Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1036 - Won by One Move

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Chapter 1036: Won by One Move

Rain, heavy rain, pouring rain.

It was as if a hole had been torn in the sky, and torrential rain poured down.

Amidst the rain, 2 figures were fighting fiercely in the sky.

Li Xin spread his shoulders outward, drawing a shocking arc. He did not say anything, but his aura became more solid. His center of gravity was lowered, and his body moved down.

Using his palm as a blade, he used all his strength to slash outward. A pitch-black light flashed as if it had the power to cut off the entanglement between him and Ou Yangming.

“Retreat? Can you retreat?” Ou Yangming sneered. His body twisted and as if he had transcended space, he directly slapped toward Li Xin’s chest.

Li Xin raised both his hands to block and at the same time, he used an ingenious Taichi push to escape.

Even so, the blood in his body was still boiling. His gaze was serious as he said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect your combat talent to be this strong.”

Ou Yangming looked at Li Xin calmly and scoffed. “Looks like you won’t be able to take away the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes from my body today.”

“That may not be the case!” Li Xin shook his head.

The blood mist on his body became thicker until it was almost solid. The strong combat power of a top-grade Venerable One was undoubtedly displayed.

He grabbed the air with his right hand and released his spiritual power. Countless water dragons, which were 100 to 133 meters long, were torn out from the rain. The water dragons were lifelike. Their eyes were red, and their scales reflected a dazzling brilliance.

“Good timing!” Ou Yangming roared softly.

The spiritual Qi in his Dantian Lake surged, and the Heavenly Phoenix Fire burned fiercely. The blood in his veins seemed to be boiling.

He pointed in the air and uttered coldly, “Condense!” Before he finished, spiritual Qi, the air, the space, and even the rain started burning. He raised his hand and pointed. The fire suddenly condensed into a fire phoenix while light scattered in all directions, becoming the only color in the space. Within hundreds of meters of his body, spiritual Qi was extinguished then reborn. It was like chaos and like the heavenly path, forming an indescribable scene.

All of a sudden, the phoenix let out a light cry.

What kind of sound was that? It was brilliant, arrogant, and noble. It seemed that even the most perfect words could not describe it.

The phoenix pounced straight at the water dragons, and a scorching wave of air reversed. Wherever it passed, the space revealed a touch of pitch-black that made one’s heart palpitate.

On one side were the water dragons, and on the other side was the fire phoenix.

Water and fire, the Dragons and the Phoenixes—they were contending against each other!

They were unwilling to yield or retreat. In fact, they could not yield or retreat.

At this moment, if one were to look down from the sky, one could see that the fire phoenix was moving from east to west. Its aura was monstrous and awe-inspiring.

As for the water dragons, they intertwined with each other. It was as if they had the majestic appearance of a longevity turtle roaring the sky. Amidst the surging waves, they were also imbued with the concept of an immovable mountain as they rushed over.

When Multi-armed King Kong saw this, he thought of a sentence that Ou Yangming once said: “As a ruler, I should suppress all enemies in the world!”

At this moment, it deeply felt its master’s ambition and strength that matched it.

After becoming a Venerable One, Ou Yangming could finally use the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes to fight.

At this time, he was a ruler who could dominate the world.

The corners of Big Yellow’s eyes were lifted slightly, and it thought to itself, ‘How domineering!’

As for the goshaw, it was much purer. Other than respect, there was also fear. It was not like Big Yellow, which had a life-and-death friendship with Ou Yangming, and it did not have the strength and background like King Kong. To be exact, among the 3 beasts, it had the most distant relationship with the young fellow, so it was not strange that it was afraid.

It was at this moment that there was an explosion in the sky.

Numerous colorful light dots fell from the sky. They were mysterious and endless.

The fire phoenix and the water dragons were in a stalemate. The airwaves that they created caused the whole world to tremble as if it could not bear this weight.

“Crack…” Following a soft sound, a tiny crack appeared in the space, revealing a pitch-black color that made one’s heart palpitate as if it could suck one’s mind into it.

“Break… Quickly break!” Li Xin roared angrily. His eyes were like circular arcs that were linked together, deep and unfathomable. A black light lit up on his body as though an indescribable pattern was carved on it. It was dark and unfathomable and in the end, it turned into a broken black dragon. At the same time, his right hand was placed upside down on his forehead. He pressed down with his spiritual power and spat out a large mouthful of blood essence. The blood instantly turned into a blood mist and fused into the water dragons.

At once, the water dragons, which were rippling with green waves, turned blood-red.

More than 10 drops of blood dripped into a bowl of clear water. Even though the color of the blood was not intense, the water dragons seemed to have gained spiritual essence right away.

The red light in their eyes intensified. They raised their heads and roared. Afterward, they opened their bloody mouths and bit at the fire phoenix. At the same time, their strong bodies were very agile. Like willow branches, they coiled forward.

When Li Xin saw this, he was certain that even if Ou Yangming could withstand this attack, he would surely be like a candle flame in a violent wind and could be extinguished at any time.

“Thud…” A soft sound was heard.

In an instant, the fire phoenix that was condensed from the Heavenly Phoenix FIre showed signs of collapsing.

Despite that, Ou Yangming still had a solemn expression on his face. He let out a soft cry and uttered, “Suck…” There seemed to be some mysterious magical power in his voice. Before his voice was gone, a powerful suction force burst out from the Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

This was an overbearing suction force that sucked everything in!

It was so awe-inspiring that it could exterminate all living things!

This was the Dragons’ power, which could devour all living things.

In the blink of an eye, this sign of the fire phoenix collapsing instantly disappeared. It was once again as firm as a rock and as steady as a mountain.

It would have been fine if that was all, but the fire phoenix actually turned black and red. In just a breath, countless water dragons were devoured by the phoenix as if they were green insects.

At this moment, even Li Xin’s mind was in a daze. His mind was blank.

He was stunned for a breath. The winner and loser were determined at this time.

Ou Yangming’s eyes turned cold as if they had evolved into the heavenly path of chaos. They were unfathomable.

He breathed in and out and let out a strange sound wave. An indescribable sharp force cut through space and pounced on Li Xin.

Li Xin’s hair stood on end, and his mind rumbled. A life-and-death crisis that he had never experienced before appeared in his mind. This crisis was unprecedentedly intense.

It allowed him to escape from that muddle-headed state. With a flash of thought, a yellow light spread out from his interspatial bag as though it was silk. Taking advantage of the time he had bought, he fled into a tunnel.

Li Xin directly turned into a streak of blood light and disappeared. Even Ou Yangming could not stop him even if he wanted to.

In a head-on fight against a top-grade Venerable One, a newly advanced Venerable One actually won by half a move.

Who would believe it?

Ou Yangming staggered. With a flick of his long sleeve, the fire phoenix in the sky collapsed inch by inch. He sighed internally and thought, ‘What a pity.’ He understood that this time, he won by half a move so easily because Li Xin did not guard against the Devouring Power contained in the Heavenly Phoenixes. If the man was prepared, it would have been difficult for him to win with this move.

His body flashed, and he directly landed in front of the 3 beasts.

Big Yellow looked at the passage and sighed. “It’s a pity that he got away.”

The goshawk and the king kong also nodded in cooperation. They felt a sense of honor in their hearts. With such a strong master, anyone would be happy.

Lil’ Red pretended to be silent and nodded as it praised, “Not bad—as expected of my companion. Your little bit of strength is almost… 60% of mine.”

In reality, Lil’ Red’s strength at the moment was much weaker than that of Ou Yangming. At most, it was equivalent to an ordinary Venerable One. It only said what it did because it did not want to lose face in front of the young fellow.

Ou Yangming looked around and chuckled. He did not want to expose the little red bird. On the other hand, the 3 beasts held back their laughter because they did not dare to expose it.

None of them wanted to expose Lil’ Red, but the logic behind their reasons was very different.

Lil’ Red glared at Ou Yangming and the 3 beasts. The young fellow naturally did not care about it, but the 3 beasts shrunk their necks. They were so scared that their faces were pale, and their hearts were palpitating.

They were crying bitterly in their hearts. They could not be compared to Ou Yangming.

Ou Yangming chuckled and adjusted his aura slightly. He scanned the surroundings and said softly, “Let’s go quickly. With so many people as sacrifices to open the secret realm, Li Xin must be scheming something big. If we go too late, it’ll definitely lead to unimaginable consequences.”

Lil’ Red raised its eyebrows and circled around.

It flapped its wings and landed on Ou Yangming’s shoulder. It tidied up its feathers and expressed, “There’s… There’s the Dragons’ aura in this secret realm. I don’t dare to enter.” It lowered its head and seemed a little embarrassed. Its wings flapped a few more times.

Ou Yangming softly exclaimed and held Lil’ Red in his palm. He teased, “Oh my, there’s something that Lil’ Red is afraid of?” In his impression, Lil’ Red was truly fearless, but it actually did not dare to enter the secret realm at the moment.

Lil’ Red’s body twisted a little, and it did not dare to speak.

Ou Yangming thought for a moment and said with a smile, “This is easy. I’ll use the Dragons’ power to protect all of you.”

As soon as he said that, he quickly made a gesture with his hands, and a light-colored screen of light enveloped the beasts.

He glanced at the entrance of the secret realm and said softly, “Li Xin, next time, I’ll use your blood to attain my path.” An indescribable coldness erupted from his body as he walked to Blood Shadow’s side. When he moved his hand down, Blood Shadow’s eyes were closed.

This Venerable One who could turn the clouds and rain with a flip of his hand did not die well. Even his soul was used as a sacrifice. It was really pitiful.

Speaking of which, the grudge between Ou Yangming and Li Xin was very deep.

Not only did Li Xin severely injure the old macaque, but he also chased Ou Yangming for thousands of miles.

If it was not for the timely rescue, Ou Yangming would have become a pile of bones by now.

After that, the news of Ou Yangming and the Eternal Pill was spread in Zhangzhou.

Just one of those things was enough to make Ou Yangming want to kill Li Xin, not to mention that he had done so much?

Therefore, Li Xin had to die.

At this time, the sky cleared up, and the warm sunlight seemed to have been crushed.

A rainbow streaked across the sky, and it was colorful.

The fresh blood on the ground had been washed clean by the storm, but the corpses on the ground were scattered all over the place. There was a strange look in their eyes.

Ou Yangming took a deep breath and transformed into a streak of light as he rushed into the passageway.

The few beasts followed suit. That said, other than Big Yellow, even Lil’ Red was somewhat dispirited. After all, the Dragons and the Phoenixes were mortal enemies. The hatred that they inherited from their bloodlines was indescribable. It was precisely for this reason that the 3 Dragons and the 3 Phoenixes would fight to their deaths in the Big Ruins.

As for Big Yellow, he had the Dragons’ bloodline.

To him, this kind of environment would make it feel like a fish in water. Its entire body was indescribably carefree.

Every pore on its body was relaxed. Even the flow of spiritual Qi in its dantian was much faster.