I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 902 - S-Ranked Silver Ability: Hands Of Destiny, Awakened!

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Chapter 902: S-Ranked Silver Ability: Hands Of Destiny, Awakened!

His ability had reached the pinnacle?


Su Yang was shocked at first, then he was ecstatic!

He knew that his ability had awakened! His [Space Traversing Eyes] had awakened to the [Eye of Origin], an S-Ranked ability.

From this experience, it was a qualitative change to his ability!

This was especially true for Awakening to become an S-Ranked ability. This was a transformation from an ordinary ability to a godly skill.

After all, every S-rank ability was not simple. They all involved the source of the world.

For example, the [Eye of Origins] could allow Su Yang to understand the essence of something with a single glance.

That was the true domain of gods.

Now, [Hands Of Fate] was about to become an awakened ability.

Su Yang was excited.

After the excitement, a new notification popped up in front of him.

[Awakening requires selecting an organ / part as a carrier. Awakening will consume a varying amount of coins due to the different difficulty levels. Please select an organ / part.]

With his previous experience, Su Yang clicked [Confirm] without hesitation.

With his confirmation, several different options appeared before him.

Left hand: 270,000 coins

Right hand: 180,000 coins

Left foot: 540,000 coins

Right foot: 390,000 coins

Left eye: 1,260,000 coins

Right eye: 980,000 coins

Based on these options, [Hands Of Fate] was obviously stronger than [Eye of Origins]. After all, the lowest option was almost 100,000 coins more expensive compared to [Eye of Origins].

According to the compatibility, Su Yang deemed that it should be his right hand that would be the most compatible part for this situation.

Hence, Su Yang chose his right hand without hesitation.

As Su Yang made his choice, he suddenly felt a golden energy descending from the void and enveloping his body like a pillar of light.

Moments later, the pillar of light shrank and finally disappeared from his right hand.

At that moment, Su Yang felt his body trembling. The spiritual energy in his body started boiling uncontrollably.

The spiritual energy that gathered in his body gathered toward his right hand like a flock of birds returning to their nest. The power that was originally gathered on his left hand was removed from his left hand, and it followed the spiritual energy to his right hand.

When so much spiritual energy gathered in his right hand, Su Yang felt that he could not control his right hand anymore. He gripped his hand tightly to prevent himself from losing control.

However, as hard as he tried to control his hand it just would not move. Instead, it exploded with a bang.

Accompanied by the explosion of his right hand, a bone-piercing pain shot into Su Yang’s brain. The protective mechanism in his brain was triggered, and Su Yang’s vision turned black as he fainted…

In the last second before he fainted, Su Yang saw flesh and blood flying all over the sky. However, the strange thing was that the flesh and blood were not red, but gold, like a gold rainshower…

After some time, Su Yang slowly woke up from the darkness.

He slowly opened his eyes, and the view before him expanded from a single thread of light to an entire scene.

He looked around in confusion and realized that he was lying on his bed. The room was clean; there was no flesh or blood, and there was no “gold”. Everything felt like an illusion.

‘Was it an illusion?’

Su Yang was stunned for a moment before he quickly extended his right hand to take a look.

What entered his sight was a fair and tender hand, which had a wide and thick palm, and long, slender fingers. It looked extremely beautiful, and most importantly… In one piece.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Looks like everything that happened before was really an illusion. I thought my right hand had exploded.

‘Everyone else would have had a cool explosion, so it would be really embarrassing if only my hand exploded.’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, Little Deeny’s voice rang in his ears. “Master, you’re awake.”

Su Yang looked in the direction of the voice and saw Little Deeny in a nurse’s uniform, reading a document by the window.

On the cover of the document, there were a few large words written on it: “Samsung Group’s equity structure.”

Su Yang’s gaze lingered on the documents for a moment before he nodded and asked, “Yes, I’m awake. How long have I been unconscious for?”

Su Yang was in a coma for three days the last time he awakened his ability. That was why he asked that question.

Little Deeny looked up and said, “Less than five hours.”

‘Less than five hours?’

Su Yang was shocked.

‘Looks like my physical condition has improved a lot. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have woken up so quickly.’

He looked at the information in Little Deeny’s hands and asked, “Any new developments?”

Little Deeny put down the document and shook his head. “Not yet. I’m just looking for a loophole.”

Su Yang nodded slightly.

There was a reason why Jiadian Group was targeting Samsung among the five consortiums.

Due to various historical issues, the holdings of Samsung were very scattered. The direct holdings of the Lees only made up about 1% of the entire group. Even if the company’s indirect holdings were brought into consideration, it still did not exceed 5%. This meant that they could easily lose control of the company.

The majority of the shares in the large corporation, Samsung, were overseas funds. This was more than 55% of the shares.

Most of them were in the hands of the bank giants and insurance tycoon.

Other than that, the other shares of Samsung were very scattered. Other than some of them being in the hands of the Korea National Fund, most of them were in the stock market.

As a result, they only needed a small portion of the shares to gain control of Samsung, and the Lees would be banished from the center of power.

However, even an outsider like Su Yang could sense the fatal weakness of the management of Samsung. The Lees had been in charge of Samsung for so many years, so how could they not know their weakness?

Therefore, in order to ensure that their management rights would not waver, they used a series of complicated capital and equity operations to split the corporation into dozens of subsidiary companies, and then listed them separately. They used the melted money to buy the stocks of other companies and corporations, causing dozens of subsidiary companies to hold each other’s shares.

In that case, they only needed a small amount of money to control most of the subsidiary companies and control the entire company.

This complicated net of shares ensured that the Lees could not be conquered.

This was also the reason why Su Yang was stopped by Samsung.

When Little Deeny saw that Su Yang had just arrived, he frowned again. Little Deeny walked over and held Su Yang’s hand gently. “Master, don’t be too anxious. The truth of the matter shall reveal itself in the end.”

Su Yang was confused.

‘Has she used the wrong idiom?’

This small joke helped Su Yang dispel the haze in his heart. It also reminded him that he still had one last “trump card”: the awakened Silver Ability.

‘Perhaps… The newly added ability could help me break through Samsung’s densely weaved web?

‘Could all my problems be solved?’

With this thought in mind, Su Yang could not help but check his Silver Ability. ‘What’s actually happening right now?

‘Based on my previous experience, I should have succeeded after fainting once, shouldn’t I?’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, a panel appeared in front of him. A readout appeared on the panel. [S-Ranked Ability being awakened: 3%]


‘Is it similar to the [Eye of Origins], where this ability needs to be awakened bit by bit?

‘I thought that the reason why the [Eye of Origins] needed to awaken bit by bit was because of the [Silver Ability Awakening Voucher]. I didn’t expect that all the Silver Abilities would have to be awakened bit by bit.

‘However, I remember that although the [Eye of Origins] did awaken slowly, the strength of the ability would increase bit by bit as well. So, it should be able to be triggered from the beginning, shouldn’t it?

‘So… Despite this ability still being in its incomplete state, it should be able to be used.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang called out to the system and looked at the changes in this newly awakened silver ability.

[A-Ranked Ability “Hands Of Fate” has been awakened into the S-Ranked ability “Hands Of Destiny”. The original ability is still in effect, and the S-Ranked ability will slowly take effect during the awakening period.]

[Hands Of Destiny (S-Ranked)]

Ability: When you see living beings, organizations, forces, and even countries, you will see their destiny lines. You can use your right hand to adjust them slightly.

Restriction 1: You only have one opportunity to adjust a destiny line each day.

Restriction 2: Every time you adjust a destiny line, you will have to pay a huge price.

Note 1: Destiny isn’t the definition of the future. It is an invisible and untouchable thread that extends from the past to the future. Touching it will cause huge ripples to form in the future.

Note 2: Please do not change the destiny of others without permission. You may think that you’ve only overturned a single stone, but you might end up causing a country to lose an important asset.

When Su Yang saw this new S-Ranked ability, his pupils constricted.


‘I’ve actually gained the ability to control destiny…?!’

No one knew what destiny actually was.

Some said that the moment a person was born, everything they would have experienced throughout their life had been destined.

There were also people who said that such things did not exist because the future was uncertain. After all, if everything was destined, then life would be overly pessimistic.

However, in Su Yang’s eyes, fate was actually an extension of the past, present, and future. It was a combination of probability that something would happen in the future.

To put it in some abstract words: Your life is an infinitely long line, the back end is your past, and the front end is your future. Everything you’ve done in the past will cause your line to deviate, and your destiny is the future that you will most likely reach if you continue along that line.

For example, a person who had enough savings to buy a car and was already choosing a car would most likely buy one in the end.

However, could the future be changed?

The answer is yes.

As long as what you do in the present causes the incident to deviate, your future will change.

It was the same case earlier. For example, if the person’s wife had an accident and needed money to save her life, he would not be able to buy another car.

The line that originally extended to “buy a car” would have changed.

Such was the act of changing one’s destiny.

This was because of an objective situation that led to a change in fate. Then was there a subjective change?

There were also others who had both directly reversed their own fates and walked towards another future.

Normally, there were only two ways to change one’s destiny. However, the [Hands Of Destiny (S-Ranked)] now gave Su Yang a third way to change someone’s destiny by directly touching the other person’s destiny line and alter it.

‘Even though I have no idea how this ability can change someone’s destiny just by touching their destiny line and allowing them to move toward a future that did not belong to them originally.

‘However, no matter what, this is an extremely terrifying ability.

‘As expected of an S-Ranked ability!’

At that thought, Su Yang wanted to give it a try.

He turned to look at Little Deeny. Just as the thought crossed his mind, he dismissed it. Little Deeny was his treasure. If he did not know how dangerous the ability was going to be, he should not test it on her.

With that thought in mind, Su Yang got up from the bed and with Little Deeny’s help, they arrived outside the castle.

There were flying fish with long wings in the sky.

This type of flying fish was originally a mutated tuna. Its mouth was sharp like a spear, and its originally small fins had turned into wings.

It was unknown what mutation had happened to its gills that allowed it to fly in the air for a long time. In any case, it had become strange.

Su Yang took a glance at Little Deeny, and Little Deeny revealed a look of understanding.

Then, with a snap, a blue Little Deeny appeared in the air and grabbed a flying tuna.

“Poof!” The blue Little Deeny appeared before Su Yang and passed the fish to him.

Su Yang took the fish in his hands and his gaze froze.

At that moment, the scene before his eyes changed. In the air, a thin thread appeared on the fish’s body.

The thread passed through the body of the flying fish. One end was solid, extending into an unknown distance, while the other was illusory, stretching forward into a dark void.

Su Yang’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that this should be the fate of this fish.

Su Yang reached out his hand and gently pressed on the fish’s destiny line.

At that moment, Su Yang seemed to see many things through the fish’s eyes. There was its experience in the sea, its mutation under the green light, and its tiny appearance when it was just born.

However, everything was fragmented, black and white, and silent. Su Yang had only obtained a small fragment, so he could not see it clearly.

Su Yang did not know if it was because his ability was not fully awakened, or if it was because of the limitations of this ability.

His hand caressed the line of fate as he moved forward. When he reached the fish, he saw the scene when he captured the fish. It was the scene of its [Present].

The moment Su Yang saw the destiny line, the end of the line split into two and shot towards the void…