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Chapter 1572: First Military Parade of the Twenty-Third Century

In the actor’s lounge, two girls rested their arms against the window as they watched the General deliver a speech on stage.

Most people that woke up before the war did not personally experience the rise of NAC, but they were not unfamiliar with the history. Because the people who have been around for a while always enjoyed telling the tales to the newcomers. Even if they did not go out of the way to seek out those stories, they often heard the tales.

Almost all the “civilized people” who woke up from the hibernation chamber shared unique emotions with the NAC General Jiang Chen.

And those emotions shared one common trait – curiosity.

“A splendid speech…”

The speech was over, and the host already took the microphone.

It was certainly a challenging task for him to take back the atmosphere of the celebration.

The General’s aura was too imposing.

One could disregard the content of his speech as he didn’t need to speak at all.

For the NAC, the General was a banner in itself, and if he just stood there, he would gather a group of supporters around him.

Zhao Youyue’s arms were still folded on the window while she gazed at the stage intently. The girl next to her glanced at her, took a second to think, then chuckled at her while she joked

“Look at how starstruck you are.”

She was Zhao Youyue’s dancer and also her best friend. The two were friends before the war. At every Zhao Youyue concert, she was one of the dancers on stage. Because they entered the same hibernation fallout shelter, the two opened their eyes together in the twenty-fifth year of the apocalypse.

“What’s wrong with me. What, what do you mean starstruck?” Zhao Youyue flushed after she realized that she could no longer deceive her friend. She stared back at her friend who looked at her with a teasing expression, “Hmph, you dare to say that you’re not attracted by a man like that?”

“What’s there to be attracted by?” The girl rolled her eyes.

Although she had to admit that a man like him was indeed attractive, but…

He was just too dazzling.

Moreover, she came from before the war and could not accept the marriage view that prevailed after the war.

“I made up my mind!”

The girl was startled by her friend whose vibe suddenly changed and asked in a daze.

“Made up…what?”

“I want to use my voice to convey my mind to him!” Zhao Youyue looked to the middle of the stage, with her cheeks flushed, she squeezed her hand in front of her chest, and her eyes flashed with a dazzling light.

This is indeed problematic…

The girl looked at her inexplicably motivated friend and thought in a perplexed state.

In any case, their program was indeed part of the celebration.

Zhao Youyue’s feelings were fully expressed through her voice, and she ultimately won the cheers of the audience with her spectacular performance.

But she didn’t care about this at all.

When she walked off the stage, her resentful eyes continued to cling to a place in the crowd, but she was destined to be disappointed. It would be odd for someone who sat at such a far distance to read the resentfulness in her eyes…

“The singing was amazing,” Xiaorou leaned against Jiang Chen and said with a smile.

“Yes,” Xia Shiyu also nodded affirmatively, “Although the style of music is a bit novel, it sounded great. Even in the world over there, she would definitely be one of the best.”

“Well, after all, it’s not just technology, but culture will also accumulate over time,” Lin Lin wiggled her head while she commented.

“Speaking of which, the thoughts of these singers should not be underestimated,” Xiaorou grinned while she looked to Jiang Chen next to her. “When I was my sister’s assistant before, I cleared countless letters written by those girls. Although the letters were related to work, the words seemed to be more like self-recommendations.”

“Huh? Is that true?” Sun Jiao looked at her sister in surprise, as she blinked.

“Of course, I took care of it for brother-in-law,” Xiaorou looked at Jiang Chen, “Brother-in-law is not going to blame me, right.”

“No, no, I thank you,” Jiang Chen coughed hard and said quickly after he felt the piercing sights behind his back.

“Really? That’s good.”

Xiaorou, who showed a mischievous smile for an instant, quickly ended the topic in a blink of an eye.

“Hmm, I always feel like I can’t relax my vigilance. After all, it is Jiang Chen…” Xia Shiyu nodded seriously and somehow reached a consensus with Yao Yao next to her.

“View? I have no objection, as long as it is not a bad woman with a bad heart…” Ayesha didn’t seem to care much about this issue as she tilted her head and said to Lin Lin who sat next to her.

Soon the second program started, and the attention of the girls finally shifted from Jiang Chen to the stage not far away.

Jiang Chen sighed in relief, wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand, and glared fiercely at Xiaorou next to him.

The latter seemed to have expected Jiang Chen’s vicious look, so she deliberately looked away while she chatted excitedly with her sister about other issues.

After he made up his mind to punish this girl after they went home, Jiang Chen stopped thinking about what happened just now.

As for the letters that were thrown away…

Although he was very concerned about what was written in them, Jiang Chen could promise that he definitely had no intention of expanding the harem! Now, he was already too busy and had to perform every night. He had a night shift every night and could not even get a weekend off.

Just curious!

Yes, that’s all!

The bustling noise continued until two o’clock in the middle of the night. With the end of the last song, the New Year’s Eve of the new century came to an end.

People left one after another as they returned to Sixth Street or nearby hotels to rest.

Although the New Year’s Eve party ended, the celebration did not end yet.

Sixth Street was still decorated in festive light, and all stores put on sales. Many people who came back from the city center did not go home to sleep. They went to the food street together, found a stall, and ordered some skewers and beers while they chatted.

Since last year, food was no longer a luxury that can only be consumed occasionally. A large number of mutant fruit farms and nutrient supplies production plants closed down. The refreshing beer that was originally a luxury item only the rich could consume became something that friends could enjoy at a food stall, and it was no longer a fond memory before the war.

Only when you felt alive could you be considered alive in the true sense.

These lives were originally something they didn’t even dare to think about, but now all of them were so real.

As the General said.

The new century has arrived.

The celebration lasted for three days.

At noon on the fourth day, there was a highlight of the celebration.

The grand military parade began in the Central Square of the Sixth Street.

50,000 army soldiers participated in the exercise. This included elite troops from the four major armies and foreign corps from overseas colonies. The Air Force flight formation demonstrated superb flying skills in the air, both the Aurora-20s and F-79 Wings of Freedom completed the performance spectacularly.

Jiang Chen stood on the observatory, with his hands behind his back, and watched the infantry phalanx march by in front of the square.

All the senior officers of the NAC stood beside him. They were all in military uniforms, their backs were straight, and their temperament was as serious and imposing as the warriors marching down there.

There was a deadly vibe in the square.

The dictators from the South shivered at the sight of the military might of the NAC. Even if all of them united together, the toughness that NAC showed that it was absolutely impossible to be an opponent of this army.

If it weren’t for the fact that the man had no intention to conquer the south, their best ending would be to offer their territory and life up with both hands. Any resistance force would be as ridiculous as a mantis trying to stop a chariot…