Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1037 - Refine the Relic

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Chapter 1037: Refine the Relic

The darkness was endless. Staying in such an environment for a long time could make people go crazy.

In the dark, Li Xin covered his mouth with his right hand. He felt a sweet taste in his throat. He took his hand away, and his palm was red.

Even in the dark, the redness was so eye-catching like the most brilliant and blooming summer flower.

He wiped the blood from his palm, feeling extremely regretful. He said in a low voice, “If I had known earlier, I would’ve killed him with one palm.” At this moment, the strength that Ou Yangming had displayed made even him feel a lingering fear.

Nonetheless, in just an instant, this thought was suppressed by Li Xin. He thought to himself, ‘As long as I can get the Dragons relic, refine it, and become the master of this Dragons’ World, I can use the laws of the universe to kill him like a dog!”

He was filled with hatred. Ever since he became a top-grade Venerable One, he had never suffered such a huge loss to anyone. Even when he faced the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, which was also a top-grade Venerable One, last time, he never suffered such a loss in a one-on-one fight.

If it was not for another powerhouse of the same boundary launching a sneak attack against him, the final outcome might not have been known.

To Li Xin, Ou Yangming was just a young fellow with luck. He was not strong, and his will was very ordinary.

Even so, such a person defeated him and forced him to escape.

This was unacceptable for Li Xin for a moment. He did not have any respect for people with great luck. He only wanted to snatch the person’s luck. If this luck could belong to him, his wish would definitely be fulfilled.

He did not know how long he had flown for. It might have been an instant, or it might have been a century.

A white light spot suddenly appeared in front of Li Xin. His thoughts sank, and he discarded all the complicated thoughts in his heart.

He leaped and entered the secret realm.

Li Xin could see that it was full of shattered bones. Rings of cold wind raged and when they blew on his body, they seemed to be able to freeze his soul. He took a deep breath as if he did not feel the bone-chilling cold winds, and his eyes were burning as he said, “What an intense power of the Dragons. Looks like this is the place! I wonder where the tunnel leading to the Small Dragons’ World is.” His face was burning. After patrolling one round, he began to search.

There seemed to be no life in the secret realm.

The dark sky, the pitch-black ground, messy chilly winds, and white bones were everywhere.

All of a sudden, a white light flashed, and the secret realm was illuminated by it.

Li Xin’s face lit up with joy, and he sped away. Not long after, a passage made of white bones appeared in front of him. It was solemn, and the atmosphere was bleak. A faint golden light could be seen.

He glanced at the top of the white bone path and mumbled, “This… The aura of the Dragons’ relic?”

As soon as he finished, he shot out like an arrow leaving its bow and headed straight for the Small Dragons’ World.

He thought to himself, ‘Ou Yangming, once I refine the Dragons’ relic and devour the power of the Small Dragons’ World, I’ll get the powers of the Dragons and Phoenixes in your body and knead them together. Which Spiritualist can stop me then? How can the laws of this world restrain me?’

His face was full of arrogance. In an instant, he disappeared.


After walking for an unknown time, a young fellow and 4 beasts saw a white light spot. At the same time, they let out a sigh of relief and dashed out of the dark.

Nevertheless, the moment they entered the secret realm, the light on Lil’ Red’s body seemed to have been struck by lightning. It quickly contracted and collapsed. With an explosion, it turned into numerous light spots that spread out.

A majestic pressure fell from the sky and pressed down on its shoulder.

Lil’ Red felt that the surrounding space was pressing down on it as if it wanted to crush all the bones in its body.

Every feather seemed to be pressed by a mountain, making it difficult for it to even breathe.

It roared at the sky. Raging flames burned, and its body rapidly expanded.

Seeing this, Ou Yangming coldly uttered, “Lil’ Red, you can’t!”

As he spoke, his hands quickly made a gesture and secretly mobilized the Devouring Power. He pointed a finger at the center of Lil’ Red’s brows. In an instant, an even sturdier light screen formed and protected the little red bird within it.

It was the same Devouring Power but when it was used by Li Xin, it gave people a strange and eerie feeling. When Ou Yangming used it, it was majestic and righteous.

After the light screen covered Lil’ Red, the pressure on its body decreased, and its expanded body also began to shrink. The berserk power in its body gradually calmed down.

Big Yellow stuck out its tongue and asked with a puzzled face, “Why aren’t the light screens on their bodies not broken? The light screen on Lil’ Red’s body broke.” As it asked that, it pointed at the goshawk and the king kong.

Lil’ Red glared at Big Yellow fiercely, but it did not care too much about how it should be addressed. It opened its eyes wide and looked at Ou Yangming.

King Kong and the goshawk blinked their eyes. Obviously, they also wanted to know.

Ou Yangming withdrew his hand and stroked his chin. He thought for a moment, then he answered softly, “In the tunnel earlier, the Dragons’ power wasn’t very strong, so the power that was pressed on Lil’ Red wasn’t much. After entering this secret realm, the Dragons’ power reached a certain level. Since the light screens were randomly set up by me, they couldn’t block the squeezing of the laws of this world. As for why only the light screen on Lil’ Red’s body dissipated, it’s probably because it’s a phoenix and is repelled by this world.”

Hearing this, the 4 beasts looked at Ou Yangming at the same time.

They clearly meant to say that he also had the Phoenixes’ power.

Ou Yangming understood and laughed embarrassedly without explaining. The power of the Heavenly Phoenix Fire in his body could be retracted and released freely, and he also had the Devouring Power as protection. How could he be repelled by this world? In fact, the world would welcome him with open arms.

At this moment, the secret realm shook violently. Many black lights shot up into the sky as if they were about to be destroyed.

The sky, the ground, the stars, and the white bones would instantly turn into dust as long as they touched the black lights.

Despite that, in the storm, there was a path of white bones that was as steady as a rock. It did not even shake as if it was restrained by a mysterious force.

Upon seeing this, Ou Yangming’s mind thudded. He knew that Li Xin had started to make his move. Without saying anything, he flew toward the path of white bones.

He did not know what the end of the road would be.

Having said that, in order to stop Li Xin’s conspiracy, he had to go.

For the sake of responsibility, for the sake of righteousness, and of course, it was for the sake of the wonder in his heart that he did not want to be destroyed.

Ou Yangming knew that for someone like Li Xin, the greater the power he controlled, the greater the danger to the Spiritual Realm. Moreover, one that could not control the desire in one’s heart would be a huge hidden danger as long as one lived. Therefore, the young fellow had to go.

It did not matter if he was called stupid.

If no one would do such a thing to uphold the righteousness of Heaven and Earth, he would do it. If he did not do it, there might not be anyone who would do it. This was also for Old Craftsman, for Bai Shixue, for Ni Yinghong, for Wu Hanning, and even more for himself.

A scene from the past seemed to have appeared in front of him.

Ni Yinghong had once told him that she hoped that he could settle down one day, have a family with her, have children together, and be together forever.

Ou Yangming said that such a day would come.

In order not to let those promises be broken, he would be willing to do anything.

It was a promise, but it was also a responsibility.

Ou Yangming’s face was gloomy as he flew toward the path of white bones.

A hurricane surrounded his body, rolling up into the sky one circle after another like nine dragons absorbing water. Wherever it passed, the chaos in the secret realm would be pacified.

The 4 spirit beasts followed behind Ou Yangming and charged straight into the path of bones.

As soon as Ou Yangming stepped into the path of bones, he felt a strange force pressing down on his body.

It was not pressure, but a kind of power similar to laws and order. However, in just an instant, the feeling disappeared as if it was an illusion.

A green color that was like water entered Ou Yangming’s sight. It was faint but the moment he saw it, the chaos in his mind disappeared, and he could calm down.

“Is that the Dragons’ World?” He pursed his lips and moved even faster. His aura swept in all directions and in an instant, he charged into it. The piercing white light made the young fellow subconsciously close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, a vast and boundless world was vividly displayed in front of him.

The mountain range was majestic, and it meandered away. Numerous branches extended out, and life surged. The mountains seemed to be baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, like dragons and snakes dancing together.

In the sky, a 3-kilometers-wide river rushed over from afar. It seemed to be held up by a mysterious force and was suspended in mid-air. The waves were turbulent. The raging waves crashed on the shore and rolled away. No one knew where they were flowing to.

Mists refracted the sunlight and emitted seven-colored rays of light. They painted the clouds in the sky colorful and fluttered with the wind.

What was even more shocking was that above the clouds, a majestic palace appeared and disappeared in the mists without being supported by anything.

At this moment, Li Xin was dressed in white. He looked at a piece of solid ice in the palace with a burning gaze.

One could see that this solid ice was black. At the core of the ice was a dragon-shaped pattern. The color was constantly changing. It was indescribable and simply could not be put into words. This was a relic left behind by the Dragons’. With the help of it, one could comprehend the laws of the great path.

There were 3,000 paths, but they were all the same.

Li Xin raised his eyebrows. He chuckled softly and said, “As long as I refine the Dragons’ relic, I can become the master of this Small World. I can comprehend the laws, understand the great path, lift the curtain of Heaven and Earth, and take that most important step. How can this world restrain me? After fusing the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes, what can they do to me? If you say that I’m a devil, I’ll slaughter all living things. At this moment, I’ll say that I’m Buddha!”

At this moment, Li Xin’s ambition was undoubtedly revealed. He was unruly, arrogant, and tyrannical as he treated all living beings as dogs.

As soon as he finished, a drop of bright red essence blood fell on the ice, and a red light lingered in the sky.

His heart guarded his soul, and the process was as smooth as one.

Immediately, countless mysterious great paths were entrenched in Li Xin’s mind.

The path of life and death, the path of Karma, and the path of time.

“Death is life, life is death; death isn’t life, life isn’t death…” Obscure words filled his mind, washing away the dust in his body and mind. Plenty of spiritual power poured into his body, cleansing his muscles and marrow, washing away all his brilliance.

The feeling was too wonderful. Li Xin had a feeling that he had turned into a deity in this world.

His words were the truth and the law. He was growing stronger at an incredible rate.