I Have Medicine - Chapter 316 - Three Sides

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Chapter 316 - Three Sides

In a large and gloomy palace hall, the entire space was pitch-black. There was only an enormous ancient cauldron in the center of the hall. Beneath that cauldron was a flame that emitted a purple radiance.

The Violet Bedrock Flame liked dark environments the most, but it was also a type of top-notch, medicine-refining Wondrous Fire.

Muffled footsteps echoed from outside. Someone wearing long robes walked in, and stood in front of the ancient cauldron.

Amid the purple light, an indifferent and wizened face came into view from behind the cauldron.

This was an old man with a slim build. His appearance was haggard, and it looked like he wasn’t going to live for much longer. He was already on the verge of keeling over.

The old man’s voice was also very indifferent: “What have you come here for?” He calmly spoke, “On the matter of replacing the young lord, this old man still refuses. Although the direct line is weakened, it still possesses the bloodline that was passed down from ancient times. Furthermore, the direct line’s second daughter and third son are spirited and intelligent. In the future, it won’t necessarily be impossible for them to reach this old man’s realm.”

He continued: “Although the aptitude of that child from the branch family is impressive, he can’t beat the second daughter and third son. Moreover, they aren’t of age yet, and there’s also a difference of more than ten years between both sides. This old man can support them. I know that you want to revitalize the cadet branches, but this old man won’t allow it.”

The voice of the person who arrived was soft-spoken, and it carried a feeling of intense allurement: “Grand Elder, thou was also born from the branch families. Why keep vigil over the direct line? It’s true that the cadet branches once let thee down, but it has been nearly a thousand years since that matter occurred. Thine offended people have also long passed away. Don’t the present cadet branches share closer blood ties to thee?”

The old man gave a cold harrumph: “In those days, this old man answered to the clan head to support the Hu Clan. Naturally, I attach the most importance to the Hu Clan. You aren’t lying when you say that the matter happened almost a thousand years ago, but who knows how many generations of offspring have come and gone after a thousand years. It’s out of the question to say that I’m close to the bloodline of the present cadet branches!”

His tone was somewhat severe: “If you came here to arouse this old man’s sympathy, it’s absolutely impossible. You might as well get out of my sight!”

The other person lightly chuckled: “No. The reason why I came to persuade the Grand Elder isn’t merely this.” The lower his voice, the deeper it became, “Thou surely still remembers that there’s a golden-level pharmacist called Hu Jiao within our cadet branches. His profound qi realm is at the Atomic Realm, and his spiritual realm is at the Core Psyche Realm.”

The old man said: “That’s right. And what about it?”

The other person said: “Because the younger generations worry about the present circumstances of the Hu Clan, they have been searching for a method to resolve this calamity for the past few years. And just a few days ago, they finally got information on some Spirit Deity Grass. The younger generations quietly took it, and they only need to request thy help to refine it, and turn it into medicinal liquid for Hu Jiao to drink. When that moment comes, he’ll certainly be able to break through from the Atomic Realm to the Ascendant Realm. At the same time, he’ll also make some progress in the spiritual realms…

“At that point, he’ll only need to consolidate for a period of time once more. By then, wouldn’t we have another profound-level pharmacist?”

The old man’s body shuddered. He waved a hand, and the flame beneath the cauldron flourished, practically illuminating half of the entire hall: “Are you speaking the truth? You’ve really obtained Spirit Deity Grass?”

The other one spoke in dulcet tones: “It’s a challenge for us pharmacists to cultivate. Although there aren’t any true bottlenecks, the medicinal pills we ordinarily take to augment our inner qi can only replenish it. The pills can’t allow us to break through. However, the heavens won’t disappoint those who persevere. When some spirit medicines with spirituality are melted down into medicinal liquid, it can promote the two types of realms when we’re at such bottlenecks.

“When thou first guided the younger generations, the words of thine instructions were all put to memory. Spirit Deity Grass is precisely one of the types thee meticulously explained, and the younger generations haven’t forgotten.

“Hu Jiao’s spiritual realm is barely enough. Once he takes the Spirit Deity Grass medicinal liquid, it will only take the entire batch to challenge the profound qi bottleneck. He’ll certainly be able to break through. Merely, if this kind of spirit medicine was taken directly, then much of the medicinal power would be lost, and I’m afraid it would be hard to achieve a breakthrough. I just need to trouble thee to melt it down first…to preserve most of the medicinal properties.”

The old man slowly sighed: “After this matter, Hu Jiao of the cadet branches will rise abruptly. Perhaps, the cadet branches will do the same. When that moment comes, how will you treat Chang’an, Changbi, and Changfeng?”

The other replied: “Please rest assured. The members of the direct line naturally won’t be the Hu Clan’s successors any longer. However, while they won’t be successors, they’ll still be members of the Hu Clan.”

The old man was silent.

After a long time, he said: “If it’s like this, then this old man is obliged to do so.”

Even though, with his present lifespan and state of affairs, he would likely perish after he finished refining the Spirit Deity Grass.

The other person smiled: “Thou deserves to be called the one who values the Hu Clan the most.”

The old man slowly waved his hand: “Go away, and leave behind the Spirit Deity Grass.”

The other person respectfully put down a small box. Soon after, his muffled footsteps gradually faded away.

The palace hall’s gateway was closed. In this place, the voices of no one else appeared.

It was only that indistinct, purple fire that still constantly sputtered and spewed forth tongues of flame and rays of light.

Thus, Gu Zuo and Hu Chang’an’s group was blocked outside the restricted area. Regardless of how they persuaded or reasoned, the other party wasn’t willing to permit them entry. The elders who guarded this place also weren’t willing to accommodate them.

Suspicions filled Gu Zuo’s heart, and he quietly asked: “Changfeng, do we still need to enter the restricted area?”

Hu Changfeng was young. No matter how steady he was, his adaptability was lacking.

Hu Changbi had argued for a while to no success. She also had dejection across her whole face.

Gu Zuo sighed: “Currently, we have two options.”

Hu Changbi hurriedly asked: “What options?”

Gu Zuo said: “The first option is that we give up on the restricted area, and go back together. Brother Chang’an will have to break through in the courtyard.”

Hu Changbi hastily replied: “Ah, this won’t do! It’ll be unfavorable to big brother!”

Gu Zuo pursed his lips: “In that case, the second is that we charge into the restricted area… But, I’m an outsider. If I go into the restricted area, you guys might be punished.”

Hu Changbi blanked.

This was also certainly out of the question! No matter how they sliced it, this honorable Big Brother Ah Zuo wasn’t a member of their Hu Clan…”

Hu Changfeng also listened to these two options, and his heart was anxious.

Would they help their big brother and go against the Hu Clan’s rules?

What were they supposed to do?!

Hu Changbi blurted out: “Then, Big Brother Ah Zuo can wait outside…” Speaking up to here, her voice came to an abrupt stop.

She suddenly thought of something. If Gu Zuo, a person who wasn’t part of the Hu Clan, was left outside by himself, the people outside would definitely take their anger out on Gu Zuo. What’s more, perhaps there simply wasn’t any way for the three siblings to get into the restricted area with so many guards around. And since Gu Zuo mentioned this option, he probably had a way?

After considering many things, Hu Changbi was extremely hesitant. Finally, she stomped her foot: “Big brother’s future prospects are more important. Big Brother Ah Zuo, we’ll go with whatever you say!”

Gu Zuo pretended to mutter to himself, and nodded his head: “Right now, it’s not good to do anything. First, we’ll head back to the courtyard, and wait until it’s nighttime when they’re not as vigilant to come back…”

Hu Changbi understood, but her beautiful eyebrows furrowed: “When will big brother break through…”

Gu Zuo said: “Don’t worry. Originally, he would’ve broken through at night.”

Hu Changbi was slightly reassured.

After that, she hatefully glared at those couple of guards. She lifted the bath tub with Hu Changfeng, turned around, and departed.

Once they returned, Gu Zuo stayed inside the medicine refining room.

Meanwhile, Hu Changbi impatiently walked back and forth. She was a young girl, but the responsibilities she shouldered weren’t light. Even though she chose her family’s eldest brother, she was still quite nervous deep down.

Gu Zuo thought about it, and talked to Hu Changbi about the things he didn’t understand. Then, he asked: “Has Brother Chang’an’s situation in the Hu Clan already reached such a serious degree?”

Hu Changbi reacted, and spoke haltingly: “Probably not…”

There were some parts that Gu Zuo didn’t understand, but this was certainly part of the clan’s internal affairs. As a result, he simply reminded her: “I don’t know whether the Hu Clan’s Grand Elder is no longer shielding you guys or if the cadet branches’ forces have already grown to this extent, but you guys need to mentally prepare yourselves.”

Hu Changbi’s little face paled.

Her thoughts were all over the place, and she didn’t know what to think for a time. She had no other choice but to set the matter aside: “Then, when are we going to the restricted area? How are we going? Big Brother Ah Zuo, do you have a plan?”

Gu Zuo sorted out his train of thought, and stated the following: “I have something here that can come in handy. Additionally, I refined some Trick Pills, too. If the amount is large enough…”

Hu Changbi and Hu Changfeng listened carefully, and didn’t dare to miss a single word.

They knew that this was their eldest brother’s only chance.

On a road paved with smooth and level stones, a squadron of troops was escorting a long train of transport wagons. They barreled ahead at great speeds.

The forms of these troops were somewhat strange. Although they stood and travelled like humans and their appearances resembled that of the human race, because their bodies bore different characteristics, it clearly showed that they weren’t pure humans. Rather, they were members of different races.

The one in front was a fat, mousey-eyed, middle-aged man. From time to time, his small, beady eyes flickered with a cunning glimmer. It could be seen that he was an extremely shrewd individual.

On the left and right of the middle-aged man was a dog-tailed young man. The ears of the man on the left side were pricked up, and the tip of the nose of the man on the right side slightly trembled. It seemed that they were on high alert.

Both sides of the transport wagons had twenty ox-headed people. Their bodies were robust, tall, and strong, and their qi emissions were swift and fierce. However, their facial features appeared simple and honest. Overall, they weren’t weak.

Among them, it looked like the strongest one was the person who wielded a gigantic iron flag. In the center of the flag, there was a large bloody handprint. Faintly written along its side was a phrase of gilded characters.

Gradually, this squadron of troops arrived in front of an enormous city. After speaking a few words at the city gates, they marched straight in unchallenged, and went to the most bustling street around.

Afterwards, a city guard saw that the captain hadn’t conducted any additional forms of extortion, and couldn’t help becoming curious: “Captain, why didn’t we stop them for a bit of profit?”

That armored captain gave a cold laugh: “You dare to extort the profits of Ten Ultimates Sect?”

The guard suddenly pulled his head back: “What did Ten Ultimates Sect’s people come here to do? Could it be that they’re here to collect taxes?”

The armored captain was practically speechless: “…Didn’t you see the symbol on that iron flag?”

The guard hesitated: “A bloody handprint! The Blood Transformation Palace Hall?”

The armored captain: “Do you remember the most recent activities of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall?”

The guard startled: “The all-star prodigy!”

At this point in time, the armored captain nodded his head and said: “Whenever a large organization can take in a prodigy, they’ll accumulate capital for that prodigy. Thus, they’ll certainly need to allow that prodigy to establish industries. You noticed that those escorts were from different races. It can clearly be seen that they were the prodigy’s newly-acquired servile races. This time, they came to set up industries in our Hunyun City…”

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