I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2113 - Warm Snow

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Chapter 2113: Warm Snow

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The Snow Ghoul felt an unprecedented burst of frost power.

It raised its sharp claws in an attempt to end the Great Empress’ life, but it was unable to bring its claws down to land the killing blow.

A sense of indescribable horror descended upon it.

At the very center of the blossoming blue ice lotus, a gorgeous woman stood in mid-air. Her eyes had turned completely blue, and the divine seal on her forehead suddenly cracked open before vanishing.

A terrifying aura began to emanate from her body.

An inky-black rift opened up right in front of Shangguan Yi, within which was contained boundless chaos.

She raised her ice sword and slashed it toward the rift.


In that instant, it was as if heaven and earth had been created again.

Boundless light erupted from the rift, and infinite laws and matter emerged from the chaos and nothingness. It was a breathtaking and inexplicable moment.

Shangguan Yi was being showered with a peculiar divine light, making her appear as if she were a lonesome yet almighty goddess who ruled over all things. In that instant, she had created a brand new world with a swing of her sword!

The three golden Snow Ghouls were dumbfounded. They managed to remain calm even as the frost power began to invade their bodies, but they had been truly stunned by the sight of Shangguan Yi creating a new world.

That was something only Gods of Creation should have been capable of doing!

How had that Dao Integration Stage snow maiden suddenly progressed to the God of Creation Stage?

Gods of Creation weren’t commonplace cabbage that could be bought for a dime a dozen. Even on the entire Tai Chu Continent, there was only a small handful of them, and a million years could easily go by without one being born.

They were beings who could transform heaven and earth in accordance with their will and rule over an entire race.

Had one of those almighty beings just been born right before their very eyes?

“You idiot! Why did you waste so much time saying useless sh*t? This wouldn’t have happened if you had killed her earlier!” the golden Snow Ghoul who was tormenting Xiao Ze and Xiao Tu roared at the Snow Ghoul facing off against Shangguan Yi.

The latter shuddered upon hearing that, and it thought to itself, Aren’t you also wasting time by torturing those two black dragons? I was only unlucky to have ended up with this opponent!

Snow and wind roared as they encompassed the entire heavens.

After progressing to a new cultivation base, Shangguan Yi’s aura soared explosively. Her priestess robe flapped in the wind, making her appear as if she were a holy lotus blossoming in the wind. Her body exuded a blue and white divine light, and she radiated a sense of irrefutable prestige and majesty.

“I am the master of ice and snow.”

Her ethereal voice rang out across heaven and earth.

In that instant, the wind and snow expanded in a frenzy to encompass a radius of several million kilometers!

The entire Wind Plain State was inundated by that peculiar storm, and the extreme frost that the Snow Ghouls had brought with them had been completely wiped away.

Countless living beings were huddled up in corners, struggling to retain a shred of warmth and survive amid the lethal disaster that had descended upon them.

All of a sudden, they felt a warm gust of wind that completely blew away the bone-chilling frost in their bodies.

Snow was still falling from the sky, but all of the snowflakes were shimmering with golden light.

A man extended a trembling hand to catch a few of the snowflakes, and they melted in his hand. All of a sudden, a gush of warmth flowed from the palm of his hand to his entire body, and his eyes widened in shock.


“Is this… warm snow?”

Countless living beings had been frozen into ice statues, but the ice and snow covering their bodies were beginning to melt away.

Those with resilient life forces began to gradually reawaken.

They looked at the warm snow falling from the sky and were a little dazed. They were all gripped by despair and horror a moment ago, but the warm snow soothed their hearts.

In that instant, everyone’s impression of snow was completely renewed.

It turned out that snow could heal just as it could freeze!

“Crap! All of our extreme frost energy has been expelled from the Kingdom of the Nine States!” one of the golden Snow Ghouls exclaimed.

“It must be that snow maiden! How could she possibly be capable of doing all this on her own?”

“How could this be… Even the snow has become warm; is this still snow?”

The golden Snow Ghouls were both shocked and enraged.

Shangguan Yi made a divine seal with her hands and appraised the Snow Ghouls up ahead with a calm expression.

She was very unlucky, and misfortune followed her wherever she went. However, deep in her heart, she truly wished that this world would accept her and that her friends and companions would like her.

At the very least, she was going to protect everyone around her with all her might and do all she could to bring warmth to everyone who was suffering in the world.

That was why all of the snow falling from the sky was warm.

She was constantly suffering loss and pain. However, she had friends who were still willing to accept and extend kindness toward her. That was why she loved this world and loved everyone around her.

“I am the Ice Matriarch. I am the master of snow and ice.

“If I want warm snow, then I shall have it.”

All of the Snow Ghouls and Four Nine Immortal Sect cultivators were shocked by her words.

She had uttered the most badass sentence in the most placid of voices.

And she had delivered on her words!

“F*ck, this b*tch is getting pretty full of herself!”

“Let’s take her down together!”

The three golden Snow Ghouls exchanged glances with one another.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

They transformed into three streaks of golden light and charged toward Shangguan Yi in unison from three different directions.

Shangguan Yi plunged her hand into space and pulled out a snowy-white divine staff that was constructed entirely from ice and snow. She then immediately appeared before the Snow Ghoul who had been tormenting the Great Empress.

So fast!

The golden Snow Ghoul’s expression changed drastically as it scrambled to take defensive measures. The power of extreme frost instantly erupted from its body, and it lashed out with its claws toward Shangguan Yi’s vital regions.

However, it suddenly felt its movements slow down, as if it were moving in slow motion. A burst of unimaginable frost power enveloped its entire body, seeping into its bone marrow.

The heavens turned pitch-black while the earth became a pristine white.

Meanwhile, the space in which it was situated was transformed into a deep blue.

Impossible… This is impossible! How could this frost power be so powerful? It’s even dominating my heavenly power! The Snow Ghoul’s face was twisted by horror and unease. It discovered that it was no longer able to control its body!

At that moment, a delicate foot stomped down viciously upon its head.


The golden Snow Ghoul plummeted to the ground, and an essential power spread through its head, making it almost explode like a watermelon.

It was just about to resist when the snowy-white divine staff punctured its heart like a sharp spear. A terrifying essential frost power surged throughout its entire body, destroying its bodily functions in a frenzy.

It had suffered the exact same fate as the Great Empress!

“Didn’t you say that you were the master of snow and ice?” Shangguan Yi looked down at the trembling Snow Ghoul with cold emotionless eyes. “How about now? Why aren’t you using your snow and ice to attack me?”