Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 358 - Disobedient 2

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Chapter 358: Disobedient 2

“Hehe, then Boss’s husband will probably be single for the rest of his life. There’s only one good girl like my Boss in the world. There’s no woman who’s more beautiful, more capable, more powerful, more intelligent, and more… than my Boss!”

“Boss’s husband, once you like my boss, any woman you see in the future will be a mere stone. Don’t even talk about being tempted.”

For the first time, Feng Yunqi leaned over and said a bunch of good things.

“Yes, you’re right.”

Instead of getting angry, Di Lingtian threw Feng Yunqi a palm-sized jade box.

“Wow, thank you for the reward, Boss!”

Feng Yunqi took it and placed it into the Space Ring as if it was a treasure.

As a prince, he knew what was good for him. It was best to find a small space to open a treasure like this.

This way, the treasure’s aura wouldn’t leak out too much and the effectiveness of the treasure wouldn’t be reduced.

The Beast Fighting Arena was too big now. He should go back and find a small room to secretly take a look at what kind of treasure it was.

“Put me down.”

Jun Mohuang was already used to Feng Yunqi’s behavior in front of Di Lingtian. She pushed Di Lingtian.

In private, Di Lingtian liked to hug her. Basically, after Jun Mohuang met him, she had never sat on a chair.

But there were so many people now. This was too obvious.

“No, these chairs are not as comfortable as my arms.”

Di Lingtian hugged her tightly and smiled evilly.

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear. “Huang’er, sit properly and don’t struggle, otherwise I’ll kiss you.”

Jun Mohuang pinched his arm and bit the corner of her lips. She had lost to him too.

Feng Yunqi covered his eyes. Oh my, they were showing their affection again!

The light of love blinded him.

Not far away, ever since Di Lingtian appeared, Su Zhiyu kept glancing at him.

When she saw the intimate interaction between the two of them, she almost gritted her teeth and felt sour in her cheeks.

On what basis could Jun Mohuang receive such treatment, while she had to suffer Shui Yeming’s humiliation every night!

The three women beside him did not dare to approach Di Lingtian at first.

But seeing Jun Mohuang’s gentle and focused expression, their hearts beat wildly.

Perhaps he wasn’t so cold.

They exchanged looks and the three of them thought that they were as good as Jun Mohuang in terms of appearance and figure.

Hence, after exchanging looks and discussing, one of the women in green led the way and slowly walked over with lotus steps.

“Young Master, there are too many people in my family. I can’t sit in the seats assigned to me. Can I sit here?”

The woman in the lead spoke gently and looked at Di Lingtian affectionately.

The place Jun Mohuang was going to be was very spacious and could accommodate more than 20 people at once.

In order to avoid Nan Gongli, Jun Jianlin chose to stay at home.

He had originally asked Feng Yunqi to stay and accompany him, but Feng Yunqi simply couldn’t sit still. Not long after Jun Mohuang left, he sneaked out.

Hence, there were only three people.

There were many empty seats, so the lady’s request sounded reasonable.