Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1185 - Points Skyrocketed

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Chapter 1185: Points Skyrocketed

The wind blades flew over quickly, cutting through the air.

Even the grey-robed middle-aged man had never experienced the 3 wind blades. They could be considered the trump card of the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon.

The power of Yin and Yang revolved around Ou Yangming’s body. His body was shrouded in black and white air currents. Just as the wind blades were about to pierce his back…

Ou Yangming’s body spun quickly, and golden light flashed on the Reincarnation Spear.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

3 consecutive sounds rang out. The 3 wind blades all struck the Reincarnation Spear, but the spear did not change in the slightest. Instead, the luster on it became even denser.

‘What kind of weapon is that? It actually has such power?’

The grey-robed man stared at the long spear in Ou Yangming’s hand with a look of shock and bewilderment. His treasured sword was a Fine Grade magic weapon but when he blocked the wind blades, he felt that his arm was numb as if it had been crippled.

On the other hand, the young fellow was able to easily block all 3 wind blades with just a long spear. This was something that even he was unable to do.

The new was constantly replacing the old. The grey-robed man could not help but sigh. Although this young fellow had concealed his aura, he certainly did not look old. It was the fortune of the Humans for such a genius to be born.

After blocking the 3 wind blades, Ou Yangming did not plan to passively take a beating. He stepped in the air and transformed into lightning as he charged toward the golden eagle.

The golden eagle’s movements were very fast, but its body was enormous. It was almost impossible for it to completely dodge Ou Yangming’s Reincarnation Spear!

Moreover, Ou Yangming was not slow. As the law of time deepened, his every move carried the power of time.

The golden eagle also noticed this.

Even though the law of time was weak, it was still very powerful when combined with Ou Yangming’s Reincarnation Spear. The golden eagle was furious, but it could do nothing about it.

In a fight between powerhouses, victory could be decided in a hair’s breadth. The law of time was weak, but it limited the golden eagle’s greatest advantage in speed.

The Reincarnation Spear struck repeatedly, leaving bloody holes on the golden eagle’s body. These wounds were nothing, and the eagle could fully recover in 8 minutes. Nonetheless, would Ou Yangming give him this chance? The answer was no.

Taking advantage of one’s illness to take one’s life was the spirit most needed in a life-or-death battle. Being upright toward the enemy? One would die without even knowing how one died!

The grey-robed man in the distance was stunned. He had initially thought that the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon’s strength had become weaker but now, he realized that the young fellow was still too powerful.

Ou Yangming’s long spear in his hand was definitely superior to a Fine Grade magic weapon. Even the Fine Grade sword in the grey-robed man’s hand was unable to break through the golden eagle’s defense.

Not only that but there was also the indistinct power of the law of time on the young fellow.

Time and space were taboo for ordinary cultivators. No one would touch them because it was a complete waste of talent.

It was true that the laws of space and time were the most powerful, but they were also the most difficult of all. Once one got involved, it was very likely that one would not be able to advance an inch for the rest of their lives.

The Seven Stars Pavilion once had a peerless genius who broke through to become a Ruler before the age of 50. He was the cream of the crop there, where no one could compare to him. Nevertheless, that genius disdained the other laws and wanted to comprehend the legendary power of time. In the end, he did not make any progress for 1,000 years and ended up becoming a madman.

There were many such examples.

Therefore, everyone thought that the laws of time and space were things that only the great powers of ancient times could touch. Anyone who did not reach that realm and coveted the powers of those laws would be courting death.

Now, what did the grey-robed man just see…

The young fellow actually controlled the law of time.

Apart from the law of time, he also had an Acquired Taoist Tool!

The grey-robed man stared at Ou Yangming, his eyes filled with extreme shock. ‘When did such a monstrous figure appear in the Humans?’

At first, the grey-robed man thought that it was wishful thinking for this young fellow to fight against the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon alone. Now, it seemed that the fellow was not arrogant but was capable indeed.

More wounds appeared on the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon’s body.

Its faint golden feathers were stained with blood. The golden eagle was about to go crazy. It knew that it was impossible for it to defeat the young fellow.

If it continued to drag this out, its life would still be in danger. The wounds were not big, but they were very terrifying together.

The Ancient Golden Eagle Demon’s gaze swept past the grey-robed man and Ou Yangming. It revealed a regretful look. At this moment, it could no longer take revenge.

If it could not take revenge, it had to leave quickly.

After making up its mind, the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon flapped its wings and spat out a wind blade. While Ou Yangming was dodging the wind blade, it turned into a rainbow and flew toward the horizon.

“Trying to escape?”

After dodging the wind blade, Ou Yangming immediately stabilized his body. He took a step forward, stood up, and chased after it.

“It actually… Escaped?” The grey-robed man looked at it in a daze and stuttered. This Ancient Golden Eagle Demon that had chased after him for tens of thousands of kilometers actually ran away?

Ou Yangming’s actions were also very fast. His body was like a bolt of lightning as he chased after the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon. The Reincarnation Spear in his hand suddenly stabbed out.

This time, he did not hold back.

“Earth’s Demolition!”

Ou Yangming’s true essence exploded with full power. The power of the law of time was unleashed, and the body of the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon that was flying into the distance paused for a moment.

The time was very short, but it was very fatal.

At this time, the Reincarnation Spear was like a venomous dragon coming out of the mountain. The tip of the spear kept spinning, carrying the power of destruction as it directly entered the body of the golden eagle.


Blood spurted out 333 meters high. Ou Yangming took out the Reincarnation Spear and stepped on the back of the golden eagle. The spear stabbed again.

This time, it was aimed at the eagle’s head.

Blood flowed like a river. The Ancient Golden Eagle Demon’s aura was weak, and it swayed in the air.


The Ancient Golden Eagle Demon’s body fell to the ground from the air. It had lost its vitality. Only then did Ou Yangming move away from his body.

He clapped his hands and took out a white jade token.

The jade token had more than 3,900 points. Ou Yangming turned his head and looked at the grey-robed man who was in a daze in the distance. He asked, “How many points do you have now?”

At this moment, the grey-robed man was stunned. His eyes soon regained their clarity. When he heard Ou Yangming’s question, he politely answered, “I have 1,200 points now.”

As he spoke, he landed on the ground and looked at the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon in front of Ou Yangming with an envious look on his face.

This golden eagle should have at least a few thousand points. If he absorbed it, he would become rich overnight. Despite that, envy was useless. This eagle belonged to the young fellow. This was something that had been agreed upon before the battle.

“So little?” Ou Yangming had a strange look in his eyes when he heard the grey-robed man’s words. The other party was a powerhouse in the second step. Even if he was not one of the few that were near the front, having only 1,200 points was too shabby.

Ou Yangming was a satiated man who did not know hunger. He killed a group of Rulers at the entrance of the python’s cave, then killed 3 powerful Ancient Demons of the laws. Only then did he have over 3,000 points. Such a good opportunity was not something that anyone could come across.

“How many points do you have then?” The grey-robed man asked in return.

“Currently, I have more than 3,900 points, but I’ll have more soon.” Ou Yangming smiled and placed the jade token on the forehead of the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon.

The points on the jade token increased rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it had exceeded 10,000 points and finally stabilized at more than 12,000 points.

All in all, the golden eagle in the second step had given Ou Yangming more than 8,000 points.

What did this mean? The grey-robed man, who was also in the second step, only had 1,200 points at this moment, which was only a tenth of Ou Yangming’s points.

The grey-robed man was originally excited to fight for the first place but at this moment, when he saw the points on Ou Yangming’s jade token, he felt great pressure. The first place seemed to have become an unreachable mirage for him.

“I want to discuss something with you.” Ou Yangming stood up, turned around, and looked at the grey-robed man.

The grey-robed man looked surprised and asked, “What is it?”

“Do you want a Taoist Tool?” Ou Yangming said alluringly.

The grey-robed man’s eyelids suddenly twitched. A Taoist Tool… He looked at the Reincarnation Spear in Ou Yangming’s hand. If he was not mistaken, this long spear was a legendary Taoist Tool.

There were very few Taoist Tools in the Great Wide World, but they only existed in top-tier sects like the Mystic Sky Sect or in races such as the Dragons and the Phoenixes.

Even the grey-robed man, who was the great elder of a first-rate sect, had only seen Taoist Tools a few times from afar.

“Young brother, are you joking? Of course, I’d like a Taoist Tool!”

The grey-robed man did not hide his thoughts.

‘As long as he wants one.’

Ou Yangming had a smile on his face. “Help me get the most points, and I’ll give you a customized Taoist Tool.”

The grey-robed man was shocked. “What kind of joke is this? You want to give me a Taoist Tool, and it’s customized?”

He thought that Ou Yangming was crazy. ‘What does he think a Taoist Tool is? A cabbage on the street?’

Ou Yangming held the Reincarnation Spear horizontally in his hand and said, “You should be able to tell that this is an Acquired Taoist Tool, right?”

The grey-robed man nodded. Of course, he knew. If it was not an Acquired Taoist Tool, the young fellow could not have easily killed the Ancient Golden Eagle Demon.

“This spear’s probably your natal weapon. Are you planning to give it to me?” The grey-robed man asked jokingly.

“Of course not.” Ou Yangming shook his head and said with a chuckle, “However, this was smithed by me.”

The grey-robed man wanted to mock Ou Yangming at first but after he heard what the young fellow said after that, he was dumbfounded. He stared at the fellow with his mouth agape, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Choose between helping me to get the first place or leave. Which would you choose?” Ou Yangming did not waste any more time. He stared at the man with his dark brown eyes.

Ou Yangming’s points had surpassed some powerhouses in the second step, but he could not guarantee that he would get first place.

There was also a huge gap between powerhouses in the second step. This grey-robed man had 1,200 points, but it did not mean that Zhongzhou’s governor and the famous powerhouse of the Heavenly Star Mansion were the same.

The value of the Mystic Ice Jade Fruit to Ou Yangming was far higher than that of a Taoist Tool. This was because he could refine a Taoist Tool, but the fruit could only be obtained from the Mystic Sky Sect.

“How is it? Have you decided?” Ou Yangming asked once again.