Lord of the Oasis - Chapter 694 - Preparation of Caradia

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Chapter 694: Preparation of Caradia

The sun was setting, and the golden rays of the sun shone on the faces of every soldier in the training ground.

The afternoon’s training had just ended. At this moment, they were standing side by side, waiting for the military officer on the main general stage to finish his speech before disbanding as usual. After that, it was time for dinner for an hour and a half.

Because the schedule of the military service team had ended earlier today, Aubrey had rushed here during military training.

Bunduk led him to tour between the various teams.

After walking a full circle, Aubrey was amazed. Compared to before, the military training method had done a lot of balancing adjustments. He had found many good soldiers in the ranks.

Bunduk treated his praise as a formality and did not pay much attention to it.

After the training ended, Bunduk called for his subordinate officers to hand over today’s evaluation form to Aubrey.

While an officer was still speaking on stage, Aubrey had been reading the evaluation form below the stage.

“Captain Aubrey, the speech is about to end.” Adonis reminded from the side.

Aubrey looked up and realized that the speech was almost at the end. He quickly handed the report in his hand to the previous officer and quickly walked onto the stage.

He stood at the position of the officer who gave the speech and took over the conversation from him. “Soldiers, I am the trainer of the guard team — Captain Aubrey.”

The guard team held a transfer selection in the army almost every year, so most of the soldiers below the stage knew Aubrey. Even those who didn’t know him burst into cheers after listening to his introduction of his identity.

Aubrey nodded, signaling for the soldiers to quiet down. Then he said, “I’m sorry to take up everyone’s rest time, but since it’s a mission personally handed out by His Highness Lord Kant, I hope everyone can cooperate seriously.”

After saying this, Aubrey paused, then continued, “Please stay where you are when I read your names. Those who are not call out can go and eat.”

The captain of the guard training team had come to the military camp for a rare occasion. He must have something important to announce. When the soldiers heard the words ‘Lord Kant personally gave out the mission’, all of them shouted excitedly. Although the contents of the mission had not been officially published, they all silently hoped that their names would be read out.

“Austin, Boris, Karman…” Aubrey clearly read out the names of every soldier who was chosen as a candidate.

Bunduk and Adonis also stood below the stage and listened quietly.

Because it was only a list of candidates, Aubrey did not give them a look for reference.

However, after hearing the names of several elite soldiers being read out, Bunduk and Adonis looked at each other, their eyes filled with surprise. The captain of the training team had the best taste in selecting talents.

The candidates that Bunduk and Adonis had previously wanted to recommend to Aubrey were almost all included in this list.

“…Claremont, Clifford. Above that, these 103 people stay, the rest are dismissed!” Aubrey ordered.

The soldiers quickly and left. Obviously, there were some controversies of the selection of candidates among the soldiers. Everyone discussed this issue as seasoning during dinner.

“I have carefully selected all of you for this mission in the entire military camp. There are still two days left for me for the observation of your performance. When that time comes, the group will be reduced to about twenty people. All of you must perform well during these two days of special training! Do you hear me?” Aubrey changed his previous friendliness, his face seemed to be covered in frost as he sternly ordered the remaining soldiers.

“Roger!” the soldiers replied in unison.

Aubrey’s expression softened as he carefully introduced the contents of this mission to the selected soldiers. He also announced that he would personally train them tomorrow and implement special lessons.

After everything was done, Aubrey gave the order to dismiss them.

Walking down from the rostrum, Aubrey smiled and asked Bunduk and Adonis, “What about this batch of soldiers?”

Adonis sighed as he clasped his hands together and bowed. “Captain Aubrey’s choice of people is indeed sharp. The elites in our military camp are all highly regarded by you. It seems that there is no need for me and Commander Bunduk to participate in this activity.”

“That’s not true.” Aubrey chuckled at Adonis’s banter. “There are many good soldiers in your army. I just looked at the soldiers who are suitable to join the reconnaissance team. When making the final decision, the two of you must be by my side.”

In the canteen of the military camp.

“I didn’t expect that only twenty people would be able to participate in the mission. The selection is really competitive.”

Some soldiers sat around a round table and planned to have dinner together.

“The cave next to the volcano should be very dangerous, right?” A soldier came back with a plate after finishing the dishes and said to the others.

“Are you afraid? If you’re afraid, you don’t have to go. Just tell General Aubrey tomorrow. He definitely won’t force you to join.” a soldier sitting opposite him replied.

“I’m not afraid!” the soldier put down the plate, and there was a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“Don’t talked while eating. You’ll choke yourself.” a soldier stood up and tried to smooth things over.

A soldier sitting in the corner said with an expectant expression, “We’re going to place outside of Nahrin Desert. I heard that we’re going to take a boat. I’ve never taken a boat before.”

“Me neither. I’ve never even seen the sea before.” the soldier sitting next to him replied.

“We should be the first batch of Caradia soldiers to take a boat to the sea.”

“I wonder if those people from the Elf Kingdom are easy to get along with…”

“Can you guys also talk about something more practical?”

They finished their dinner noisily. During the meal, there were soldiers who did not know each other very well who stood out to introduce themselves.

Aubrey rode his horse back to the palace.

When he found out that Kant was having dinner, he asked the attendant outside the hall to hand over the list of candidates for the reconnaissance team.

He had originally planned to give a detailed introduction, but Aubrey thought that Kant was busy with administrative matters every day, so he should not have time to listen to his decisions. He stopped outside the palace gate and returned to the military camp. This time, on his way to the military camp, Aubrey brought two of his trusted subordinates with him.

Every year, when the military service team accepted the military recruitment, these two people often accompanied him to do the verification.

They have until tonight to discuss with the corps what they want to do and what they want to do.