I Have Medicine - Chapter 317 - Entering the Restricted Area

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Chapter 317 - Entering the Restricted Area

Ever since Gongyi Tianheng gave the command, the many servile race members had discussed matters, and decided to spread out by divide themselves into ten groups — Although the cities under the jurisdiction of Ten Ultimates Sect weren’t limited to these paltry numbers, this kind of distribution could only maintain certain speeds. After all, there weren’t many people at present.

Thus, contained within each of these ten squadrons was one Gold-Devouring Mouse race member who could control numerous mice, and twenty Iron Ox race members who were responsible for guarding. In addition, there was one sighthound race member and one mastiff race member who could be utilized for protection. They could also accomplish many things through their innate skills.

As for the Enlightened Hundred-Spirits Monkey race, because refining medicinal wine and brewing fruit wine required a certain amount of time, the shops they could grasp wouldn’t be established so quickly.

Apart from this, among the great majority of the remaining Gold-Devouring Mouse race, half would mine and harvest ore within the sect, and the other half would scatter and search for that person who was in the portrait — In other words, the existence of Gu Zuo.

Hunyun City, where this one group came to, was a bronze-ranked city. With the number of people Tianheng had on hand, they were only barely capable of establishing industries in key bronze-ranked cities.

After entering this city, the Gold-Devouring Mouse race’s Shu Xin, who acted as an astute supervisor, quickly arrived at some markets controlled by Ten Ultimates Sect, and choose suitable store fronts. For this reason, he naturally wanted to go to some locations to make discreet inquiries and investigations. At the same time, he also needed to observe this city’s purchasing power and the distribution of other forces.

The efficiency of his actions was quite high. In a brief period of time, he already knew the general situation. However, just when he was about to leave, he unexpectedly discovered a portrait.

A clear and distinct portrait was posted on a notice board for missing persons.

Moreover, the familiarity of this portrait was practically engrained within their hearts!

Shu Xin’s eyes turned. He immediately took down that portrait, came to the missions desk, and opened his mouth to inquire: “May I venture to ask this brother if anyone wants to take this mission…”

This location for information gathering was filled with streams of people, and there were all sorts of folks. In addition, because this was a large city, the competition was very fierce. Naturally, the more people who came to buy and sell information or to scout out the situation, the more advantageous it was.

The person who was stationed at the desk today was rather old, so he dealt with matters comprehensively and evasively. The moment he heard Shu Xin’s question, he replied in a low voice: “You recognize this person?”

Shu Xin made a ridiculing sound, and spoke with ambiguity: “There must be some ways…” While talking, a spirit crystal was shoved into the old man’s hand, “…to talk about the details.”

As the old man looked at this spirit crystal, his eyes shined.

Ah, this was a big spender! Normally, when other people offered tips, being able to give some gold was already pretty good. Yet, he could directly receive a spirit crystal right now! Wasn’t this saying that this person was a cash cow?

In the blink of an eye, the old man’s eyes flickered with a trace of greed. He wanted even more. However, at the next moment, he saw Shu Xin’s meaningful smile, and was suddenly frightened.

Yes. The other party didn’t look like a rich spender who wasn’t savvy to the ways of the world. Since this guy dared to give a spirit crystal, he was definitely relying on something. This kind of person usually shouldn’t be offended.

After quickly adjusting his mindset, the old man carefully told the information he knew about to Shu Xin: “You might not know that this portrait was put forward by the direct line of the Hu Clan, a medicine refining aristocratic family of the iron-ranked Xuanwu City. It’s in order to find a person for the new friend of their clan’s young lord. However, that Hu Clan’s present situation isn’t too optimistic. The internal power struggle is rather chaotic. If you really recognize the person in this portrait, you’ll need to keep the Hu Clan’s instability in mindk2026; No matter what, a medicine refining aristocratic family is abundantly rich and powerful. The Hu Clan might be somewhat lacking, but even a starved camel is bigger than a horse. They’re still capable of slaughtering with the stroke of a brush!”

Once Shu Xin finished hearing everything, he smilingly bade farewell to the old man. After that, he took that portrait and promptly left this place. At the same time, his mind was filled with a burst of happiness and schemes.

Wasn’t the one painted on this portrait precisely their household’s prodigy and master? And from the information he previously listened to, he also knew that the person whom that Hu Clan young lord recently befriended had clearly appeared at almost the same time as their master. Moreover, the Hu Clan had similarly put forward a painting. If it was said that they didn’t recognize the portrait, then that was too coincidental! Right now, they only needed to proceed towards the Hu Clan as quickly as possible, and see whether that person had the same likeness as the person their master had painted. At that point, they could naturally make a determination.

Shu Xin thought to himself: We could get this news as soon as we came out. Sure enough, it seems that the heavens are looking fondly upon the mouse race and me. Once I find that person, I can go before the master and take the credit.

However, they couldn’t delay any longer. Otherwise, if anything unexpected happened, it would be no good. In particular, the Hu Clan’s circumstances were messy. In order to prevent that person from being drawn into the Hu Clan’s affairs or from suffering any harm, they had to hurry and bring that person back.

After returning, Shu Xin brought lots of information when he rendezvoused with his own people.

Then, he whispered a few words into the ears of two of the sighthound and mastiff race members, and the eyes of those pair of hounds shined.

Shu Xin said: “First, keep an eye on the shops. Soon after, we’ll leave for Xuanwu City together. I’ll be bringing my mouse army and ten Iron Ox race members. Everyone else will unload the cargo here and make preparations. What do you two sirs think?”

The sighthound race’s Xi You and the mastiff race’s Ao Feng both said: “Okay.”

The three were in agreement. After giving instructions to the Iron Ox race on the side, they went straight to the most bustling street, and selected an excellent store front inside the territory of Ten Ultimates Sect. Then, another nearby shop of nearly the same size was settled by Shu Xin.

The location of this kind of spirit weapon shop and tavern were appropriately selected. After this, they only needed to wait for the various types of goods to be shelved, and then the stores could be officially opened.

Immediately following that, Shu Xin and the other twelve people rode traveling beasts, and swiftly galloped towards Xuanwu City.

About a day passed by, and they had already smoothly reached their destination.

The night was deep, and the room was shrouded in silence.

In the center of a bath tub, Hu Chang’an was still enduring the pain and soaking in the medicinal decoction. Right now, his consciousness was somewhat muddled, and his mind was filled with only the thoughts of bearing through this period of time. This was to allow himself to smoothly awaken his special constitution so he wouldn’t remain a piece of trash who was mocked by his fellow clan members. However, it was also due to this stubborn willpower that his consciousness was immersed the entire time. He wasn’t able to consider any other matters, and he also wasn’t able to pay attention to anything that happened on the outside.

Naturally, he didn’t know that his friend and close family were single-mindedly thinking of a way to deliver him into the restricted area, and to give him the most suitable environment for cultivation.

Hu Changfeng’s little face was soaked with beads of sweat.

After Hu Changbi’s bout of walking back and forth in the room, she was also tired. She was mentally and physically exhausted. Currently, Hu Changbi was biding her time as she sat in a chair with a tormented heart.

Meanwhile, Gu Zuo had taken out a medicinal cauldron, and was in the middle of refining pills without holding back.

His techniques were exquisite. If it was during normal times, Hu Changbi and Hu Changfeng would’ve definitely used this opportunity to sit on the side and learn. However, they were worried for Hu Chang’an, and they couldn’t concentrate at all.

The color of the sky continuously darkened. Eventually, the entire room had turned pitch-black.

As the appearances of the Hu siblings became more and more anxious, Gu Zuo collected the final batch of medicinal pills, and got up.

After her heart trembled, Hu Changbi suddenly stood ramrod-straight: “Big Brother Ah Zuo, have you finished refining the pills we need?”

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “One type of Trick Pill isn’t useful. After all, they’re all merely human-level medicinal pills. They’ll have no effect against those Atomic Realm elders. However, I remember that I have a type of composite pill that’s made from blending several types of Trick Pills together. So long as I can make them interact at the right time, I can keep those guards busy for an hour.”

Hu Changbi’s heart relaxed somewhat, but she still had doubts: “This kind of composite pill truly can obstruct those elders? They’re old, and they have years of experience. If there’s a way to resolve it, what’ll we do?”

Gu Zuo said: “The pill prescription is very esoteric. It’s a mixture of no less than eight types of medicinal pills. Even if they know the solution, it’ll take a while to refine the antidote, and it’ll be impossible to restrain it for that period of time.”

Hu Changbi let out a sigh: “Then, that’ll be fine.”

Hu Changfeng didn’t raise any suggestions or ideas. He only stayed quiet and calm. He decided that he had to make even more progress in the future.

Once everything was prepared, Gu Zuo went over the following plan with the brother and sister once more. Soon after, they silently left the courtyard.

At the exact same time, Gu Zuo tossed out numerous Trick Pills, which transformed into expanding plumes of smoke. This caused all the nearby people who were still awake to slowly fall asleep.

The three of them carried a bath tub as they soundlessly approached the restricted area.

As before, the guards and a few elders were protecting that place. Although it was said that a pharmacist’s Atomic Realm profound qi didn’t represent one’s strength, they also couldn’t get too close either.

Gu Zuo discharged his own Core Psyche Realm’s psychic power, and bundled the group.

— Yes. A pharmacist’s greatest strength was their psychic power. And within the entire Hu Clan, there basically wasn’t anyone who was higher along the path of spirituality than Gu Zuo’s Core Psyche Realm.

However, using psychic power to shield themselves didn’t mean that they were invisible. Perhaps, if the elders eyes were closed, any psychic power wouldn’t be capable of sensing them. But the naked eye could still see them.

Gu Zuo carefully let off some psychic power to sound things out, and discovered that those Atomic Realm elders hadn’t reacted. He felt relief, and hinted at Hu Changbi and Hu Changfeng.

Immediately following this, Gu Zuo curled his fingers, and eight medicinal pills suddenly appeared between his fingers. After that, rays of light flickered in the space between his eyebrows. His psychic power was released, and these pills were instantly crushed into fragments. The remains were abruptly launched straight into the region just before the restricted area!

In the blink of an eye, dense smoke surged out. Under the cover of night, it quickly surrounded those people!

The Atomic Realm elders opened their eyes, but they soon discovered that not only were their psychic powers unable to penetrate this thick smoke, if they even took in so much as a single breath, they could feel waves upon waves of drowsiness engulfing them!

There was no need to mention those guards. The instant that the dense smoke drifted over, they had already crumpled to the ground…

Gu Zuo made a hand signal: Go!

Hu Changfeng and Hu Changbi carried Hu Chang’an’s bath tub, and charged directly into the restricted area!

Gu Zuo followed close behind. They stepped through the thick smoke, and quickly saw a dense forest inside the restricted area. After that, Hu Changbi travelled towards a certain direction based on a premonition in her heart. In just a few moments, the group disappeared.

Outside, those elders rushed to resolve the medicinal properties within the thick smoke. They wanted to jump down from the stone pillars. However, that smoke was too powerful. It actually muddled their thoughts.

At this time, they didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking. They had no other choice but to anxiously wait as they considered what to do after being exposed to the medicinal properties…

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