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Chapter 840: Shameless!

Li Beinian slapped Mu Xichen’s hand away and glared at him in disdain.

Mu Donglin was not aware of what was going on. He suddenly felt bitter when he heard Li Beinian’s words.

She had changed.

She didn’t used to be like this.

Why did she have to address Mu Xichen as her hubby?

Those two words were reasonable, but they stabbed at Mu Donglin’s heart!

That form of address ought to have belonged to himself.

“It’s not that Mu Xichen doesn’t have feelings for Dad. He just lacks a suitable opportunity to come home.” Mu Donglin’s voice was quiet and he spoke slowly. She could sense, the man was desolate. “Nian Nian, although you’re married to Mu Xichen now, you don’t understand him well.”

“Is that so…” Li Beinian looked at her husband.

He leaned back comfortably on the sofa. With one hand around her waist, he sneakily lifted her shirt with the other.

There was obvious mockery in his eyes in response to what Mu Donglin had said.

Tsk tsk.

Of course, she believed that Mu Xichen had feelings for Mu Che.

However, she did not believe that he lacked a suitable opportunity to pay a visit.

Could this man be any more shameless? He would say anything just to keep the conversation going.

Li Beinian felt that she had heard enough. Just as she was about to speak, a voice suddenly rang out in her ear. “Who are you talking to?”

Mu Xichen spoke casually but as he did so, he pinched her voluptuous bosom.

Caught off guard, Li Beinian shuddered and turned red. She spun her head around and glared at him.

What the hell!

Mu Xichen’s smile deepened at her reaction. He continued, “You look so unhappy. One would have thought you’re having an argument.”

Although he was not speaking loudly, but because Mu Donglin was paying close attention to everything that was going on at the other end of the line…

He heard every word that Mu Xichen said.

Mu Donglin’s heart sank even more. His mood was now further dampened by Li Beinian’s display of clear but unspoken affection.

And why did Li Beinian appear so unhappy when speaking with him?

Without waiting to hear the response at the other end of the line, Mu Xichen deliberately stepped things up and gave his wife a loud, smacking kiss on the cheek. He asked, “Is it an enemy?”

“No.” Li Beinian played along and said, “The Mu Family is calling for you to make a trip home.”

“Uh huh, let’s hang up the phone,” Mu Xichen said as he removed her jacket.

Li Beinian shrank back and said, “It’s cold.”

“It’ll be warm in no time.” Mu Xichen kissed her and whispered, “Haven’t you finished your call?”

“Not yet. Control yourself!” Li Beinian shoved the pretending man away and spoke into the phone, “If there’s nothing else, Eldest Young Master, I’m hanging up.”

“Oh.” Mu Xichen pretended that he had just realized it was Mu Donglin on the other end of the line. He added in a surprised tone, “So it’s him. I was wondering why you looked like you were talking to your enemy.”

Mu Donglin couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Nian Nian, do you really hate me that much?”

So much so that when she answered his call, it was as though she was talking to an enemy?

Mu Xichen laughed when he heard this.

The origin of hatred is love. Did Mu Donglin think his wife ever loved him?

What a shameless man!