Inhuman Warlock - Chapter 489 - 489: I Know That!

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Chapter 489 - 489: I Know That!

There was neither a moon nor a sun in the sky. Not even a single cloud could be seen in the sky, which appeared to be dark yellow instead of the usual blue on earth.

Just like the sky, the ground was also completely barren. Not a single speck of greenery could be seen in the ground, which was completely barren.

The world appeared to be quite different from earth. Even water didn\'t exist there as it was all just land and no sea or rivers anywhere.

Even amongst the barren lands, there existed many mountains and cliffs facing the strange sky.

On one such cliff was sitting a man, looking at the sky.

His feet were hanging off the cliff as he sat at the edge of it.

The man had beautiful blonde hair that came down to his waist behind his back. As for his face, it looked slender.

Even though the man looked very handsome by earth\'s standards, there was a strange melancholy on his face.

He remained seated expressionless, unaware of how long he had remained seated here.

Other than the man and the barren land, there were more things in this world which appeared to be thousands of colorful stones that were flying everywhere in the world like free birds. Still, most of them continued circling the man as if they were the planets and he was their sun.

There were no lifeforms in the strange world except for that man.

There was no day or night here. The weather and the light intensity always remained the same here as well.

After what seemed like an unknown amount of time, the man finally moved.

His eyes squinted as a glimpse of expression finally appeared on his face for a brief moment.

He looked towards a stone that was beside him, vibrating intensely.

The man appeared to have some similarities to Lucifer as well. He not only had long hair and similar facial features, but he also had the most distinctive feature of Lucifer, which was his eyes.

He also had a blue and a violet eye, but the violet in his eyes was more dominant than Lucifer. It looked one a pure and deeper shade of violet.

Noticing the vibrating stone, the man slowly raised his hand towards the stone.

With the movement of his hand, the stone started flying towards him, soon landing on his hand.

The man closed his eyes for what appeared to be a brief second before he opened them again. He clenched his fist before opening it to reveal the stone, which had now turned to dust.

Wind started flowing, taking the fist of the stone with it. The red dust started flying around the man in circles.

In the meantime, the man also floated up before ultimately landing on his feet.

With the movement of the wind, his blood-red robe also flapped, matching the stone dust.

The man opened his lips, letting out a sigh.

Just with his casual sigh, the world he was standing on started trembling as if a mighty attack was unleashed on it. However, it wasn\'t an attack.


The Divine Empire was trembling as Lucifer\'s body remained inside the Temple.

The Nobles of the Divine Empire were stunned by the trembling, thinking that it was because of the attack by the Warlock Council. The land rarely faced earthquakes, after all.

Unfortunately, they didn\'t know the reality.

Inside the basement of the Temple, Lucifer\'s body started floating up, separated from the blood-red formation on the ground. The entire room was still filled with a red hue.

However, that red hue started changing to violet as another formation was becoming dominant in the room.

The violet formation, which was on the back of Lucifer, appeared to have created another formation that was even bigger than the red formation. It also grew bigger to cover the entire room; however, it wasn\'t just under Lucifer.

A similar formation appeared above Lucifer as well. Both the violet formations started shining similar to the red stone inside Lucifer\'s pocket in perfect synergy.

The stone on Lucifer\'s chest appeared to be trying to free itself; however, it wasn\'t able to get out of his pocket.

However, that didn\'t last for long as the stone finally freed itself to fly out of his pocket. Instead, it flew to Lucifer\'s forehead as if it had a mind of its own.

It landed on Lucifer\'s forehead gently and didn\'t move.

In the meantime, Lucifer was still inside the dream world, facing the statue. None of his attacks were having an effect. He was already sure by now that he couldn\'t resist like this.

In this dream world, he had no defenses or attacks that could help him. Unless he left this world, he couldn\'t do anything.

Unfortunately, he had no way to escape either. He was like a prisoner in his own mind, which was now under the control of someone else.

The Black and Red mist surrounded him from all sides, even top and bottom. He couldn\'t even fly to escape. The only thing he could do was to use a barrier which was his newest skill, hoping that it could give him some time.

He cast his violet barrier around himself, creating a sphere around him inside which he trapped himself.

Unfortunately, that also didn\'t work as the mist was able to pass through the barrier without any troubles.

The mist was like an illusion that wasn\'t affected by anything, but he knew that it was dangerous if the mist touched him, he was going to be lost forever. He wasn\'t sure if he could ever return after that.

He wasn\'t scared of death, but he was intimidated by the thought of becoming someone\'s slave, unable to have a free will. He didn\'t want to live a life like that, but he knew that if his soul was taken over here, he wouldn\'t even be able to die.

He\'ll just be like a guest in his own home, watching the intruder do whatever they want with his house.

The mist soon reached Lucifer, who closed his eyes. There was no way for him to run. He couldn\'t do anything.

However, it was at that moment something changed.

The two of them were flying above what appeared to be a small island that was surrounded by sea from all sides, but for some reason, everything turned extremely cold.

At the same time, the entire sea froze, and it took only one second. Moreover, the terrain of the island also changed. A snow mountain started rising from the island.

"What?" The statue\'s face turned pale as he saw the snowy mountain!