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Chapter 1797: The Black Dragon Waiting For Ten Thousand Years

Mo Zhi sighed and said, “I don’t have any more emergency teleportation arrays.”

Without an emergency teleportation array, they could no longer use this method to escape.

“Strange, why are those underworld beasts attacking us instead of coming here?” Yuan Yan looked at the cold pool, thinking that when they were at the bottom of it, someone was actually throwing Dragon Lure Blossoms on it, and he was very angry.

“Dragon Lure Blossom is useless in water. As long as it’s on a person’s body, it is activated with the body’s temperature where its fragrance would be stimulated.” Sima You Yue explained. Suddenly, her voice stopped and she looked at the water in the pool. A smile emerged on her face as she said, “I figured out a way.”

When the underworld beasts chased over, the figure of the three people could not be found. Instead, in the cold pool, there were ripples on the surface.

The three of them came to the bottom of the pool as Mo Zhi’s condensed a sphere out of spirit energy and wrapped her, so that she could avoid being frostbitten by the cold air of the cold pool. While the two of them were directly immersed in the water.

“Don’t tell me that we’ll have to stay under the water all the time?” Yuan Yan asked.

It was alright for a short time, but after a long time, they would also suffer.

“Water can isolate the scent of Dragon Lure Blossom. When they are no longer confused by the scent, they will naturally wake up after a while and leave here.” Sima You Yue said.

“What about after that? If we go out again, they will smell the fragrance of flowers again. If we go out again, won’t we provoke those underworld beasts again?”

Sima You Yue tilted her head to think about it, and pointed to the bottom.

“Get out from there?”

Sima You Yue nodded. The cold pool looked very small on the top, but the bottom of the pool was very wide. In particular, there seemed to be a hole in one place, and there might be another way out leading to another place.

“Try it then.” Mo Zhi took Sima You Yue and swam over there, Yuan Yan followed closely behind.

They swam all the way forward, almost several hundred meters, until the space in front became smaller and smaller, and they couldn’t tolerate two people walking side by side. Mo Zhi had to go ahead by himself, letting Sima You Yue walk in the middle and Yuan Yan right at the back.

They walked a few hundred meters, and the front slowly became wider, and the three of them could finally walk side by side.

“It’s wide here again, let’s go up and take a look.” Yuan Yan pointed to the top of his head. The above was dark and they didn’t know what the situation was.

Mo Zhi took Sima You Yue upstream, and after swimming for nearly a hundred meters, he finally approached the surface of the water.




The three of them got out of the water. Mo Zhi and Yuan Yan subconsciously reached out and wiped the water on their faces. Suddenly they felt a rush of heat rushing toward their faces. When they opened their eyes, they saw a huge face in front of them. That hot air was just the breath exhaled by the other party.

Sima You Yue, who was in the middle, had already turned stiff. She blinked and didn’t dare to move. She looked at the other party and said, “Well, we broke in accidentally. Please don’t be angry!”


The heat hit her face, her nerves tightened.

Mo Zhi and Yuan Yan were also stunned. The face was a little farther away, and they all could see it clearly.

“Black, Black Dragon…” Yuan Yan wanted to cry without tears, how could they be so lucky to meet a rare Black Dragon!

This was a huge cave. Black Dragon’s body was still on the shore. After seeing Sima You Yue, he stretched his head to the surface of the water and stared at her at close range.


The Black Dragon’s head dropped again, and he came to Sima You Yue, stretched out his tongue and licked her face, then rubbed her face.

Sima You Yue’s body was getting stiffer, who can tell her what’s going on?

Was she being taken advantage of by a dragon?

“Yue Yue, you are finally here.” The Black Dragon wrapped around her body a few times, rolled her up into the air, and the scared Sima You Yue hugged her body quickly.

“Well, Divine Dragon, I… you put me down first, I’m dizzy.” Sima You Yue asked, seeing that it didn’t mean to hurt herself.

This guy doesn’t seem to be dangerous for the moment but in case, with his strength, she didn’t know whether she would accidentally be crushed and die or worse case scenario, crushed but became disabled by it.

The Black Dragon didn’t seem to hear her, suddenly a pair of wings spread on his back, put her on his back, and flew into the cave. While flying and shouting, the sound penetrated the mountain and spread to the outside. The whole Moon Creek Valley was stunned, and then all started gathering in this direction.

The King wakes up and the beasts pay their respects!

Sima You Yue didn’t know anything about the outside situation. She only knew that this guy seemed to be very happy, and the voice sounded more pleasant, and it didn’t seem to have any intention of throwing herself down.

As she listened, she also laughed, put her arm around the Black Dragon’s body, and lay her body on its back.

Yuan Yan and Mo Zhi raised their heads to look at the person and the beast in the sky. Yuan Yan pinched his shoulder and muttered: “It doesn’t hurt, I am really having hallucinations.”

Mo Zhi was a little calmer than him. He swatted off the hand that pinched his arm and said, “Of course it doesn’t hurt if you pinch me.”

Yuan Yan realized that he was not pinching himself at all.

“It seems that the Black Dragon doesn’t intend to hurt her. Let’s go ashore first, and then we won’t be able to stand it if we freeze here.” Mo Zhi said he walked towards the shore, and dried the moisture on his body after he landed on the shore.

Yuan Yan also followed, and only after the two men were all dried did the Black Dragon bring Sima You Yue down.

The Black Dragon let Sima You Yue go down, and transformed itself into a little Black Dragon more than one meter long, rubbing against Sima You Yue.

“Xi’er, what’s going on?”

Sima You Yue stroked the Little Black Dragon’s head and said, “I don’t know. I saw it for the first time. It seems to have mistaken me for someone else.”

“Yue Yue, don’t you remember me?” Little Black Dragon said aggrievedly, ”

Generations have passed and I’ve been waiting for you to come back.”

“Black Dragon, did you make a mistake? I am not the one you are waiting for? This is the first time I’ve been here!” Sima You Yue said.

“How is it possible! I won’t make a mistake!” The Black Dragon was so excited and it immediately bit on Sima You Yue’s arm. She only felt a force penetrate into her body, and then pictures appeared in her mind.

In the pictures, there was a woman and a little Black Dragon, bit by bit but yet all so clear.

Later, the woman left, and the little Black Dragon waited for her here, but she didn’t wait until she died. Before he died, it sealed his memory in the body of the next generation, which became a heritage, one after another, until now this little guy waited to finally meet with her.

And that woman was the one who had been entangled with Emperor Azure. The ink lotus on her back and the little realm on her hand were all connected with her. Unexpectedly, when she came here, she would encounter a Black Dragon that had been waiting for her.

“Xi’er, how are you…”

Seeing Sima You Yue’s face looking a little ugly, Yuan Yan wanted to come and support her, but was blocked by a black light.

“Contract…, contract established…”