Hello, Mr. Major General - Chapter 1452 - Secrets buried by Shi Guang (10)

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Chapter 1452: Secrets buried by Shi Guang (10)

Gu Yanran was also brought here. Chen Lie had given her a sedative and was currently sleeping in the back cabin of the plane.

Huo Shaoheng ignored song Jinning’s complaints. He was still thinking about what Gu Yanran had said before she fainted.

They had come out this time to verify her statement.

Huo Shaoheng did not like to use torture when interrogating suspects.

In ancient times, there was a saying, “Under three trees, there’s nothing you can’t ask for.”In other words, under torture, no matter what kind of testimony you wanted, the other party would say it.

However, Huo Shaoheng and the others were in this line of work, and they wanted the truth, not testimony that was in line with their own wishes.

Therefore, in the process of searching for Gu Xiangwen, they had tested Gu Yanran’s lie. They had also gone through many tiring interrogations, but they had never tortured her.

The main reason was that they knew nothing about Gu Xiangwen, so they had no way of verifying whether what Gu Yanran said was true or false.

A confession that could not be proven by other evidence was not reliable.

This was because other than a confession, it needed to be logical and well-coordinated with physical evidence to be considered a complete chain of evidence.

No matter what Gu Yanran said at that time, they had no way of verifying Gu Xiangwen’s whereabouts.

Therefore, Huo Shaoheng and the others did not bother to make a move.

However, this time was different.

Putting aside the fact that Gu Nianzhi was someone they were very familiar with, and that Huo Shaoheng already had he zhichu’s text message as a background, deep down, he was already leaning towards Gu Yanran knowing at least some clues about Gu Nianzhi’s kidnapping.

Therefore, when Gu Yanran finally said something when she could not withstand the extreme torture, Huo Shaoheng almost subconsciously believed her.

Not only did she have a confession, but she also provided the most important evidence.

Now, they were going to the place she said to look for this evidence.

Huo Shaoheng turned his head to look outside the window. In the sea of clouds, the sun was like a candy egg that was just inches away.

If Nianzhi was here, she would definitely pull his arm and make him a candy egg for her to eat..

Huo Shaoheng’s eyes dimmed. He pulled down the window and stopped looking at the scenery outside.


The plane flew through the clouds. After more than 10 hours, they arrived above the Caribbean Sea. The small country of Barbados was not far ahead.

At that moment, the plane was flying over the Caribbean Sea. The blue hole on the surface of the sea was darker and denser than the other parts of the sea.

Song Jinning looked out of the plane’s window and was full of praise for the scenery. She asked, “Did Gu Xiangwen really install an electric fence on the Blue Hole?”

Huo Shaoheng pulled open the window’s panel and looked out. “Yes,” he replied.

However, the purplish-blue lightning that had almost buried them at the bottom of the sea had disappeared.

He remembered that it was here that Gu Nianzhi had damaged the solar cells on the electric fence.

After so long, the electrical fence should have run out of recharging power.

The current blue hole was just a blue hole. There were no longer those terrifying bluish-purple electric lights surrounding it.

“TSK TSK, that’s amazing.”Song Jinning regretted not seeing the shocking bluish-purple electric lights flashing in the blue hole with her own eyes. “A so-called genius is someone who can think of things that no one has ever thought of or done before…”


The plane landed at the airport of the national capital of Barbados. The special operations forces came to welcome Huo Shaoheng and the others from the Caribbean.

When Huo Shaoheng and the others came here, they were on a private holiday. They did not announce their official identity.

Barbados was a small country with no defenses. The governor and high-ranking government officials had all gone on holiday at this time, and the people relied on themselves to protect the country’s operations.

The special operations forces’private planes were different from the private planes of other departments. They did not have the dazzling national symbols.

Their private planes were, of course, the more ordinary the better. They were definitely not eye-catching.

In fact, there were quite a number of rich people from all over the world who came to Barbados for vacation. Therefore, the airport’s air traffic control personnel did not take Huo Shaoheng’s private plane seriously. They treated it as a private plane.

After getting off the plane, Huo Shaoheng asked the field officer who had been waiting for him, “Have you prepared everything we asked for?”

“Everything is ready,” the man quickly said. “Five sets of diving suits, a medium-sized salvage ship, and an undersea UAV.”

He had only prepared the things according to Huo Shaoheng’s instructions and did not ask him what he was going to do.

This time, apart from bringing Yin Shixiong and Zhao liangze, Huo Shaoheng also brought a few members of the special operations forces who were especially good at diving.

Everyone got off the plane and went to the single-family villa that the field staff had prepared for them to take a break.


In the evening, they took the medium-sized salvage ship that looked like a cruise ship to the area near the blue hole.

It was quiet here. There were no other tourists, only them.

The sunset was still rippling on the surface of the sea, half red, half red.

The gray-backed seagulls were gliding in the low sky, and the white seabirds were walking on the reefs with their tails up.

The blue hole was as beautiful as a dark blue dream, quietly appearing in front of them.

When they got closer, they saw that the waters of the blue hole were full of reefs. The salvage boats could not enter at all, and could only stop at the periphery.

Fortunately, the robotic arms could freely expand and contract at the bottom of the sea, so they were not afraid of the reefs.

When the sky was completely dark, Huo Shaoheng carried Gu Yanran to the deck and said, “Are you familiar with this place?”

Gu Yanran opened her eyes and was at a loss for a while.

Ever since she had fainted in the high seas torture chamber, she had been injected with a sedative and had been in a state of unconsciousness.

However, when she opened her eyes again, she found herself at sea.

The sea was vast and the night was dark. She could only tell where she was from the scattered starlight above her head.

Her heart sank. She looked up at the night sky and thought that today might be the last time she would see the starry sky of this sea.

Although she had been mentally prepared ever since her identity had been exposed and locked up, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape death, she was still quite afraid when death really came.

Huo Shaoheng put his hands behind his back and looked calmly at the blue hole in front of him. He said calmly, “You’d better pray that you’re telling the truth, or else…”

Gu Yanran’s eyes suddenly revealed a look of fear. She looked at Huo Shaoheng timidly, no longer as arrogant as before.

She had never thought that Huo Shaoheng would not only be audacious but also ruthless. He would actually torture her for the sake of that fake?!

She was still wearing shackles on her hands and feet, and an electronic collar around her neck.

If she made even the slightest movement, the electronic collar alone would make her beg for death.

At this point, the only consolation she had was that the fake would not end up any better..

Gu Yanran blinked. With the tiny bit of light on the island in front of her, she confirmed the location.

Or rather, from the moment she revealed her secret, she knew that she would be brought here to retrieve the “Evidence.”.

Gu Yanran smiled bitterly.”… Do you know why I allowed that faker to take over the Gu family’s property, leaving me with nothing and almost going to jail?”

Huo Shaoheng’s face was dark. “If you have something to say, just say it. I don’t have time to beat around the bush with you.”

“… because I know that if I don’t say it, I’ll only lose the Gu family’s property. But if I say it, I’ll lose my life. If I don’t even have my life, what do I need money for? Don’t you agree, Huo Shao?”

Gu Yanran looked at Huo Shaoheng as if she had lost everything. “If that fake didn’t pretend to be Gu Xiangwen’s daughter, you wouldn’t even look at her, would you?”

Huo Shaoheng pursed his lips. “She’s Gu Xiangwen’s daughter. Her DNA has been verified.”

“Impossible!”Gu Yanran was resolute once again. “I don’t know how she lied to you, but she definitely lied to you! If you don’t believe me, you’ll find out at the bottom of the Blue Hole!”

Huo Shaoheng glanced at her. “The bottom of the Blue Hole? Do you know how deep this hole is?”

“I don’t know,”gu Yanran answered calmly. “But if you want to know the truth, you have to go down.”

“Take her down.”Huo Shaoheng waved his hand without looking back.

A few people came up and blindfolded Gu Yanran. They sealed her mouth and immediately dragged her down.

Huo Shaoheng stood alone on the deck for a while. He remembered how Gu Nianzhi had risked her life to save him and little ze in this area the last time.

At that time, the most important thing in his heart was still his duty, his army, and his comrades.

At that time, it wasn’t that he didn’t love her, but he didn’t love her as much as she loved him.

This knowledge was like a needle piercing into Huo Shaoheng’s heart.

He pursed his lips, turned around, and changed into his diving suit. He took the few good divers and plunged into the blue hole.

This was not the first time Huo Shaoheng had been below the surface of the blue hole.

The surrounding seawater was quiet, and there were slight ripples on the top of his head.

The weather was perfect. There was no moon in the Caribbean Sea Tonight, only a few specks of starlight dotted the dark blue sky.

The few of them slowly sank with their scuba tanks on their backs.

This place was even more desolate than the last time he had been here.

It was already difficult for creatures to grow in the blue hole sea area. Moreover, the blue hole sea area here had been baptized by the high voltage electric fence, so it had a more lifeless and stagnant feeling than other places.

Not to mention there were no animals commonly seen on the bottom of the sea, there was not even a stalk of seaweed. There were only pieces of grayish-black reefs standing there.

It was as if time had stopped here. There was no past, and there was no future.

Huo Shaoheng and his men stepped on the seawater and continued to dive until they reached the maximum distance they could go. They could no longer dive.

However, looking from here, the bottom of the blue hole was still bottomless. It was pitch black, like a black hole that could swallow everything, including light.

They couldn’t see anything below.

They looked up again.

This distance was even deeper than the last time they had been here.

Last time, he and Little Ze had been busy trying to survive here, and there were electronic fences above and around them, so they couldn’t see anything else.

Huo Shaoheng and his men swam a distance apart, making sure they couldn’t see anything at all.

“Go up.”He gestured for them to surface.

“Huo Shao, what’s down there?”Yin Shixiong pulled them up and asked curiously.

Huo Shaoheng didn’t answer. One of the men who went down with him spat out a mouthful of seawater and said, “Nothing. Huo Shao, are you sure there’s something you’re looking for here?”

Huo Shaoheng took off his scuba gear and said, “Maybe it’s too deep. Let’s put the underwater drone down first.”

Zhao liangze was able to operate the underwater drone on his own this time.

They put the ginger underwater drone into the seawater. After activating it, they watched it dive to the bottom of the sea.

The underwater drone had a diving distance of five thousand meters.

It carried a camera and dived to the bottom of the sea in the area of the Blue Hole.

Huo Shaoheng stood behind Zhao liangze and watched the surveillance video of the underwater drone.

The underwater drone was shaped like a torpedo and was very fast in the water.

The number of dips continued to climb on the surveillance video.

1,000 meters, 2,000 meters, 3,000 meters, 4,000 meters. Finally, when they had dived down to 4,500 meters, a glowing object entered their field of vision.

On the surveillance video, a black object appeared. It looked like a huge bullet-shaped streamlined object. There seemed to be something glowing on the top of the object.

This scene was too familiar.

Huo Shaoheng’s heart jumped with excitement.

Yin Shixiong and song jinning also walked over curiously. They stood on both sides of Huo Shaoheng and watched the surveillance video together.

Chen lie saw that they had all come over and also tiptoed to look inside.

Zhao liangze nervously increased the resolution of the surveillance video. They could finally see the fluorescent light on the bullet-shaped streamlined object.

It was a line of fluorescent cursive words.

“Cereus II.”.

Huo Shaoheng’s heart almost skipped a beat.

“Pause it first.”Huo Shaoheng took the keyboard from Zhao Liangze and pressed the pause button.

“Cereus II! There really is a Cereus II!”Yin Shixiong almost cried out. “Is this a submarine too? ! Why Is it so small? !”

If this thing was also a submarine, it would be about half the size of the Cereus I. It was very small and dainty, and its shape was more like a banana boat ice cream.

Huo Shaoheng thought of the situation in “Cereus I”, and his previously elated heart suddenly dropped, as if he had fallen into the unfathomable Mariana Trench.

Zhao liangze also shouted, “Use the mechanical arm! And My Hummingbird Robot, go down together!”

Zhao LIANGZE’s hummingbird robot was actually a smart pinhole camera.

Last time, they had used the mechanical arm to bring the smart pinhole camera down with them. They had entered the submarine and probed the situation inside.

Huo Shaoheng’s hand holding the mouse trembled slightly, but his voice was still calm and collected.

“Place the mechanical arm and Little Ze’s hummingbird robot.”


On the deck, the staff responsible for operating the mechanical arm’s cables hung Zhao Liangze’s hummingbird robot on a specially made string at the bottom of the long rope and carefully placed it into the pipe in the middle of the mechanical arm.

The hummingbird robot was about the size of a freshwater pearl with a diameter of about two millimeters. It was almost impossible to tell that it was a camera.

When it reached its destination, it could be reassembled. There were three miniature rollers about one millimeter in diameter at the bottom that carried it around to shoot.

A pair of wings as thin as cicada’s wings could be extended from its back. It could fly with it to shoot.

Just like the last time, the robotic arm sank into the deep sea and finally reached the top of the small submarine.

Then, the robotic arm opened its fingers, and the steel spikes at the tip of its fingers pierced into the outer shell of the submarine.

Soon, the air collected from the inside was continuously imported through a specific pipe.

Chen Lie and song jinning acted as surveying experts and nervously measured the composition of the air.

Just like the last time, Chen lie said in surprise, “It’s also nitrogen!”

Huo Shaoheng’s vision went black.

He gripped the back of Zhao Liangze’s seat tightly and said calmly, “Go on, get your hummingbird to upload the image.”

When they were measuring the air inside the submarine, Zhao LIANGZE’s hummingbird robot had already entered the submarine through the small holes in the fingers of the mechanical arm and started filming.

This submarine was much smaller than Gu Xiangwen’s, and also much simpler.

It was as if it was really a toy.

Although it was a toy that had the function of a real submarine.

The largest cabin in the middle of the submarine was decorated like a game room.

There was a pink princess bed next to the wall, and a little girl in a dress was lying on the bed.

Although he hadn’t seen the little girl’s face yet, the corner of Huo Shaoheng’s eyes twitched when he saw the dress.

This dress was almost exactly the same as the dress Gu Nianzhi had worn seven years ago!

As the hummingbird robot flew above the little girl, a clear image was transmitted from the camera.

The little girl was fair and Chubby, lying there with her eyes closed. She was exactly the same as Gu Nianzhi seven years ago.