I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1863 - This Man Is Scheming

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Chapter 1863: This Man Is Scheming

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This broke the hearts of the female fans who had always thought that Mo Shixiu was single and that no one was worthy of him.

Jiang Luoli looked at the restless women in the hall and then up at the man beside her. At this moment, her vanity was greatly satisfied.

This man whom many women in the country had coveted was now hers.

Mo Shixiu did not care about their reactions. He held Jiang Luoli’s hand and turned to walk towards the application form.

When she saw the application form, Jiang Luoli was suddenly afraid of marriage.

She reached out and pulled Mo Shixiu’s sleeve.

He immediately turned around.

“Mo Shixiu, I didn’t bring my ID and household register. I think we should…”

“I knew you would definitely forget, so I brought them for you.” The man unhurriedly took out her identity card and household register.

Jiang Luoli: “…”

He shoved a fountain pen into her hand. “This pen is the one I always use. It’s easy to write. You can fill out the information with this.”

Jiang Luoli: “…”

She knew this man was scheming.

He had prepared everything. This was the prelude to marrying her today.

She couldn’t even find an excuse to slow down.

They filled two marriage application forms.

After that, they went to take their wedding photos.

A few minutes later, they got their marriage certificate.

“Miss Jiang, Mr. Mo, congratulations. May the two of you grow old together and be in love for the rest of your lives.” When the staff handed the marriage certificate to them, he looked at Jiang Luoli, who was still a little dazed, with envy in his eyes.

God, what kind of luck did this girl named Jiang Luoli have?

She must have saved the galaxy in her previous life.

She had actually taken down the national idol, Mo Shixiu.

This was Mo Shixiu!

The man many women in the country wanted to marry but could not reach.

Why did Mo Shixiu marry?

Was their male idol so “muddle-headed”?

He really wanted to know who this girl called Jiang Luoli was and why she was so powerful.

She could even take down a man like Mo Shixiu.

It had to be known that there had been news of many socialites and young ladies actively pursuing Mo Shixiu.

Those socialites and heiresses were not bad, but they didn’t see Mo Shixiu with any of them.

And this girl called Jiang Luoli…

She married Mo Shixiu at such a young age.

At her age, she was probably still a student.

He didn’t expect that Mo Shixiu would marry a girl ten years younger than him.

“Thank you.” The moment he received the marriage certificate, the man’s lips finally curled into a smile. He looked at the small red booklet in his hand, again and again, his eyes revealing joy.

This made the female employees even more envious.

Because they could tell that Mo Shixiu was marrying voluntarily.

“Congratulations, Miss Jiang. Congratulations, Mr. Mo.” Everyone gave their blessings and watched the two of them leave enviously.

As soon as Mo Shixiu left, the employees of the Civil Affairs Bureau received a call from their superiors, informing them not to spread this matter around, and not to expose Jiang Luoli’s information and appearance.