I Have Medicine - Chapter 331 - Unrestrained Arrangements

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Chapter 331 - Unrestrained Arrangements

As the two talked and talked, they had already entered the depths of the forest.

This stretch of dense forest was ten kilometers long. While it wasn’t considered to be a wide tract of woodlands, the resources within it were quite abundant. Not limited by ranks, various kinds of wild beasts, precious trees, and medicinal ingredients had grown for a long time in these woodlands — This place was a veritable warehouse of natural resources.

Gu Zuo casually looked around, and could see many medicinal ingredients of various levels. Nevertheless, the product grades of all the ingredients were exceptional. Suddenly, he felt a little starry-eyed, and his mood became quite happy.

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng smiled and said: “This tract of woodlands can provide hunting grounds for battle slaves and harvesting spots for pharmacists. In the future, if Ah Zuo has any needs, just come here and take what you want.”

It was only natural that Gu Zuo hurriedly nodded his head: “The medicinal ingredients here are very good. I can refine many types of pills!”

Tianheng also nodded: “Later on, Ah Zuo will be in charge of which medicinal herb seeds to plant for this elder brother and his subordinates.”

Gu Zuo immediately felt the heavy weight of responsibility, but when he thought about handing over the matters of his family’s big brother to someone else, his heart didn’t rest easy. Thus, he nodded his head once more, and agreed.

Without realizing it, they had walked through this dense forest.

Up ahead was a mountain path, which led directly to a mountain peak that was three hundred meters tall.

Nearby, Gu Zuo saw the headwaters of quite a few mountain springs and waterfalls that cascaded down the stones and winded through the underbrush. Amid the rippling splashes, the gleaming reflection of waves in the sunlight was clear and crystalline. It was a beautiful sight. And this mountain wasn’t an ordinary and desolate stone mountain. Its surface was likewise rich with natural resources. There were numerous trees, flowers, and other plants. At the edges of some cliffs and inside some streams grew various ingredients of exceptional product grades. Exotic medicinal fragrances wafted out.

Although the mountain had been installed with a thousand-person courtyard, this courtyard encompassed the entire mountain. The main courtyard resided at the peak. Meanwhile, the other side courtyards and small courtyards were constructed based on the grooves and contours of the mountain peak. The individual views of the mountain formed a harmonious whole. Nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

Gu Zuo watched for three seconds.

His big brother had become a big landlord…

After this, they climbed the mountain.

This time around, no one hesitated. In addition to the servile races and battle slaves, even the newly-accepted Wu and Hu Clans were allowed to enter the grounds of this mountain peak.

However, these people also knew that this mountain was the centermost section of the manor. One couldn’t rest upon the fact that they could come over today. If it was in the future and they didn’t have a declaration or announcement, perhaps they would be refused entry. Simply put, they couldn’t casually climb this mountain.

Yet, nevertheless, everyone was only allowed to climb to the midpoint between the base and waist of this mountain peak. It was out of the question to keep going.

As for this area, which was one-fourth the way up this mountain, what stood tall and upright was a towering and majestic palace hall. It occupied a vast plot of land, and its might was full of grandeur. It was incredibly shocking. After entering this palace hall, the internal space was also quite enormous. While it couldn’t be said that the hall could hold over ten thousand people, one or two thousand wouldn’t be a problem.

Tianheng directly sat at the seat of honor. Soon after, he commanded: “Ao Ying, move another seat over here.”

The Ascendant Realm mastiff battle slave swiftly blurred into a shadow. The moment he appeared again, he placed a comfortable-looking chair in a position that was slightly lower than the seat of honor.

Tianheng smiled at Gu Zuo, and waved a hand: “Ah Zuo, sit here.”

Gu Zuo paused. His mood was complicated.

He knew that this was Tianheng’s way of raising his identity and expressing the importance to which Tianheng held him. However, this method was similar to the ancient seating arrangements of an emperor and empress. It truly left one conflicted.

Currently, his thoughts were very improper!

Big brother, in my eyes, doing this is practically the same as tempting me…

However, if it was in the past, Gu Zuo probably would’ve felt nervous because he would soon have to face so many people. But now, it was different. If he didn’t go and sit in that position due to nerves and worries, wouldn’t that be giving a total stranger the chance to stand on equal footing with his brother in the future?

Gu Zuo definitely wouldn’t let that happen!

As a result, Gu Zuo steeled himself, scampered over with loud footsteps, and sat down in a straightforward manner.

At this time, Tianheng reached out a hand. He was just the right height to ruffle Gu Zuo’s hair, who was slightly lower. A trace of a smile flashed through Tianheng’s eyes. Soon after, when he looked at the other subordinates who came in one after another, the softness in his expression disappeared. He resumed his usual unhurried and majestic appearance.

The remaining people entered in quick succession according to respective order. The battle slaves stood on the left and right, and acted as guards. The monkey race kept to one side, and the mouse and ox races stayed on the other side. As for the newly-arrived Wu and Hu Clans, under Tianheng’s indications, they sat separately below the monkey race.

At the present time, although the Wu and Hu Clans ought to have been categorized as retainers, and although the three nonhuman races were technically servile races, the servile races had been following Tianheng for a longer time. Therefore, they were more trusted.

Wu Xing didn’t mind at all. He confidently led his own clan’s direct bloodline to take their seats up front. Meanwhile, the Wu Clan’s remaining members were arranged towards the back. As for the three Hu Clan siblings, they took deep breaths, and felt that they had to stay calm and collected like the Wu Clan. They kept their cool, and likewise projected the elegance and grace of a clan’s direct line.

Just like this, everyone sat down properly, and looked upwards.

At the same time, they also understood that from this moment on, as their glories would be tied to Tianheng, so too would their failures. To develop and strengthen their own racial groups and clans, they absolutely had to remain loyal and adhere to him.

In the seat of honor, Tianheng first lightly pointed to Gu Zuo and said: “This is Pharmacist Gu Zuo. He is my adoptive younger brother. In the future, treat him as you would treat me. Do not neglect him in the slightest. Do you all understand?”

Gu Zuo’s heart warmed. He knew that his big brother was emphasizing his status. When all was said and done, his current realm wasn’t high, but a pharmacist’s rank also wasn’t set so rigidly in place.

The crowd of subordinates heard this, and repeatedly spoke: “We understand!”

Hu Chang’an and his siblings followed suit.

There was a clear distinction between public and private matters. While they were friends with Gu Zuo, after adhering themselves to Tianheng, they couldn’t rely on their identities as friends any longer.

Tianheng saw that these people listened to his words, and nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he looked at the Wu Clan’s delegation: “Wu Xing, since you say that your entire family will adhere themselves to me, report your Wu Clan’s headcount, inside information, properties, and everything else one at a time.”

Once these words were uttered, there was a bit of restlessness at the back of the Wu Clan.

This was the highlight of this grand play which would decide whether they would receive any important positions! One should know that the entire clan had adhered to a single individual. This was very risky. Since they did this, they had to be firm and resolute!

Wu Xing settled his state of mind, and started talking: “My Wu Clan’s direct line of descent has one hundred twenty-two people. The cadet lines have five hundred seventy-eight people. There are three hundred eighty-eight vassal pharmacists, three thousand trained martial artists, one thousand two hundred employed martial artists, two thousand one hundred ninety-seven servants…

“There are thirty-nine medicine shops, one hundred twenty medicine gardens, three small ore veins…

“In the clan, there are two Ascendant Realms and twenty-nine Atomic Realms. As for Immortal Realms, there are…

“The clan’s inside information is…

Sure enough, an organization comparable to the iron rank wasn’t ordinary. Although the Wu Clan hadn’t made much noise, in actuality, its comprehensive strength had long surpassed that of the Hu Clan. It could be said that, so long as they wanted to, the Wu Clan could’ve usurped the Hu Clan at any time. Previously, the reason why the Wu Clan planned slowly was probably for the sake of pulling the wool over people’s eyes. They would’ve made a peaceful transition to gain even more benefits.

Hu Chang’an listened to these things, and his complexion turned a bit pale.

As a young lord, he was naturally clear about some of the clan’s foundations. Hearing the Wu Clan’s self-report, he realized just how incompetently the Hu Clan had performed.

The Wu Clan had always been swimming up against the current, while their Hu Clan had been falling behind for many generations.

Xuanwu City’s number one organization? This title didn’t reflect the reality of the situation!

After Gu Zuo listened, he also silently commended the Wu Clan’s strength.

This was quite a large household… When it came to high-end strength, they were almost as good as Qingyun Sect — Still, this was under the premise that there were many pharmacists among these higher-realm individuals. There were many people below them as well. Incorporating such a clan would immediately allow his big brother’s foundations to greatly improve! Because the Wu Clan had talents in various fields, it would quickly become the largest force under his big brother’s control! It could receive a lot of importance right away!

Once Tianheng finished listening, there weren’t any changes to his expression. This prevented others from seeing his thoughts. He only asked a question: “What are the Wu Clan’s plans going forward?”

Wu Xing understood what was being said, and replied promptly: “The Wu Clan has a multitude of people. Since we’re throwing our support behind the young master, we’ll allow the young master to make the arrangements.”

Speaking up to here, he paused for a moment before continuing: “Practically all of my Wu Clan’s direct line has followed. Among the cadet lines, the outstanding members have done the same. Only a few people of the direct line remained behind to lead the rest of the cadet lines and numerous pharmacists, and keep the clan properties in order. Once everything has been settled, they’ll also come to seek shelter under the young master. Right now, they’re probably already on the way here. All of the Wu Clan’s trained martial artists have followed. As for the employed martial artists, unless they consented to signing a contract, all of them were disbanded without exception. We definitely couldn’t add to the young master’s troubles. The clan’s properties and foundations will also be up to the young master to arrange. So long as the young master doesn’t abandon us, we’re willing to accompany you here and serve you at all times.”

To put it briefly, they paid a steep price to seek the permission to live in this manor.

Tianheng raised an eyebrow: “You all have displayed such sincerity, so I will make arrangements, too. For now, I’ll allocate three one-hundred-person courtyards and ten ten-person courtyards to settle your clan members. Because your Wu Clan is a pharmacist aristocratic family, everyone who can refine medicine will live in the thousand-person courtyard. Just don’t break the rules. They must obey Ah Zuo’s authority. Apart from this, while inside the compound, you’re permitted to search for your own resources, construct courtyards, and choose plots of land. As for those properties and foundations of yours, it’ll still be handled by your Wu Clan. Only, you’ll hand over thirty percent of the profits to me every year.”

When Wu Xing heard this, he sighed in relief: “Many thanks, young master.”

Sure enough, this wasn’t a demanding or harsh master. A thirty-percent tax on profits to be subordinates of a Ten Ultimates Sect prodigy. This was an enormous advantage. If they followed a master who was slightly more demanding, then it would’ve been fifty percent. If it was an unreasonable master, giving sixty or seventy percent wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy the other party’s stomach.

With arrangements like these, the leeway for the Wu Clan’s development would be even bigger.

After this, Tianheng commanded the three servile races: “The Gold-Devouring Mouse Race and the Iron Ox Race will keep working the same as before. You must give it your all. Otherwise, changes will certainly be made. Wu Xing, select a number of Wu Clan members who’re good at management. They’ll act as managers to supervise the businesses run by these two races.”

Then, he spoke to the monkey race: “Your Enlightened Hundred-Spirits Monkey Race is intelligent and shares a close affinity to plants. From now on, you’ll be under Ah Zuo’s control. Choose monkeys who’re proficient at distinguishing medicinal herbs, and supply them to Ah Zuo. They’ll harvest and process ingredients for him. Henceforth, your racial group will listen to and obey Ah Zuo’s commands. Do you understand?”

Everyone in the Enlightened Hundred-Spirits Monkey Race heard what was said, and prudently acquiesced.

Meanwhile, Gu Zuo had turned his head to look at Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled at him. The doting in Tianheng’s eyes was hardly covered up: “Ah Zuo, I’m giving this monkey race to you.”

The edges of Gu Zuo’s eyes warmed up. The emotions in his heart began to stir, and he suppressed them with great difficulty. However, if this continued, he truly felt that it would become harder and harder to repress his feelings…

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