Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 1497: Tian Que Dragon Palace

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Chapter 1497: Tian Que Dragon Palace

He had basically tied up all of the loose ends in the mortal domain this time.

He also went to Shushan, to meet secretly with Mizar Sword Immortal.

Wu Yu was unable to tell him about Nangong Wei, but merely told him in private that his daughter had already become an immortal.

For the rest, that was Nangong Wei\'s own business, and Wu Yu could not interfere.

He left quietly, returning back to Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Along the way, he had also gone to Stellar Realm, giving some legacies to the Yueling sisters, which would allow them to ascend as well.

Of course, all of this was done in secret, even from the benefactors.

And then he prepared to go back. He let Wu You, Princess You Xue, and the others cultivate in Floating Dreams Pagoda, so that they would reach the Nine Xuan Dao Realm more quickly. As for he and Luo Pin, they opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, preparing to return to Mystic Sun Sky. After settling them down in the sky palaces, Wu Yu prepared to get to the bottom of the Ancient Demon Realm.

After a long time in the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, they finally returned to Mystic Sun Sky.

This was the place where Wu Yu had set immortal designs before. He had also blood bonded with the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor\'s Celestial Pillar here, and had not been troubled.

Just as he emerged out of the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, he and Luo Pin sensed something wrong!

Although the immortal designs that he had set were not destroyed, but they were surrounded by an even greater immortal design!

The originally well-lit place had now become extremely dark, without even a glimmer of light. They could not even see their outstretched hands.

There was an oppressive aura.

It extended in all directions. This meant that their location had already been discovered, and possibly their identities as well. They had been ambushed!

Wu Yu thought of two possibilities.

One was that they were here to snatch the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor\'s Celestial Pillar.

Otherwise, the Primeval Mighty Miracle God tribe had found out his identity as Chifeng Immortal Lord.

Of course, the latter was the more horrifying prospect, but Wu Yu dismissed it quickly enough. If that was true, then it would have been Mighty Miracle God himself waiting for Wu Yu. Perhaps even the Four Heavenly Kings would be present. With all these eternal immortal emperors around, he wouldn\'t even be able to sit here thinking.

He was still able to stand by Luo Pin\'s side. They felt trapped, but not truly crushed. They could still breathe. This probably had nothing to do with Chifeng Immortal Lord.

Wu Yu\'s Eyes of Fire and Gold flashed, and saw that it was a great void immortal treasure above his immortal design. The great void immortal treasure covered Wu Yu\'s immortal design, sealing it off with heavenly rule power.

"Wu Yu?" Luo Pin had sensed it as well. They instinctively pressed up against each other as she took hold of Wu Yu\'s hand. If there was danger, they would run together.

She too thought that the matter of Chifeng Immortal Lord had been exposed.

"Don\'t worry." Wu Yu said lightly.

Just as he spoke, light was restored, white light streaming in. Wu Yu saw that they were in a vast palace, where the walls and pillars were all covered with many mystical dragon carvings. There were all kinds of mystical dragons, perhaps a million of them. They gazed down at Wu Yu commandingly.

As he saw the mystical dragons, Wu Yu roughly knew which group this great void immortal treasure belonged to. He knew that 100 years ago, Tian Ming Dragon Lord had sent a lot of people to look for him. Probably his appearance at Mystic Sun Immortal City had alerted them, and they had rushed over.

With this, Wu Yu was much more relieved, as was Luo Pin. She was about to take her hand back, but Wu Yu held it tight, keeping her close.

"All this lurking and looming. Show yourself already."

Wu Yu\'s irritated voice rang out, and four people appeared in a flash of light. The one furthest away was Tian Ming Dragon Lord, who Wu Yu had met before.

The others were probably his elder brothers and sister. Wu Yu recognized them as well. The 3-Heavens immortal king Tian Que Dragon King deserved extra scrutiny. The Dong Shen Ghostly King that he had killed in Astral Hell had been of this caliber as well. But being at the same cultivation realm was no true indication of ability. This Tian Que Dragon King was the Sky Will Dragon King\'s eldest son, and also the cockiest. Within this generation of the Sky Heart tribe, he must be somewhat of a leader to the others. He was young and strong. Besides, this was not the controlled environment of Astral Hell, and he would be hard to deal with.

But threaten Wu Yu\'s life? That was impossible. Actually, Wu Yu did not want to fight them. Mainly, he did not want to expose how powerful he actually was. If word got out, he would draw suspicion as Chifeng Immortal Lord.

Tian Ming Dragon Lord was looking surly. Evidently, their lovey-dovey behavior did not sit well with him. The more he looked, the hotter his chest felt.

Seeing the siblings, Wu Yu decided there was nothing to be afraid of. He addressed Tian Ming Dragon Lord with a scoff. "Why, if it isn\'t the one who lost to me before. You\'re not going to stay quietly in Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm? Running out here by yourself, what if someone beats you up until you\'re crying for mummy and daddy?"

Tian Ming had come hunting Wu Yu with his rage burning. He had not expected this guy to be so cocky even when at a disadvantage. He sneered back: "Still the same are you? Won\'t weep until you\'re lying in the coffin. Let me give you some charitable advice. This is my big brother\'s great void immortal treasure Tian Que Dragon Palace. Under its heavenly rule power, don\'t even think about leaving."

He had managed to swallow his anger.

Especially after seeing Luo Pin before him, and so intimately pressed against Wu Yu.

Wu Yu laughed. "And why is that? I have no quarrel with you. Why are you doing this?"

Tian Ming said through clenched teeth: "No quarrel? Don\'t you know that my grandfather, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, has already promised to give me Luo Pin\'s hand in marriage within a millennium? There are only about 800 years left now, and the time will pass in a blink of an eye. Perhaps in another two years, he will go to Primordial Immortal Empire to propose the marriage. As for you, you\'re taking away my future wife. And you ask me what I have against you?"

Wu Yu knew this long ago already. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor\'s participation had complicated things quite a lot, but he would not compromise on this. He gave a terse chuckle. "What joke is this? We were already married in the mortal domain. She has been my wife for many years already. We have been in a loving relationship for longer than you even knew us. Propose marriage? What marriage? Can I propose marriage to your mum and take her away? Of course not."

"Impertinent!" All four of them shouted in unison at hearing his blasphemy. Even Tian Que Dragon King had not expected Wu Yu to speak so deplorably.

Wu Yu waved a hand, and then hugged Luo Pin close. He said innocently: "That was just an example. Go back and tell Sky Heart Dragon Emperor properly. We have already been married for so many years. If not for our immortalhood, we would already have babies running around by the dozen, and might already even be grandparents. If Tian Ming Dragon Lord needs a woman, there are many in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Why must you snatch another\'s? Seems very tasteless. Unless Tian Ming Dragon Lord has such a strange fetish?"

He burst into laughter after saying this.

Luo Pin\'s laughter rang out by his. She caressed Wu Yu\'s neck, speaking coyly: "Tian Ming Dragon Lord, think well. I already lost my virginity long ago. In your eyes, I am a fallen flower. Why must you pine for me so? I am not suited for you. There are many more single women more suited for you in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm."

Wu Yu shook his head. "Beloved, do not speak nonsense. You are so beautiful. Even if you now have a man, you are no fallen flower."

Their song and dance soon had Tian Ming Dragon Lord seeing nothing but red. He did not know where their confidence was coming from, that they dared to speak like this. But he saw that Luo Pin had clearly changed, and she was even more attractive than before. Her every moment was beauty and allure incarnate, but now she was taken! He would not accept it! And Wu Yu had even beaten him before!

No one could stop him now as he bellowed: "The last time I lost to you. Today, this time, I will show you the difference between us!"

With this declaration, he turned into a Primordial Divine Dragon and immediately attacked, charging Wu Yu. The massive mystical dragon was bursting with tremendous power. All sorts of natural Mystiques were already prepared, as his autonomous realm power flooded the Tian Que Dragon Palace. No one could stop him.

"So quick to get violent. How barbaric." Luo Pin sniffed. She was truly complementing Wu Yu today.

That condescending tone drove one mad.

Wu Yu gently pulled her behind himself, saying: "Hide behind, wait for me to deal with this guy."

His casual tone was completely dismissive of Tian Ming Dragon Lord, which only made him tremble with anger. He envisioned their broken corpses. No, he imagined Wu Yu watching while he took Luo Pin. His inner demons were all flaring to life now.

But in the end, he would kill Wu Yu cruelly!

He had this confidence. After a few hundred years, he had the confidence to turn the tables!

And now, his savage attack had come roaring, maw wide open and poised to swallow Wu Yu whole.

But Wu Yu was still taking this casually. A light swing of his fist, and suddenly a stupendous force punched him. He had thought Wu Yu was suicidal with such a halfhearted attack, but as the force of the blow landed on his dragon head, his brains were all but scrambled. He was bleeding all over, and the ringing pain made him cry out and collapse to the floor, writhing......