I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 900 - : Silver Talent: God Mode: 15 Seconds

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Chapter 900: Silver Talent: God Mode: 15 Seconds

Su Yang, who had many experience in drawing Silver Abilities, reached his hand in without any hesitation. Just like before, there were two ping pong-sized balls in the box.

Su Yang grabbed a ping pong ball.

The ping pong ball had the word “Talent” written on it.


Su Yang was stunned when he saw the word on the ping pong ball.

‘I’ve drawn five Silver Abilities before, but never a SIlver Talent.

‘Sometimes, I even thought that both balls in the box had “Ability” written on it. After all, the probability of getting Talent is so low.

‘Yet, I’ve actually drawn a Talent this time?’

Su Yang’s heart sank.

After all, [Talent] and [Ability] were different.

For Abilities, Su Yang could choose to activate them at will, but [Talent] was a halo that he could not remove or control. Hece, if the Talent was a bad one, he might be in trouble.

For example, if he randomly drew a talent for cross-dressing, his life would be ruined.

Fortunately, he had a [Silver Ability Extraction Voucher], so if he really had no other choice, he could extract that talent and solve the issue.

However, when he thought about how he slapped himself with his [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] earlier on, Su Yang felt that his worries were groundless.

‘No matter what, I’m in my lucky period right now, so there shouldn’t be any weird talents, right?

‘I sure hope so…’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about that, the ping pong ball and the box disappeared, and a second box appeared before him.

Su Yang reached his hand into the ball nervously. It was still six balls. It seemed that [Talent] and [Ability] both had the same six levels.

Su Yang grabbed a ping pong ball and took it out. The English letter on the ping pong ball read [B].


‘Seems average.’

Su Yang was not happy, especially since he did not know what talent he was going to receive.

The ping-pong ball and box disappeared again.

The last box appeared in front of Su Yang. On the box was a large [B].

Su Yang continued to pick a ball.

Although the box did not look big, there seemed to be endless space inside it. Inside was a sea of ping pong balls. Who knew how many Silver Talents there were inside.

Since he did not know what these ping pong balls were, Su Yang grabbed one of them randomly.

Su Yang took out the ping pong ball and took a look at it. It read: [Silver Talent: God Mode: 15 Seconds].

Su Yang was stunned.


‘Why does this talent’s name… Seem off?

‘God Mode?

‘What kind of talent is this?

‘Could it be something to do with a certain activity?’

Just as Su Yang started fantasizing, the ping pong ball in his hand suddenly broke free from his grip and rushed towards his heart.

When Su Yang saw the ping pong ball flying towards him, he instinctively dodged to the side. To his surprise, the ping pong ball missed!

Su Yang had dodged out of habit, but after he was done, he was stunned. ‘Huh? Is my reaction that fast? Have I actually dodged the ping pong ball?’

The previous few times, Su Yang had not been able to dodge this ping pong ball in time. Hence, he could only watch as the ping pong ball entered his body.

Who would have thought that he would be able to respond this time?

Su Yang’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Perhaps… Could this be because I’ve been exposed to too much blue light recently? Has my body condition and reflexes improved a lot?’

Just as Su Yang was deep in thought, he suddenly felt a chill on his back. It was as if something had rushed into his body. Then, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

The pain came so fast that Su Yang could not react in time. He fell to the ground and covered his chest with his hands. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

In the midst of the pain, Su Yang felt as if his heart was slowly being modified. It was becoming more energetic and stronger. If his heart used to be a meaty organ, it was now a piece of metal with a lot of strength within!

The strength and tension within were so strong that it felt like it could be seen through his chest.

After a while, the pain subsided. Su Yang lowered his head and looked at his left chest. There was nothing abnormal about it. Then, he exerted some force and his heart started to beat rapidly.

The sound traveled through his chest like an electric motor.

Accompanied by that voice, all the blood in his body started to flow faster. As it flowed, Su Yang felt as if his potential had been stimulated. ‘I feel extremely strong, so strong that it’s as if I could traverse through the Heavens!

‘Yeap… I’m not drunk.

‘I feel so excited and there’s this feeling within me like nothing is impossible right now!

‘However, I have no idea whether this is just an illusion or whether it’s actually real.’

Therefore, he looked around and grabbed the table next to him.

With a push!

Su Yang did not lift it at all…

Although he failed to lift the table, Su Yang still looked surprised.

This was because his desk was made entirely of marble. It was huge, about two to three hundred pounds. Normally, he would not even be able to move, much less lift it up. However, this time, he had moved it about half a meter.

‘This was something impossible in the past!

‘Has my body really changed?

‘Could this be what it means to be in God Mode for 15 seconds? Does it allow me to become extremely confident and powerful for 15 seconds?

‘But… Can this even be considered to be a Silver Talent?

‘This doesn’t seem to be worthy of being B-Ranked!’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, the introduction of this Silver Talent popped up before him.

[Silver Talent: God Mode: 15 Seconds]

Ability: When you are seriously injured in a life-threatening situation, you will be in God Mode for 15 seconds. During this time, you will not die and your body functions will be restored to its peak state.

Additional Ability: When you use your physical strength, you will receive a temporary boost. You will be filled with strength in whatever you do.

Restriction 1: This ability can only be used once a day.

Restriction 2: After 15 seconds, your body will return to the state before the Talent took effect. If the injury is fatal, you will still die.

Restriction 3: During these 15 seconds, you will still be injured, and you will still lose mobility due to secondary damage, but you won’t die.

Note: Who says you can’t do anything in 15 seconds? At least… You can say goodbye.

Su Yang’s eyes lit up when he read up on this Silver Talent.

Because he felt like he had obtained a very useful ability— A life-saving ability.

In the past, when Su Yang obtained Silver Abilities, he would always pray that he could obtain some cool powers such as control over fire or electricity, or flight.

However, as his influence grew, the little monsters around him grew stronger, and the number of special items increased, so this thought faded.

In its place was now this life-saving ability.

This was because he felt that to him, he already had the ability to deal great damage, escape, and “charm” others. However, he did not have the ability to ensure his survivability.

For example, the sniper from the rooftop that he had encountered earlier. If Su Yang had not received the news earlier that there was a sniper on him, Su Yang would have died if the sniper ended up firing the first shot.

After all, Su Yang’s body was made of flesh and blood. If he were to suffer any fatal injuries, he would be as weak as any ordinary person.

Modern technology not only makes people’s lives better, but it also puts people in constant danger. A gun with a few bullets could take anyone’s life.

Apart from that, the people that Su Yang provoked were getting more and more powerful. They were either dangerous organizations, countries, or tycoons, where most of them had their own armed forces.

Seeing that he was developing too well, his enemies might be someone angry and send out a crazy gunman to take his life.

Therefore, ensuring his survivability was Su Yang’s most important task.

Unexpectedly, this was the very thing that he had just received!

‘This is so worth it!

‘However… Although this talent could save my life, it has no effect on the current situation. The five major tycoons of Korea are still working together, and my influence there is still being squeezed out.’ Hence, after Su Yang saw this talent, he decided to take advantage of the fact that he was still in his lucky period to draw a second Silver Ability!

With that thought, Su Yang bought a few more Guardian Talismans and pasted them on his forehead. Then, he clicked on the semi-transparent [+] symbol above his head.

Then, he chose to draw another Silver Ability.

Su Yang drew three ping pong balls consecutively. However, his luck that time was really weird.

The balls that he pulled out were [Ability], [E], [Silver Ability: Plant Language].

An ability that could be rated as an E-Rank was obviously useless. It could only communicate with plants.

Furthermore, there was a limit to this communication. Not only could Su Yang only talk once a day, he could only ask one question. The plant would answer the question based on its “memory”.

If it was beyond the knowledge of plants, the answer to the question would be “I don’t know”.

The moment he obtained the ability, Su Yang had a conversation with the cactus beside his bed and asked if anyone had come to this room last night.

The plant’s answer was… Yes.

That was it.

It did answer Su Yang’s question, but it was not a complete answer. ‘Who was it? When did he or she come in? You’ve said nothing except for “yes”.’

At that moment, Su Yang almost plucked the cactus out of its pot!

‘What’s the use of this answer!

‘If this is this ability’s only use, why don’t I just buy a surveillance camera?!

‘A camera like that is only going to cost me a few tens of yuan in Juduoduo, so wouldn’t it be more useful than this stupid ability totalk with plants?’

Su Yang felt terrible that he had obtained a useless ability. What was worse was that he had obtained this ability during his lucky period.

‘What’s it about this lousy ability that’s worth feeling lucky about?!

‘Are you kidding me!

‘I’ve wasted my lucky period!

‘I haven’t achieved my goal at all!’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, the countdown on the brick started to die down.

At that moment, Su Yang had a premonition.

‘I feel like… I should add a point for my Silver Ability.

‘The key to breaking out of this situation is not to receive a new Silver ability, but… To upgrade my original Silver Ability.’

With this premonition, the countdown on the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] returned to zero.

Looking at the bare brick on the bed, Su Yang stroked his chin.

‘The key to my own breakthrough is to add a point for my original Silver Abilities…

‘Could this guide be true?

‘If it is, which ability should I add?’

Su Yang sat on the bed, took out a pen and paper, and wrote down his original Silver Abilities: [Hands Of Fate], [Eye of Origins], [Truth Or Explosion], [Sealing Frame], and [Absolute Verbal Contract].

[Sealing Frame] was the first to be eliminated by Su Yang.

This ability was related to space and sealing.

Even if he added a point to this ability, it would definitely follow its original ability to increase the conditions and abilities, making it impossible for him to make a 180-degree change.

Soon after, the [Eye Of Origins] was eliminated by Su Yang.

Su Yang had improved this ability a lot. Furthermore, this ability was essentially just about [Observation]. It was related to the discovery of information and intel. Everything else was derived from this ability. It should not have much to do with changing the situation.

After that, Su Yang eliminated the third ability, [Truth or Explosion]. This ability was essentially about [Truth], more towards information gathering.

‘I’ve got enough information at the moment, so this isn’t what I need.’

In the end, all that was left were the abilities [Hands Of Fate] and [Absolute Verbal Contract].

Su Yang felt that the probability of it being [Absolute Verbal Contract] was the highest because Su Yang had thought of using this ability to force Mr. Yoon to cooperate with him and fight against the five major consortiums.

It was only because according to the intelligence, Mr. Yoon was a very strict person. He would not make promises easily. Even if he did, they were just pretenses, so there was no way to sign a verbal contract with him.

Therefore, if he added more points to this ability, he might be able to add a condition that could be included in the verbal contract. In that case, everything would be solved.

He would use a verbal trap to lure Mr. Wen into saying such words and then force him to deal with the five consortiums.

As for the [Hands Of Fate], Su Yang had never understood this ability. ‘To be honest, the key to this ability should be [Fate]. However, for some reason, it doesn’t reflect this at all. Instead, it’s related to time and space.

‘It feels that if I added a point for this ability, it might be able to affect the situation, which would be a huge gain.’

Su Yang looked at the analysis of his abilities on the paper. After studying it for a while, he finally made a decision in his heart. First, he would add a point for the [Absolute Verbal Contract] that had a high success rate. If it did not work, he would do the same for [Hands Of Fate].

As for the other three abilities, no matter how one looked at it, they did not seem to be able to help with his current situation. Hence, Su Yang put them aside temporarily.

Su Yang prayed silently, hoping that he could add a point to change the situation he was faced with that time. Then, he opened the system again and prepared to add a point to the [Absolute Verbal Contract]!