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Chapter 569: Bad Eggs

We first had to tally up the total number of participants for the trip to Cui Song Mountain. After a round of phone calls, it seems the class leader and I were both waiting for the other one to notify Xiao Qin.

The class leader glared at me as if to say, “Isn’t it possible that Uncle Ye and Auntie Ren will get married, so you and Xiao Qin will become siblings, which means it would best for you to notify her.”

My gaze said, “Since you organized the event, it’s only natural that you should be the one to notify her. The ones I just helped you notify were all boys.”

Since the class leader had contacted a lot of students, her phone was running low on battery.

“Do you want to use my phone to charge it?”

I generously raised my phone and intended to hand it over.

“No need.” The class leader’s pristine white cell phone rejected the advances of my phone.

Why are you being haughty when you’re using one of Shu Zhe’s old phones? If you don’t want the precious power, then I will simply keep it for myself.

“Since you still have charge left on your phone, you can contact Xiao Qin and ask if she wants to participate.”

What’s strange was that Xiao Qin’s cell phone, which usually connected right away when I called, was now not being answered.

I called three times with the same results, which left me bewildered.

“Sis Xiao Qin must have gone to take a shower.” Shu Zhe said, which seemed right since he had several girlfriends.

After I got off the route 23 bus, I parted ways with the siblings and walked home alone.

I had planned to call Xiao Qin after I got home, but I didn’t expect the door top open by itself as I arrived home.

And I was welcomed by Xiao Qin, who was wearing an apron.

“Ding dong, Ye Lin classmate worked hard, welcome home.”

What the fuck is this, why does it feel like a newlywed wife greeting her husband when he gets home from work. Also, how did you get inside my house?

“Um… Ye Lin classmate, I just learned a new recipe and couldn’t wait for you to try it, so I came to your house… I didn’t answer your calls because I wanted to give you a surprise…”

I didn’t ask you why you came to my house, I asked how did you get into my house? Was it through the window again, was the balcony window not locked?

Xiao Qin clutched the lower edge of the white apron and asked with both embarrassment and excitement:

“Ye Lin classmate, the glutinous rice chicken rolls are almost done. Do you want to eat the chicken rolls first, or do you want to eat… me first?”

The afternoon sunlight shone through the balcony into the living room. Xiao Qin’s arms looked particularly refined due to the contrast of the jade bracelets.

I don’t know if it was because of the steam in the kitchen, but her elbows had a tender light pink color and it looked like it would taste good.

I shook my head hard to get rid of all the nonsense in my head.

“Who’s going to eat you? You don’t even look good.” I said, “And didn’t I warn you that if you enter the house through the window again, I’ll remove you as my girlfriend.”

Xiao Qin twisted her face and said rather proudly.

“I didn’t enter through the window, it was the kind Uncle Ye who opened the door for me.”

Eh, my father let you in, then where is he?

“When Uncle Ye heard I was coming to cook for Ye Lin classmate, he gladly let me in. He even praised me and said I looked prettier than when I was a child.”

What an unprincipled father, you clearly said it would be hard for the tomboy Xiao Qin to get married when she grows up, but now you praise them when you see them? Or is it because you banged their mother and you feel guilty about it?

“Ye Lin classmate, my mom isn’t coming home tonight for dinner, so I originally planned to cook lot of food so I could eat with Ye Lin classmate and Uncle Ye. But Uncle Ye suddenly said that he had something to do and asked me to look after the house and I could eat with Ye Lin classmate tonight…”

It’s obvious he didn’t want to be the third wheel, but did he get bribed by Xiao Qin? Is he supposed to be my dad or hers?

I rode the route 23 bus for quite a while, so I was a bit thirsty. I pulled open the refrigerator door, planning to grab a drink, but unexpectedly saw a very frightening scene.

No, no, it wasn’t my dad’s corpse chopped into eighteen pieces. I’ve let everyone down, but I have no plans on becoming the male protagonist of a horror film.

What I saw after I opened the refrigerator was two whole rows of eggs that were played with.

Xiao Qin had drawn a face on each egg with a red marker. Some were crying, some laughing, some angry, some dazed, some sleep deprived, and some perplexed. In short, Celery-sensei had anthropomorphized all those eggs.

“Ye Lin classmate, I’m awesome, right ≧ω≦?” Xiao Qin wasn’t ashamed, but said proudly, “After opening the refrigerator, I found so many ‘blank canvases’ placed here, so I couldn’t hold back…”

“Now, when Ye Lin classmate wants to eat eggs, you can pick the corresponding expressions according to your mood at the time.”

“I’m a ~(≧▽≦)/~ genius!”

Genius my ass! Let’s ignore the fact that your drawing skills are not good, but you used a water-based marker, plus the fact our refrigerator is a bit slow to freeze, the end result was that all the eggs looked like they were crying blood.

And you want me to choose one according to my mood at the time. When will I meet a time when I’m laughing while blood is coming out of my eyes?

And can you still eat these eggs? I feel like I’ll turn into a zombie after eating one.

“Ah, the pot’s boiling, I have to go to the kitchen.”

Xiao Qin turned around and speedily ran towards the kitchen. The apron tied around her waist danced like a white butterfly.

I suddenly remembered that I should tell her that the class was organizing a field trip.

“Xiao Qin, do you like to hike on mountains.”

“Yes.” Xiao Qin answered without hesitance, “Did you forget when the two of us used to go climbing together behind the shipyard when we were kids, what a nostalgic time…”

Nostalgic my ass, I was forced by you with a sharp branch to climb that hill. And after climbing to the top, nine times out of ten, you would kick me down and enjoy watching me roll down the hill.

Note: the reason why was because one of those time, I wanted to make the first move. When Xiao Qin was distracted, I kicked at her butt, but she dodged it and I couldn’t hold my balance and had an even worse fall than usual.

Obviously Xiao Qin noticed the subtle change in my expression, so she hurriedly stopped talking about the mountain climbing.

“Uh-huh, so the class leader is going to organize a trip to Cui Song Mountain. I think we will stay overnight and come back the next day, are you going to participate?”

Xiao Qin’s eyes instantly lit up. She had a slotted spoon in one hand and a pot lid in the other, so she couldn’t wave her hands and dace to express her excitement.

“How can I miss the opportunity to go on an outdoor trip with Ye Lin classmate?”

“Not with me, but with everyone.” I corrected her.

“And I could sleep at night with Ye Lin classmate hugging me, I have no other regrets this summer.”

“Who’s going to sleep with you? Everyone is living in a hotel and I don’t think there are any double beds. The boys will be in one room, and the girls in another room.”

“Is that so.” Xiao Qin looked a bit disappointed, but in an instant her eyes began to twinkle again, “But since we are going to stay there for a day and a night, we can certainly find the opportunity to spend time alone together.”

I nodded and went to check my bedroom to see if the H Manga I had hidden under the bed had been discovered by Xiao Qin.

There were no signs that the cardboard box under was moved, but my vest, which was full of sweat, was placed in a slightly different position on the hanger.

In addition, my bed sheets were much smoother than usual, as if someone had tidied up.

Why didn’t they clean up the rest of the place, but only the sheets.

I couldn’t help but think of Xiao Qin lying on my bed, putting my shirt under her nose and sniffing it desperately, while squirming around and muttering:

“Ye Lin classmate’s smell…”

What a bad image. I hope it’s just a speculation, and it didn’t actually happen.

“Ye Lin classmate, dinner is ready!.” Xiao Qin called out followed by the sound of cutlery being placed on the dining table.

Despite my skepticism about Xiao Qin’s newly mastered recipes, I was still attracted by the aroma and sat down at the table.

Xiao Qin waited until I was seated down before she sat down across from me.

Then she stared at me with an indescribable smile and gave me a chicken roll.

“Hey, why are you staring at me like that? Why don’t you taste your own cooking first, are you making me test for poison.”

“Ye Lin classmate is misunderstanding~~~” Xiao Qin dragged out her voice, “I just thought Ye Lin classmate worked hard, so I want you to have the first bite…”

When did it turn back into a wife waiting for her husband to come home? I didn’t even work today, I went to a seminar with Gong CaiCai in the morning, then went to a special education school with the class leader in the afternoon…

Ah, why does it feel like I’m a husband who had an affair when I didn’t do anything.

The cell phone in my pocket suddenly rang.

I saw that the caller was Ai Mi and I immediately picked it up.

“Hey, do you need me for something.”

“Damn manservant, where are you, I’m coming over.”