I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 556 - "Spotting Suspicious Members"

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Chapter 556 - "Spotting Suspicious Members"

The judges were busy trying to find any spies!

"That person, what is his name? Oh, right, Jayden. His ability is listed as a lightning spear, but how come he uses both lightning spear and lightning sword?"

Jevon furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the person he found to be unusual.

"Oh, there\'s a record that he got an ability mutation, giving him one more skill related to lightning manipulation."

One of the 6 elders explained things to Jevon while assessing other participants.

"A mutation…" Jevon mumbled while looking at the elder. Somehow he still should be careful about this Jayden person.

"Yeah, a mutation. Sadly, he still can only use those two skills, so he\'s not considered a multiple ability user."


Ohhh, that\'s why he joined the battle royale and not the other event for the multiple ability users, huh.

"Okay, okay, for now, I\'ll list this guy as innocent, but we should keep an eye on him."

Just like how Jevon found Jayden to be suspicious, other judges also found some irregular cases.

"That woman over there. She\'s not using any of her special abilities and is just running around the venue."

"Her special ability is camouflage. Maybe that\'s why she can\'t use her ability in a battle royale?"

"She still can use it to blend with the ground or something. Let\'s remind her to use her ability, or...we will mark her as suspicious."

Once the judges found these kind of people that didn\'t use their listed special ability, they would immediately warn them.

"Hey, you, Shannon, use your ability!"

"Maria, why are you just hiding behind the boys? Use your ability!"

"You, over there….."

When the judges warned the participants, some of them immediately used their abilities even though it didn\'t really help them to win the battle royale.

However, some of them froze on the spot and got kicked out of the venue or got knocked off.

When the judges found this kind of people, they would immediately mark them as suspicious and would arrange a private meeting with these people to further investigate their identity.

Regardless of the judges\' secret assessment, the battle royale continued until only 3 people were left at each venue.

When the battle royale was over, all the healers were immediately deployed.

"Quick, quick, heal the injured!"

With Nouvan leading the healer team, they went around healing the injured. At the same time, Nouvan also secretly assessed the healers whether they could use their listed ability or not.

Thankfully, no one was found suspicious in the healer team. Thus, the judges\' focus was on 10 or so people that they deemed to be suspicious.

While the battle royale winners started a duel to determine the top 3, the judges returned to Ainsley\'s side and gave her the report.

"10 suspicious members...that\'s quite a lot." Ainsley furrowed her eyebrows as she scrolled the tablet\'s screen.

The judges did a pretty good job describing why some of these people got marked as suspicious, and Ainsley couldn\'t agree more with their reasoning.

"Hmm...after the tournament ends, summon these ten people and try to see whether they\'re spies or not. If they are, do everything you can to track the one behind them. After that…"

Ainsley\'s eyes glinted coldly as she motioned a slitting throat gesture.

"Have no mercy."

The judges shuddered at Ainsley\'s cold attitude, and each of them couldn\'t help but pity whoever turned out to be spies infiltrating the family.

R.I.P all of you. You should have never tried to infiltrate the Sloan Family under the boss\' nose!

While Ainsley and the judges were discussing the spies thing without anyone around them eavesdropping, a certain elite spy nervously looked at them from afar while breaking in a cold sweat.

\'What are they talking about? As soon as the battle royale ended, the judges approached the boss and reported something to her...what is it? Is it the list of capable members, or?\'

Somehow, Martin couldn\'t stop being restless. He still felt that this tournament was actually a huge cleanup event that the Sloan Family held in order to clear spies in the family.

\'If that\'s really the case...are they talking about suspicious members that might possibly be spies from other forces?\'

Martin gulped at the thought. He didn\'t know which family or force sent spies to the Sloan Family, but he knew that there\'s only him from the Golden Scale…

And he was one of the best spies in his team.

Yet he was sent to the Sloan Family...now that showed how hard it was to infiltrate the Sloan Family. Ordinary spies won\'t do.

Is it because of...the boss?

They suddenly held a tournament like this too... It must be the boss\' idea.

Rumour said that she had a prophetic dream. Did she vision the future where many spies sneak into her family?

That\'s quite likely…

Martin couldn\'t help but be slightly nervous even when he had been spies for other families and forces for years.

He\'s 20 this year and has been doing the job ever since he\'s 13! Why should he feel nervous or scared of spying on this family?

\'There is no way I\'ll get caught. As long as I\'m careful…\'

Martin was busy with his thoughts that he didn\'t realise the battle royale and the duel for the top 6 winners had ended.

They had chosen the top 3 overall winners and now, it\'s time for the multiple ability users to get tested!

"It\'s 10 a.m now, the tournament for the multiple ability users will start soon. Those who aren\'t multiple ability users must leave the backfield!"

When Martin heard the announcement, his heart skipped a beat.

Here we go...do or die!

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