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Chapter 545 The First Test: Body

Wang Wucheng thought of all the Emperor Artifacts the kid sent back to the sect. Although many of them were Pseudo-Emperor Artifacts, the materials were still valuable, not to mention the Immortal Powerhouses Bodies, resources, and luck.

He once decided to test the kid\'s ability to gather resources, but he never thought it would reach this level. In just over a month, he destabilized an entire Heaven Will World and almost brought a mighty race to its knees.

"It\'s not as big of a deal as you make it. Most of this plan\'s success is because of the situation of the Demon Supremacy World," Wang Wei replied with a smile.

"How many people do you think can analyze the entire situation of a world in a few days, infer information from their billion years of history, then come up with a way to destroy them from the very core of their civilization? I know I can\'t do such a thing."

"Alright, I won\'t be humble anymore. I know I\'m awesome," said Wang Eei with a smug look.

"Awesome? You mean a profiteer."

"After I killed Ye Tuizhi, my vendetta was finished. So, everything I had to do after that had to be properly compensated. Plus, I\'ve even gone easy on them."

"Easy? What else could you have done?"

"I was going to use a scare tactic to sell them a few Dao Ancestors Puppets made by Miscellaneous One at an absorbent price. But I felt bad for them, so I stopped."

Wang Wuchen became speechless; he genuinely did not know what to say.

"You would have been a great merchant."

Wang Wei smiled. In his past life, he was a businessman, so he knew when to take an opportunity or how to satisfy a client.

"Did the sect send the Chaos Treasures for all my incarnations?"

"Regrettably, that is not possible."

"What\'s the issue?" Wang Wei asked.

"Although we have the resources, they cannot all be used on you. So, we decided to give you enough Chaos Materials for three incarnations. As for the rest, we will give you Emperor Materials on par the best Chaos Treasure we have."

Wang Wei frowned as he pondered. After a quick analysis, he realized this decision made sense. Chaos materials were scarce–unlike Emperor Materials that can be cultivated with the presence of a Great Emperor.

He even suspected that Misceleanous One could use many of the Pseudo Emperor Artifacts he brought back to combine and cultivate true Emperor Artifacts. So, they accepted the decision.

"That\'s fine. What about the Luck? What\'s the plan?"

"We decided to slowly inject it into our sect\'s Qi Luck to prevent detection. However, the final decision is in your hands," said Wang Wucheng.

"It\'s a good idea. Although I\'ve eliminated my tracks in the Demon Supremacy World, it\'s good to be cautious. Where is my sword?"

Wang Wucheng waved his hand, and the Human Destiny Sword appeared in his hand and handed it over.

"Many people did not want to return it to you."

"Since they\'ve witnessed the sword\'s importance, it\'s understandable," Wang Wei replied calmly.

"Anyway, we have placed many seals on it in case it lands on the wrong hand."

Wang Wei was okay with that. He took the sword and felt it was more powerful than before. So, he nodded in satisfaction before placing it away in his Sea of Consciousness, using its luck to help him comprehend the laws when necessary. Finally, he waited for the day of the trial\'s beginning. Luckily, no one challenged him after his battle, but he received a recording of the other seeded player\'s battle.

Besides Xu Shi, no one lost their seeded position.

On the scheduled day, he flew to the center of this city, where everyone waited in front of a silver pagoda. He saw a place for all the seeded players, so he flew to his position. Not long after he arrived, Lord Spirit showed up.

"Since everyone is here, let\'s not waste time," said Lord Spirit in his strange voice. "The first criterion we will judge is your fleshly body. There are different levels, and you will receive both points and a reward with each level you pass. And the top 3 candidates will receive a special reward left over by the world."

These Heaven Chosen quickly analyzed the rule and understood that Gu Xuan wanted to sow some positive Karma with them. Nevertheless, they also wondered if this man had anything worthy of their status besides his inheritance. At their level, only high-level or rare resources are valued by them.

"Now, you can begin," said Lord Spirit. So, everybody entered with the seeded player going first based on their ranks.

After entering, Wang Wei quickly noticed that a mysterious force had sealed all his powers except his fleshly body. The characters for [Level 1] floated in the air with a countdown from 30.

Furthermore, he was alone.

Wang Wei quickly adjusted his state until the countdown finished. Then, a blue flame enveloped the room, burning everything–except for him– for a few minutes. Then, he received notification that he had passed the first level.

\'Interesting. Gu Xuan\'s requirement for the first level is to have a fleshly body comparable to a True Monarch. That\'s pretty high.\' Not everyone follows the body refinement path or actively tempers their bodies, so having such a high requirement was a little surprising.

Then, Wang Wei sensed a strange energy entering his body. He intercepted and analyzed it.

"This power can help me open my Acupoints? And it seems to be on par with the Star Essence, if not better." He could feel this power was versatile and of high quality, so it would benefit him greatly.

So, after checking over and over and divining possible danger, he absorbed it.

"Too little," he muttered before proceeding to the second level. He did not change location. Instead, after another countdown, another flame appeared again, this time with the strength of a Quasi-Emperor.

On the third level, he had to withstand gravity capable of squashing a normal Quasi-Emperor. On the fourth level, the trial asked him to lift a heavy object, and on the fifth level, a spike pierced his hand before healing less than a second afterward.

Wang Wei quickly analyzed that this level tested his defense, stamina, physical strength, and regeneration. And only once they reached the Quasi-Emperor Grade would he pass the level.

Before entering the sixth level, Wang Wei gathered all the mysterious power granted from the previous level and easily condensed a black hole with them. So, his eyes lit up as he proceeded to the next level.

The sixth level combined all the previous ones: he had to carry something heavy while flame tried to burn him and resisted an immense gravity. Furthermore, once in a while, a spike would appear out of nowhere, ignore his defense, and pierce his skin, forcing him to heal.

Nevertheless, this trial was not a problem for him. Wang Wei rose in levels and persevered despite the intensity of each level increasing. By the 123rd level, he had gathered enough power to finally condense super massive black holes in all his primary 1962 Acupoints.

Then, he finally entered the third stage of the True Power Dao Realm: the Primordial Dragon Realm. He had precisely 1 Primordial Dragon Force.

However, Wang Wei slightly frowned when he learned what 1 Primordial Dragon Force meant: it signified he could destroy one percent of a Great Thousand World with one attack.

\'I should be able to destroy a Great Thousand World, right?\' he thought. However, after analyzing the situation, he understood where this distorted perception came from.

With his strength, he could walk sideways in a Great Thousand World. He could single-handled killed all the infinite people in a Great Thousand World since the highest power of that world is the Supreme Realm.

However, technically speaking, the highest peak of a Great Thousand World was not the Supreme World but the 1-Root Dao Ancestor Level. So, only this level of strength is enough to destroy a Great Thousand World.

And unfortunately, his fleshly body does not have that level of power. Even if he used all his other strengths, he could not reach the level of destroying a Great Thousand World, let alone doing it simply with his fleshly body. Only once all the clones reach their peak, and he combined their fleshly body strength, could he achieve such a feat.

\'So, the third layer is a large leap,\' the thought before continuing his rise. On the 261st level, Wang Wei had opened an additional 50,000 Acupoints without condensing black holes. But he only had the power of 3 Primordial Dragon Force. Furthermore, he also reached his limit.

So, he borrowed the strength of his incarnations to keep climbing. The process was not easy since the borrowed strength was temporary, and he needed a break in between to do it again.

Nevertheless, with this method, he reached the 522nd level and opened a total of 120,000 Acupoints, with 10 Primordial Dragon Force: he finally reached his absolute limit.

Finally, he checked the ranking list.

Chu Luo came first after reaching the 1000th and final level. He was in second place while Xu Shi, Mu Lei (Star Beast World), and Ye Dafu (Monkey seeded player) fought for the third spot on the 100th level.

As he looked at the number one place, he squinted his eyes. If he could use his law for even a brief moment, he had a way to reach the top as well. Nevertheless, even if he could, he would not use that method since it was his trump card against Chu Luo.

"There are many other categories. There is still time to catch up and surpass him."

His result in this trial granted him 1044 points, while Chu Luo had 2500 points. The second-seeded token was worth 40,000 Points, but the number one gave 100,000 points.

So, as long as he does better than his opponent in the upcoming trials, he will still be the final winner. If all fails, he will just take the first token for himself.