I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 901 - Turning Two Silver Abilities Into +6

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Chapter 901: Turning Two Silver Abilities Into +6

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Su Yang clicked on the system and a notification popped up.

[Silver Abilities have reached the upper limit and cannot be drawn anymore. Please select if you would like to add a point for a human or Silver Ability.]

[Silver Ability]

As Su Yang made his choice, six options appeared before him.

[Hands Of Fate (+2)]

[Eye of Origins]

[Absolute Verbal Contract (+2)]

[Truth Of Explosion]

[God Mode: 15 Seconds (Talent)]

[Plant Language]

In order to add a point for two of his new abilities, Su Yang had extracted the [Sealing Frame] into the [Silver Ability Extraction Voucher], so it was not shown on the interface at that moment.

Looking at the list, Su Yang was shocked to discover that the two abilities that he had chosen, [Hands Of Fate] and [Absolute Verbal Contract], were the only two abilities that he had added points onto before.

However, they both had only received a point each: Silver Abilities would be in their “+1” state when received, so adding another point meant that it would become “+2”.

While he was thinking, Su Yang called the Little Demon Beans over and got them to bring him a bucket of water.

After this period of recuperation, the Little Demon Beans also started to evolve bit by bit into Little Monster Soys. Their bodies started to grow taller, and they gradually grew ears. Their skin also started to have lines, but they were still very far away from the “original’, No. 17.

And… Perhaps because they were in the process of evolving, their once ugly appearance became even uglier…

As the Little Monster Soys shouted “Soys”, they brought a bucket of water over. Then, Su Yang closed the door and chose the third option.

[Are you sure you want to add a point to ‘Absolute Verbal Contract’?]


Following Su Yang’s confirmation, his mouth twitched, and a sharp pain followed.

Su Yang, who had previously added a point to the [Absolute Verbal Contract], knew that this was an evolution of his ability. Therefore, he endured the burning pain of biting charcoal in his mouth. Then, he picked up the big bucket of water beside him and took a big gulp of it.

As the mineral water entered his mouth, Su Yang’s mouth was filled with the sound of when water would splash onto a red-hot branding iron. His mouth was also spraying out hot mist like a sprayer, and the air around him seemed to have become humid.

To prevent the heat in his mouth from increasing, Su Yang kept “drinking water” despite it not actually being as such since the water evaporated the moment it entered his mouth. Hence, he was not even able to drink a few mouthfuls.

After drinking as such for more than 20 seconds, the heavy, burning sensation in his mouth disappeared and was replaced by a refreshing feeling.

At that point, Su Yang knew that it was over.

He quickly picked up the bucket of water and took a big gulp to moisten his dry throat. Then, he looked at the notification that popped up in front of him.

[Silver Ability: Absolute Verbal Contract+3 success, ability enhanced.]

Following this notification, Su Yang’s interface popped up.

[Silver Ability: Absolute Verbal Contract (Level 3)]

Ability Enhancement 1: The number of times you can “forcibly sign a temporary contract” every day has been changed from one to three.

Ability Enhancement 2: The effective duration of the “forced temporary contract” increased from five minutes to eight minutes. However, the success rate will still be affected by the degree of resistance from the other party.

Ability Enhancement 3: The duration the other party’s verbal promise can be added into the contract has been changed from three days to five days.

Ability Enhancement 4: Increase the number of contract slots from eight to 10.

Note: Why don’t you try blessing this ability? Its potential might be beyond your imagination.

After reading through the [Absolute Verbal Contract], Su Yang felt… A little disappointed.

‘There are no new abilities added, it’s only the original abilities that have been slightly enhanced.

‘Forcefully signing a temporary contract was a new ability added to the [Absolute Verbal Contract] during the previous point added for it. This ability’s function is to directly sign a contract without the other party’s verbal agreement. To put it bluntly, it’s to “order them into doing something”.

‘This ability could be considered a trump card, but the time limitation prevents it from being effective.

‘Even if it has now been increased to eight minutes, it’s still almost useless.

‘Meanwhile, the other abilities have only grown normally.’

In fact, the only thing that caught Su Yang’s attention was the “Remark”. The last time he added a point for the ‘Absolute Verbal Contract’, this very note had already appeared.

‘Looks like the system really wants me to bless the [Absolute Verbal Contract].’

Blessing was different from adding points because it allowed the level of the Silver Ability itself to increase.

Previously, Su Yang had obtained a [Silver Ability Blessing Voucher], which he then used to upgrade his [Heaven’s Eyes] to [Space Traversing Eyes].

Because of that, the effects of the ability were immediately enhanced.

‘Could this A-Ranked ability be upgraded with a [Silver Ability Blessing Voucher] as well?

‘Will it become S-Ranked?’

Since he did not have the [Silver Ability Blessing Voucher], Su Yang could not give it a try. Instead, he could only keep it in mind and remind himself to get a [Silver Ability Blessing Voucher] to bless the [Absolute Verbal Contract].

After all, anything that could receive a system notification was definitely going to be good.

Fortunately, in the past, the Silver Prize Voucher could only be obtained randomly according to Su Yang’s missions. Even though it was still random at that moment, the store would consistently churn out prize vouchers, so Su Yang’s chances of obtaining such a prize voucher were greatly increased, causing him to feel that it wouldn’t be long before he could obtain a [Silver Ability Blessing Voucher].

Su Yang temporarily put the matter at the back of his mind. He clicked on the system and decided to add another point to [Absolute Verbal Contract].

Previously, he had just bought 10 Silver Points. Coupled with his stock reserves, Su Yang still had a lot of Silver Points in his inventory. Hence, he decided to continue his previous premonition and increase these two abilities to the maximum to see if he could receive the key to breaking his predicament!

In the next hour, Su Yang added three more points to the [Absolute Verbal Contract] according to the previous series of operations. He only stopped when he forcefully increased the [Absolute Verbal Contract] from +3 to +6.

However, perhaps because this ability was not the key to breaking the game, or perhaps because it was not done during his lucky period, the chances of it being the key to breaking his predicament had passed. After receiving three Silver Points, the [Absolute Verbal Contract] only received a slight ability enhancement with no qualitative change whatsoever.

After [Absolute Verbal Contract] became +6, it now had 12 slots for Su Yang to forcibly sign contracts with, and the contract time had also increased from eight minutes to 15 minutes.

The number of verbal contract slots had also increased from 25 to 70, and the number of times he could sign contracts daily had increased from five to 27, with its range increased from three days to 10 days.

Actually, one could say that this ability’s effects had greatly improved, and it had truly become a powerful special ability.

However… It still had nothing to do with helping Su Yang break out of his predicament.

Su Yang was also considering if he could use the [Force Contract] to get Mr. Yoon to sign some decrees to suppress Samsung, Hyundai, and the other tycoons. However, the moment this idea was born, Su Yang dismissed it.

The effective time of the forced contract was only 20 minutes. So, after 20 minutes when Mr. Yoon returned to his senses, he could call off the decree. After all, there was more than one segment to the decree. From the signing of the contract to it being effective could be weeks or months.

Hence, 20 minutes was too short compared to this long time, making it completely useless.

Su Yang was not satisfied with the first strengthened ability, so he picked up the bucket of water and gulped down a mouthful of water to suppress his frustration.

Then, he looked at his remaining Silver Points: 13. He decided to add a point to [Hands Of Fate].

He clicked on the system and chose the fourth ability. Su Yang clicked on the [Confirm] button that popped up in the system and added a point to [Hands Of Fate].

Compared to the hardship he would have to go through from adding a point to [Absolute Verbal Contract], [Hands Of Fate] was less difficult.

After all, even though they would still have “mutated”, one was in the mouth, and the other was in the hands.

In comparison, the latter was much easier to endure than the former!

After adding the point, Su Yang took a look at the upgrade of [Hands Of Fate].

[Silver Ability: Hands Of Fate (Rank 3)]

Ability: When you use this ability, the ground will become your chessboard, and all living beings will become your chess pieces. You can move any object or creature (including yourself) to any position.

Restriction 1: You can only operate anything within a 300-kilometer radius of you. You can move yourself anywhere.

Restriction 2: Every time you use this ability, you only have 10 minutes, and time will have stopped during that time.

Restriction 3: You will be able to use your ability five times a day without paying a price. For every subsequent use after that, you would have to break a finger, which would recover the next day.

Restriction 4: The number of times you use your ability is the same as the number of your fingers you have.

There was not much change to his ability when he reached level three. It was still just a slight enhancement.

Su Yang almost broke down!

‘Come on! Are you serious?!

‘Both of them have only received extra usages! Are you seriously f*cking around with me?!’

Su Yang refused to accept the facts and added another two points. He kept doing this until [Hands Of Fate] became +5. However, it did not help. All the ability received was only to have more number of usages and a lighter price to pay.

To be honest, the usability of these adjusted Silver abilities had really increased a lot. Putting everything else aside, just the fact that he could use the [Hands Of Fate] 10 times a day without any price to pay was huge.

This meant that Su Yang could control anyone, objects, and creatures in this city 10 times per day.

In addition, the operation time increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. In other words, Su Yang had an additional 200 minutes of time freeze.

200 minutes!

Su Yang could already have a few rounds of fun… Ahem…

This is an ability enhancement that not even a low-budget movie would dare to film. After all… Such movies only lasted for 200 minutes.

However… Despite how useful it was, it still could not help Su Yang with his predicament.

‘Could it be… Could I have erred in my analysis?

‘The premonition that I felt at the last second of my lucky period was not referring to the [Absolute Verbal Contract] or the [Hands Of Fate], but other abilities?

‘What ability could that be?

‘[Eye of Origins]?

‘[Sealing Frame]?

‘[Truth Or Explosion]?’

No matter how Su Yang thought about it, it did not seem like those abilities.

He looked at the [Hands Of Fate +5] notification and sighed. He felt that he should go all the way and add the last point.

‘If it’s still useless at +6, I’ll admit defeat and add points to each ability and see what happens.

‘If it doesn’t work out… The worst that will happen would be that I give up Korea and retreat to Central Asia. Anyway, I could still affect America’s hegemony with Central Asia.

‘It’s just… I don’t know if the five consortiums in Korea will let me walk away so easily.

‘Looking at the video earlier, they seem to have the intention of chasing after me for a fight!’

With this thought in mind, Su Yang started to add his last point.

[Please select a human or silver ability to add a point to.]

[Silver Ability]

[Please choose the Silver ability to receive this additional point.]

[Hands Of Fate]

[Are you sure you want to add a point onto “Hands Of Fate”?]


Following Su Yang’s confirmation, Su Yang’s hands suddenly shone with a bright light and started burning.

The flame was pure white and it was like a maggot that was attached to Su Yang’s hand.

In the past few times, Su Yang had also suffered such injuries. Hence, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

According to his thoughts: After so many times, he should be used to it. Even if he wasn’t used to it, his hands should be numb by now. But… It wasn’t.

This pain seemed to come from his soul, and it was unavoidable.

Su Yang plunged his hands into the water to reduce the pain.

After a while, with a hint of coolness, the process of the last point added for [Hands Of Fate] ended.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief and took out his hand.

Su Yang let out a soft gasp of surprise. For some reason, he felt as if there was a strange change in his hand.

‘Why does my hands seem like…

‘They’ve become a little whiter?

‘And a little tender as well?

‘Has it even grown slightly longer?’

Su Yang had been doing rough labor since he was young, and his hands had always been rough, so they were not pretty. However, if someone looked at his hands at that moment… they would probably believe that he was a pianist.

This was because his hands were as white and smooth as a piece of jade.

Su Yang pulled up his sleeves to see if there was any discordance in his skin tone. But strangely, there was none.

Even though his hands were beautiful and fair, they were perfectly balanced on his arms. They looked natural and harmonious. Even his skin color was different.

Su Yang could not understand.

He looked at his arm. ‘Hmm, it’s still quite rough, and they aren’t white.’

Then he looked at his hand. It looked like white jade, like it was sparkling.

On the whole, there was no distinction, and it looked very harmonious.

The feeling was indescribable. Su Yang felt like nothing had changed. However, looking at the pair of hands alone, he felt as if they were glowing.

Su Yang had a premonition in his heart. ‘Could it be possible that… I’ve obtained a treasure with this last point added?

‘Could it be related to the [Fate] in the [Hands Of Fate]?

‘Could this be the turning point for me to dominate Korea?!’

Just as Su Yang was fantasizing, the first notification popped up in front of him.

[Silver Ability: Hands Of Fate +6 Success. Ability enhanced. Ability has reached the maximum limit (maximum points receivable). Ability has been automatically awakened.]