Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! - Chapter 885 - Xiangyi’s Call

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Chapter 885: Xiangyi’s Call

“Hello, Cheng Huan.” Shi Le nodded. The more he looked at Cheng Huan, the happier he became.

Then, the four of them sat down on the sofa and chatted happily.

Old Man Cheng scanned the faces of his grandson and Shi Nuannuan. The more he looked, the more he felt that the two of them were very compatible.

So he said, “Cheng Huan, Grandfather Shi and I need to talk about something. Take Nuannuan for a our around our house.”

If it were any other time, Cheng Huan would definitely reject his grandfather’s request. However, if the person was Shi Nuannuan, he would be more than happy to do so.


Seeing that his grandson was so obedient, Old Man Cheng could tell that he was interested in Shi Nuannuan as well. Things are going better than expected.

It seemed that it was only a matter of time before he became in-laws with Shi Le!

Shi Nuannuan lowered her head, sensing a strange atmosphere.

Her grandfather was obviously here to meet an old friend, but why did he bring her along?

Cheng Huan first brought her to the third floor and stood on the balcony, looking down at the Cheng Residence’s scenery. Then, he brought her to his grandfather’s study and the antique collection room.

Shi Nuannuan’s eyes widened at the sight of the numerous antiques gathered in that space.

Sure enough, the jade pendant just now was also an antique.

Cheng Huan then brought her out to the back garden.

On the way down, they passed by his bedroom. He suddenly stopped and turned to look at Shi Nuannuan. “Do you want to take a tour of my bedroom as well?”

Shi Nuannuan frowned. A man’s bedroom? She was only interested in Xiangyi’s bedroom.

“I’m not interested.” She rejected him immediately and went straight downstairs.

Her indifference made Cheng Huan a little disappointed and discouraged, but on second thought, if girls were really that easy to woo, he wouldn’t want them.

He smiled as he followed her down.

They arrived at the back garden. It was almost winter, and the breeze blew past, making them shiver involuntarily.

“Are you cold?” It was their first time being alone together. Even if Cheng Huan wanted to take off his coat and put it on for her, it would appear that he was trying his best to please her and people would easily think that he was showing off.

It was better to just ask a simple question.

“I’m fine.” It was just that she was not used to it since she had just come out of the house, but she did not feel that cold.

However, Cheng Huan’s words suddenly reminded her of Xiangyi as his image flashed through her mind.

If Xiangyi was by her side now, he would definitely take off his coat and put it on her.

Just the thought of it made her feel especially happy.

Just as she was thinking, her phone rang.

Her thoughts were pulled back. She took out her phone from her coat pocket and the sight of the familiar name made her heart race.

It was Xiangyi!

She looked at Cheng Huan. “I need to take a call!”

As she spoke, she picked up the phone and walked to the side.


The familiar voice, which she had not heard for a long time, made Xiangyi unconsciously smile in a gentle and beautiful arc. Even her voice was exceptionally pleasant to hear.

“What are you doing?”

She did not expect him to ask such a thing. For a moment, Nuannuan did not know how to answer.

She turned around and looked at Cheng Huan, who had already walked away.

Should she say that she was with Cheng Huan?

But Xiangyi did not seem to know Cheng Huan.

“With grandfather, I’m here to visit one of his good friends.” That should be enough, right?

However, as soon as she said this, Xiangyi’s mind suddenly remembered the scene of her dancing with the heir of the Cheng family at the full moon banquet.