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Chapter 1512: Your Best Chance

It seemed as if he had noticed the surprise and jealousy in her eyes. He pulled Yun Xi into his arms and kissed her on her cold cheek.

“You don’t have to be jealous. That’s something that my spotter has to master. She’s been with me on countless deadly battlefields. We are able to understand what each other is thinking after being shot at a lot of times. It’s something you gain after risking your life again and again, and it’s not something I would want you to learn.”

Even though Mu Feichi was glad that Yun Xi was able to fight with him, the thing he wanted more than anything was a peaceful world for them to live in.

“You once told me that there was a big difference between a professional sniper and a spotter. Now I know what you mean…” Yun Xi smiled.

She then turned to scan the forest on the left side of the tree to see if there was any movement.

Yun Xi finally understood that the coordination between Mu Feichi and his companions had been created by the experience they had gained through risking their lives.

Stepping foot on a battlefield and being caught in the crossfire were the requirements for this kind of coordination, and this was something she wouldn’t get to experience very often.

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However, Yun Xi would rather choose to not experience these things and live in a peaceful age. If she were to get caught up in those kinds of situations, it would mean that Mu Feichi would have to shoulder the responsibility of protecting his people again.

Mu Feichi smiled and let out a sigh.

“I can’t see them anymore…” Yun Xi said as she looked through her binoculars, searching for the mercenaries in the dark forest. She couldn’t locate a single person.

“They are now moving toward us camouflaged. We have to move!”

With the rifle in one hand, Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi up with the other and ran to even higher ground.

Suddenly, the silence inside the forest was interrupted by two gunshots. They were almost hit and could hear the bullets shooting past them. Yun Xi tried to locate where the shots had come from, but failed to do so.

After arriving at a better-hidden location, Mu Feichi sat Yun Xi down and patted her head. “If you want to build chemistry with me as my spotter, then this is your best chance. This is a real battlefield.”

Yun Xi was stunned for a second but quickly agreed. “Okay!” She nodded.

“There are at least 20 well-trained mercenaries coming at us completely camouflaged. They are approaching from both the left and the right sides. Niao is used to taking care of the enemies on the right, so I’ll be aiming at those that are on the left. What should we do? I’m sure Lord Yan had taught you that, right?”

Yun Xi nodded and took a deep breath. She touched the rifle in her hand to see its model and fire distance. She then raised her head and said, “I’ll go take the higher ground. You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t go down easily.”

“They have a sniper with them too. He’s at least on a par with Li Zilan. Be careful.”

Since Yun Xi wasn’t willing to hide behind Mu Feichi’s back, he had decided to let her grow. If she wanted to fight with him, if she wanted to stand by his side, then she would eventually be pulled into battlefields and even have hits put out on her.

If she wasn’t able to handle the situation they were in at the moment, then she would only become a living target in the future.

“Don’t worry! I know what to do.” Yun Xi looked into the man’s eyes and suddenly kissed him on his cheek. Without wasting any more time, she turned and ran uphill.

Her goal was to reach the highest point. Mu Feichi and Fenghuang Niao would become her eyes, and they would cover the sound of her gunshots with their own. She would strike the enemy in silence so that they would not be able to pinpoint her location.

To achieve that, she would need to work really well with the other two. If she wasn’t able to cover Mu Feichi’s right side as Fenghuang Niao did, then she would help him from above.