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Chapter 1343: Everything Is Under His Control (3)

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In their opinion, no matter how bad Tang Yue was, she was still better than Su Bei. They were very dissatisfied with Du Jinghao for proposing to break off the engagement without permission. He even specially came to visit Tang Yue.

However, Tang Yue was not in the mood to see them now.

“It’s all Su Bei’s fault. Really, she’s a vixen. She’s the one causing trouble,” Ou Huanwei said angrily. “Anyway, I won’t allow her to enter the Du family!”

In addition to the news that was already published, the media also followed up with the news of Tang Yue tossing Su Bei out into the streets when she was young.


[Tang Yue said that she was the one who took Su Bei to a faraway place when she was young and deliberately left her there so that she couldn’t find her way home.

[At that time, Su Bei was only two years old. She was too young to deal with such a situation.

[Later on, Su Bei was picked up by the orphanage and adopted by the Su family.

[Su Bei is indeed very pitiful, but we also call on parents, especially parents who have a second child, to pay more attention to the psychological problems of their children. Don’t let such a tragedy happen again.]

The original intention of this report was to call for attention to children’s psychological problems, but it was also widely shared among Su Bei’s fans.

Hence, Su Bei soon saw it.

Actually, when Tang Yue said this that day, Su Bei did not hear it and did not care much.

But reading something like this still made her heart ache.

She was too young back then. She was barely two, so she didn’t have many memories from that time.

She didn’t even remember the entire Tang family.

Now that such a thing was revealed, she had a new understanding of Tang Yue’s viciousness. She sighed softly in her heart.

She looked up and saw Lu Heting standing in front of her.

She smiled immediately. “When did you get back?”

“A while ago.” He reached for her phone. “I saw the news report too.”

He knew more details than others.

That was why he came home halfway through work, wanting to give the abandoned little girl a hug.

He also wanted to give the adult woman a hug.

That was what he thought, and that was exactly what he did. He pulled Su Bei into his arms.

Su Bei said in a nasal voice, “I’m fine. I’ve already grown up. Tang Yue can’t hurt me anymore. She’s just getting more vicious every time, but I’m not that easy to bully.”

“It’s a pity she did this when she was only a few years old. Even if the truth comes out now, she won’t be convicted.”

“That’s alright. She won’t get another chance.”

Lu Heting’s heart was filled with tenderness and heartache. Su Bei, who grew up under those circumstances, still maintained her beauty and kindness. The world had inflicted her with so much pain, but she repaid the world with kindness.

After Tang Yue’s incident, Su Bei’s filming went smoothly and was about to wrap up.

Post-production work was also being done at the same time, so the movie could be released after filming was completed. The entire production company also wanted to use Su Bei’s popularity to save on a lot of publicity fees.

After all, Lu Tianqing did not dare to provoke Lu Group directly, so they were temporarily at peace.

However, she could not monopolize the movie theater screenings.

Su Bei was too famous. This dealt her a huge blow.

She discussed countermeasures with Jin Mingchang.

“I can get the movie theaters to give you more screenings. However, if Su Bei is too strong, I’m afraid the movie theater chains won’t be willing to give up such a big opportunity,” Jin Mingchang said. “I’ve already made arrangements for the other movies. It won’t be a problem for them to postpone their release for a week or two. But Su Bei’s movie…”

“Su Bei’s movie was invested in by Lu Group. The movie will be released on the same day as ours. It’s really a little tricky,” Lu Tianqing said in a low voice.

“I have no relationship with Lu Heting. I’m afraid it’s a little difficult for him to directly give in to us.” Jin Mingchang thought for a moment, then said, “We can only try.”

“Thank you, Dad. You’re the only one I can rely on now.”

After all, Jin Mingchang still wanted to make it up to his daughter. Since he had promised her that he would use this movie to help her regain her footing, he would definitely help her.

However, he did not have any relationship with Lu Heting, nor did he have any business dealings with him.

It would definitely be difficult to ask for help rashly.

Therefore, Jin Mingchang decided to give Lu Heting a gift first before discussing the schedule.

After all, not many people were willing to be enemies with Lu Heting in S Country.