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Chapter 988: Extra Chapter 2: Two Tight Slaps

Jiang Yeqing found it hard to believe that Wenxin would abandon her biological mother and leave her in such an environment.

Besides, she was mentally ill!

For the first time in his life, Jiang Yeqing felt his hands trembling in fury.

He turned around and glared at Wenxin. She shrank back in fear and instinctively hid behind Lao Wu.

Lao Wu knew Jiang Yeqing very well. The expression on his face now was no less vicious than that of when he would be negotiating or fighting with someone.

It appeared that Old Jiang was really angry.

Obviously, he was infuriated.

Lao Wu glanced at the woman behind him with both sympathy and condemnation, then turned around and tried to persuade the man. “We’re here now. You’d better hurry and see how your godmother is doing.”

In fact, that was what Jiang Yeqing thought so too. He walked towards the room number that Wenxin had mentioned.

This was obviously an old building. It was dirty both inside and outside, and it was a considerably high building of eight floors, with no elevator.

Madam Jiang lived on the sixth floor, in unit 603.

After Jiang Yeqing arrived on the sixth floor, he realized that it looked cleaner than the other floors.

Feeling slightly relieved, he walked to Room 603 and knocked.

“Let me open it.” Wenxin walked up from behind and took out a key. “My mother might be out already. She often goes out alone.”

As she spoke, she unlocked the door.

As soon as they opened the door, they were immediately hit by a pungent smell. It was a strong stench that caught them off guard and made them feel nauseous!

Jiang Yeqing had been with Lao Wu for many years and was familiar with this smell. His expression changed.

Wenxin, on the other hand, was more direct. She covered her mouth and turned around to retch.

Jiang Yeqing’s heart sank as he walked in.

Lao Wu lifted his shirt, covered his nose, and followed closely behind.

Sure enough, as they walked further into the unit, she heard Jiang Yeqing’s angry roar. “Damn it, Wenxin!”

Lao Wu looked inside and saw a corpse lying on the bed. A blanket and some clothes were strewn all over the ground and it was a mess.

As for the corpse on the bed, it had started to decay. It looked wet and greasy, a mass of flesh and blood. Flies were buzzing around, the stench was unbearable.

She wore very little, only a singlet and a pair of shorts. She was so thin that she was only skin and bones. Her cheeks were sunken, and her hair was messy and scattered on the pillow. Her head was turned and her posture was as though she was reaching out for something from the headboard.

There was a takeout bento box on the bedside table.

Everything in the box had turned black and there were worms wriggling in it.

Lao Wu sighed and frowned.

He turned around and saw that Old Jiang’s eyes had turned bloodshot. Then, Jiang Yeqing turned around and strode out.

Lao Wu saw with his own eyes that Jiang Yeqing, who had never hit a woman, yanked Wenxin, who was standing back some distance, roughly towards the unit. Then, he gave her two tight slaps.



Two loud and sharp cracks.

Wenxin burst into tears.

That wasn’t all. Jiang Yeqing forcefully dragged her into the house.

Wenxin shrieked in fear and squatted down in resistance. She pushed Jiang Yeqing’s hand away and shouted, “No! Let go of me. I don’t want to go in!”

Jiang Yeqing got even angrier. He pulled her over and kicked her butt, causing her to stumble towards the bed.

Wenxin fell onto the bed and her hand landed on the sticky mess. The stench filled her nostrils. When she looked up, she met with the blank stare of the corpse. Because she was so close, Wenxin could even see the wriggling maggots!