Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 727 Familiar

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While asking, Lin Rui has stepped out of bed. After lying in bed for such a long time, Lin Rui wants to come down for some exercise.

“It’s Mr. Thor.” By the time Lin Rui got out of bed, JARVIS had already named the caller.

However, after JARVIS said it was Thor who made the phone call, Lin Rui suddenly stopped and silently looked up at the surveillance camera above the medical room, as if he wanted to see JARVIS in the background.

“Thor?! I wonder what he wants with me again? Better call him back.” With some surprise in mind, Lin Rui has picked up her mobile phone on the desk. Besides, Lin Rui already has something that he wanted to ask Thor so it’s better if Thor made a phone call first.

Before going into recovering pod, Lin Rui put his cell phone down, in order to facilitate JARVIS to help look for him. After all, Lin Rui has real life to take care of in addition to being a Mirage Knight. In this way, two minutes after Thor failed to get through, Lin Rui called him back.

“Beep~Jackson!” Not long after Lin Rui dialed Thor, the call was answered after the beep tone rang twice as he quickly heard Thor’s worried voice from the other end of the phone.

“Well, it’s me, Thor, what happened? Why do you sound so anxious.” Lin Rui asked curiously when he heard Thor’s voice.

Although Thor was Asgard’s Prince and hadn’t fully adapted to the life of a full earthling even after living on earth for so long. However, Thor’s current circle of life was very small, and he would not encounter anything that could make him sound so anxious.

Lin Rui already knows that Thor is starting to recover his power, and now he is not just a big guy who only has good-looking muscles and no strength. According to Lin Rui’s estimation, Thor would be strong enough to handle any problem as long as he recovers one-tenth of his powers.

“Jane is missing!” Thor said in a worried tone without speaking any nonsense.

Hearing Thor’s answer, Lin Rui was stunned, and then a bolt of lightning seemed to strike his heart.

“Jane is missing? Is it Miss Jane Foster?!” Then, Lin Rui asked again feeling very surprised.

They have just discovered a Portal that leads to the planet of the Dark Elves and Jane Foster had disappeared now, which had to make Lin Rui think about something.

Is it possible that they have already entered another Thor Movie plot, if it is real then Earth would again be in danger of annihilation. Although the Earth remained relatively safe and sound in the original plot this time without any outside intervention.

That was not the case now. In the original plot, Thor was at his full power and he can directly fight Malekith, the leader of Dark Elves. But now, Thor is still in exile and he is slowly awakening his powers. Without Thor’s full strength, Lin Rui didn’t know what would happen this time.

Yes, she’s missing! Before Jane disappeared, she was in London working on research that was aimed at a Particle that could create a particular dimensional space. And now Jane’s satellite phone signal is bouncing around with the Particle wave, and I suspect that Jane is now trapped in some Dimension!” After Lin Rui’s surprising questions, Thor quickly explained the situation of Jane’s disappearance.

“So it really is…” Hearing Thor’s explanation, Lin Rui was even more sure that Jane’s disappearance was because of the beginning of Thor’s second movie plot.

At this time, Jane should have been caught up in the momentary staggering caused by the appearance of the Aether, and perhaps the Aether has now possessed Jane’s body. With the characteristics of the Aether, if it possesses Jane’s body, then it will continue to absorb Jane’s life force and everything that exists in this real world.

In the original plot, even the Queen of Asgard and Thor’s mother couldn’t get remove the Aether from Jane’s body. In the end, it was Malekith, the leader of Dark Elves, who extracted the Aether.

This is also a very special property of Aether as the Reality Stone, which can be tangible or intangible. Its function is to infinitely change reality and illusion according to the user’s will, and it can be said to be a powerful and invincible treasure.

“I’m going to find Jane in London as fast as I can. I know you can help me.” Thor’s worried shout came from the phone as he didn’t want to continue his talk with Lin Rui.

“Well, I’ll help you get to London as soon as possible, and maybe, if necessary, I’m going to make the trip too!” Knowing that Thor was now very worried, Lin Rui replied quickly over the phone.

“You’re coming too? Good, if you come, I will be more sure to find Jane!” At first, Thor didn’t understand why Lin Rui was also going to London, but soon he didn’t need to understand. Anyway, Lin Rui will be a big help as Thor knows what Lin Rui’s hidden identity is.

“Well, you’re in your workplace, aren’t you? I’ll arrange for someone to pick you up right away. You can rest assured that Miss Foster will be fine.” Lin Rui, who has already made up his mind, continues to speak.

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

Then Lin Rui hung up the phone. Now that something unexpected has happened on Thor’s side, his plans need to be changed. Perhaps he could do something with the Thor II storyline combined with the Portal that leads to the Dark Elf Planet.

“JARVIS, did you hear everything just now?” Lin Rui asked directly after hanging up the phone.

“Yes, sir. Do you need help?” After Lin Rui asked, JARVIS quickly answered.

“Can I directly mobilize Mr. Stark’s private jet to fly to London?” Without further ado, Lin Rui then asked.

“I believe that as long as you raise this request to Mr. Stark, he will agree to it.” Upon hearing Lin Rui’s question, JARVIS answered truthfully.

“Then contact Mr. Stark now. I have other matters to discuss than the use of his private jet.” With this answer, Lin Rui is quick to say.

“Okay, connecting with Mr. Stark.”


Two seconds after JARVIS started contacting Tony, a curtain of light suddenly fell from above the medical room. The next thing you know, Tony’s figure is on that screen of light.

However, Lin Rui puts on his Mirage Knight mask when he sees the picture on the light screen. Because that light screen shows not only Tony, there are other figures behind Tony.

“Hi! Mirage Knight, how is your recovery?”