the examinations, Pei Qian felt relaxed and was in no hurry to leave. He decided to have tea with Boss Li at Dream Realization Ventures.

Li Shi took a sip of tea and asked the question he had been asking. “Boss Pei, do you have any special arrangements for Meng Chang?”

From Li Shi’s point of view, Meng Chang was definitely a capable person. Otherwise, there would not be so many investors that viewed him as a perfect entrepreneur. It was just that this person seemed to have bad intentions. He was too floaty and not grounded enough.

No matter how good his brain was, it would be wasted if he did not use it on the right path. Instead, it would be more destructive.

Boss Pei had transferred Meng Chang and the supplier’s debt to himself. On one hand, he might have helped the supplier, but on the other hand, did that mean that Boss Pei had other uses for Meng Chang?

Pei Qian was stumped by Li Shi’s question.

Did he have any special arrangements for Meng Chang?

To be honest, he really did not…

Meng Chang seemed to be a good spender from the Cold-Faced Lady’s situation. He had spent all of the huge investments at the speed of light and still owed a huge debt. Pei Qian rarely saw such a powerful spending ability on people around him.

However, Meng Chang was really capable. He could create roasted cold noodles and cause a sensation on the internet. Whether it was the creation or failure of the Cold-Faced Lady, it caused a heated discussion on the internet. This marketing ability was also off the charts.

Pei Qian was also very worried. What if Meng Chang really came to work for him and made a huge profit with his super strong marketing skills?

That was very likely. After all, this was not the first time Pei Qian had encountered something like this.

Those who were weaker than Meng Chang were already glowing under Boss Pei. What if Meng Chang changed for the better and became a new person under Boss Pei?

Thus, Pei Qian was very conflicted. When Meng Chang left, he did not stop him, much less make him work under him.

At that thought, Pei Qian said calmly, “Let nature take its course.”

Li Shi pondered for a while and revealed a look of realization. “Oh, I understand now. Boss Pei, you’re saying that Meng Chang must still be very active now and won’t do things for you honestly. That’s why you asked him to go outside and face the hard walls. Once he breaks his head, he’ll naturally come back obediently, right?”

Li Shi looked like he already knew the truth.

Pei Qian looked at him, a question mark floating above his head.


What are you talking about!

Li Shi stood up in satisfaction. “Boss Pei, I have something to do in the office. I’ll leave first. Let’s meet again another day.”

Li Shi’s back view exuded an inexplicable confidence.

Pei Qian sipped his tea silently, his eyes filled with confusion.

What the hell was Boss Li thinking?

Fu Hui Investments.

After listening to Li Shi’s analysis, Xue Zhebin suddenly said, “Boss Li, are you saying that Boss Pei must have other uses for Meng Chang? Otherwise, why would he transfer the debt to himself?”

Li Shi nodded. “Yes. I think Boss Pei seems to be paying too much attention to Meng Chang. I don’t believe that he doesn’t have other intentions.”

“Now that Boss Pei has become Meng Chang’s creditor, it’s obviously easier to control him.”

“Meng Chang is very smart, but that also means that he is very resistant to being controlled. Boss Pei obviously knows this very well, that’s why he said ‘let nature take its course’.”

“you can’t rely on whips alone to tame wild beasts.”

“Obviously, the first thing Meng Chang would do after paying off his debts would be to look for investors to continue his business. He wouldn’t be willing to be a judgment debtor forever. He must be eager to create a new project to earn quick money to pay off his debts.”

“As long as Meng Chang has such a mentality, his future projects will definitely not succeed. It will only be a beautifully packaged scam. What Boss Pei looks down on the most are people who are unwilling to do honest work.”

“Therefore, even if Boss Pei wants to use him, he would only use him when he has nowhere else to go.”

Xue Zhebin asked, “Then, how can Boss Pei be sure that Meng Chang will run into trouble and have no way out?”

Li Shi said, “Meng Chang is an executor now. The previous project has just failed. I don’t think any investors will believe him. On the other hand, Meng Chang is arrogant. After tasting the sweetness of his own entrepreneurship, he won’t take a liking to ordinary jobs.”

“The news of the Cold-Faced Lady’s bankruptcy has caused a heated discussion on the internet. I think Boss Pei will probably add fuel to the fire. As long as some details are revealed and Meng Chang is labelled as a liar, he would really have no way out.”

“At that time, Boss Pei would probably arrange for him to be in a suitable position.”

Xue Zhebin nodded slightly and agreed with this statement. However, he felt that something was amiss. “However, Boss Pei has so many talents under him. Why should he care so much about Meng Chang? Boss Pei doesn’t have to spend so much effort to make a cheat turn over a new leaf, right?”

Li Shi shook his head slightly and continued. “Obviously, Boss Pei has another more important goal – to send a warning to everyone!”

Xue Zhebin was a little confused. “Warning? Warning what? There are risks in investing? Have to be cautious in starting a business?”

Li Shi shook his head. “Of course not. Is such a simple logic worth Boss Pei spending so much effort on?”

“Boss Pei is warning those who have evil intentions and want to cheat money from Dream Realization Ventures. He is telling them that they will not have a good ending if they cheat money from Dream Realization Ventures!”

“Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys. Meng Chang is the chicken that was killed.”

“Look at Meng Chang. He’s a perfect entrepreneur in all aspects. What’s his fate now just because he had bad intentions? He has to bear millions in debt and his reputation is ruined.”

“If Meng Chang had lied to other investors from the beginning, he might have succeeded and gotten away successfully. However, he became a judgment debtor with a debt in millions if he lied to Boss Pei.”

“Even someone as skilled as Meng Chang can’t hide from Boss Pei’s eyes. Would others dare to act rashly in front of Boss Pei?”

“Tengda’s businesses are increasing day by day, and Boss Pei is getting busier and busier. He will definitely not be able to take care of Dream Realization Ventures like before.

“That is in fact, true. Boss Pei has already adopted a ‘standardized’ management method for Dream Realization Ventures: as long as the conditions are met and the standards met, invest equally.”

“However, there’s a problem with this. What if an investor maliciously cheats money on purpose? Just like Meng Chang, what if he splurges to build the valuations and finds a way to cash out?”

“There will definitely be such entrepreneurs, and plenty of them.”

“The reason why Boss Pei spent so much effort to deal with Meng Chang is very clear. He wants to make an example out of Meng Chang! He wants to show those entrepreneurs with evil intentions that they want to play tricks with Dream Realization Ventures’ money. That’s where Meng Chang will end up!”

Xue Zhebin still looked confused.

Li Shi continued. “Investors like us invest in projects. Liars would easily come knocking on our door. If we get cheated, we can only blame ourselves for not being capable enough. There are no good solutions.”

“However, Boss Pei obviously took another path: kill the chicken to warn the monkeys so that the scammer would not dare to come looking for him again. He directly excluded those entrepreneurs with bad intentions. This way, whether Dream Realization Ventures’ investment succeeds or fails, the money that Boss Pei invested would play a positive role.”

“I think… this means that Boss Pei’s investment path has entered a new level.”

Xue Zhebin could not help but feel emotional. “Boss Pei’s investment path is too profound. It’s difficult to understand it and almost impossible to learn from it.”

Li Shi sipped his tea and smiled. “I can only say that this is a talent.”