Guild Wars - Chapter 578 - [R-18] Spread The Juice Of Life For Healthy Skin!

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Chapter 578 - [R-18] Spread The Juice Of Life For Healthy Skin!

Hikari was soon drained of any form of resistance as she could only moan weakly, losing control of her bladder as Draco pounded her roughly. The fellow was truly experiencing bliss in his Horned Demon form that made every thrust feel like it was the first one.

With his state, he could choose when to cum, so there was no way he would be blasting it out in mere minutes. This led to a situation where Hikari got brutally railed for almost a quarter of an hour, and it didn\'t look like Draco was satisfied with just that.

In truth, he would have stopped a little earlier and unceremoniously sprayed his lovely White Dragoness with his semen, but he noticed that she was in a serious trance. In this state, the Creation Energy in her body was excited, moving through her rapidly with every thrust he made.

This did not make her more powerful nor did it grant her any tangible benefits from what he could see, but Draco noticed that his own Destruction Energy was beginning to circulate in response despite him currently being in his Horned Demon True Body.

Despite not doing anything other than to accelerate his circulation, Draco kept pounding her because it reminded him of the time his and Eva\'s bloodline sources mixed when they first had intercourse in the real world.

Lucifer and Amaterasu had left behind a means for their bloodlines to perfectly integrate and upgrade each other, so all they had to do was receive it. Yet with Hikari, there was no such automation, so the two \'dragons\' would have to manage the exchange on their own if there was to be any.

However, the sensations of Hikari\'s anal tract made it hard for him to focus on anything other than his personal carnal pleasure. He could not just turn off this sensation with Control, since it was far weaker than his bloodline in similitude.

To give a comparison, it was like trying to stop a tsunami by building a powerful dam!

No dam in this world could stop a tsunami. At best, it could weaken the initial force, but it would not reduce the volume of water.

Draco was also moaning just like Hikari as he shook his hips back and forth. He had a slight grimace on his face as the sensations had intensified to the point where it felt like he was about to climax.

It was the most intense part of sex, when the climax was incoming, yet his racial feature trapped him in that loop. His human mind had been overcome and was already past the point of ejaculation, but his bloodline allowed him to keep it in.

This stalemate left Draco drooling a bit as his mind was becoming clouded. The room was effused with the scent of lust and the sounds of skin slapping against each other would make any listener feel extremely aroused.

Eventually, Draco couldn\'t hold it in anymore as he was mentally overwhelmed, so he grabbed both of Hikari\'s thick white buttcheeks and squeezed them hard. The feeling was similar to kneading soft dough, and the experience was something he would literally kill for.

Just like that, Draco pushed his dick into the deepest part of her he could reach before releasing the spray. Since he had been holding back and this was his first shot in this session, it burst out in a thick volume.

Hikari shivered as she felt that tyrannical sperm flow through her insides, like a mixture of lukewarm lava and a smidgen of electrolyte as it buzzed her canal. This kind of intense stimulation so deep inside her body yielded predictable effects, she experienced her fifth climax.

Draco slowly pulled out, allowing a thick volume of semen to sploosh out of Hikari like a fountain, staining the bed white. The poor White Dragoness had her eyes rolled up into the top of her head and her tongue rolling to the side as this all happened while she was still in the midst of an orgasm.

Draco panted, not from physical fatigue but a mental one due to the intense stimulation. His dick was still rock hard, partly coated in his own juices as well as a bit of colorless mucus that the large intestine produced to lubricate itself at all times.

Seeing as Hikari was buzzed out completely after one round, Draco simply laughed and cast a cleansing spell on each of them. He then cast a sleeping spell on Hikari, allowing the exhausted girl to fall into a restful slumber after a good sexual stimulation.

The wide and lovely smile on her face displayed how satisfied she was, which pleased Draco. As for him, one round was naturally not enough, so he displayed a cruel expression and teleported into the middle of a bog.

On a small island in the middle of a swampy river, a sizable cottage with a chimney was set. It was neat and pristine, which contrasted the stinky and creepy surroundings. Draco wrinkled his nose and had to marvel at the tastes of his beloved witch.

He then neared the cottage, but stopped when he heard some shrill cackling. His whole body shivered with fear as the area became dark. He saw some flashing green lights in the windows of the cottage, then gulped.

Draco walked up to the door and pushed it open slightly to see what was going on. Behind it, Roma was dancing around a large cauldron that was bubbling with some green liquid. The things floating in that liquid were enough to chill the hardiest of people.

Roma sang in a shrill and malicious voice as she continually wove around the cauldron and threw in various ingredients from jars, most of them parts of various living beings. Finally, she ejected a soul from her Witch\'s Bracelet, which she then thrust into the cauldron all the while as it screamed and begged for mercy.

Roma seemed to relish the sounds and took a ladle, mixing the brew while shill chanting, and singing in the Mystic Language. The soul\'s screams of torment became worse and worse, sounding like the wailing of the damned.

Draco watched it dissolve into the brew, its entire essence being captured within and dissolved. Whoever that fellow was, he no longer existed and will no longer exist. After doling out this cruel fate, Roma covered the lid of her cauldron and sighed with a bit of fatigue.

Then, with a look of surprise, she turned around to see Draco who was still peeking in with a strange expression. Roma blushed and hide the cauldron behind her.

"Errm… Draco… about that… I know it\'s a bit weird, but when I get into the Mystic Arts, I-" Roma began explaining ashamedly, but felt her words catch in her throat as Draco walked into the cabin fully… with a tent in his pants.

Draco looked down and blushed, which led Roma to understand that instead of being put off by her cruel nature, he was rather extremely turned on. The feeling of your greatest insecurity being your loved one\'s fetish was… Roma couldn\'t even describe the feeling.

Draco then looked around cautiously and asked. "Where is my cute daughter?"

Roma smiled and walked over to hug Draco gently. "She\'s asleep right now. Do you want to see her?"

Draco smiled playfully. "No, it\'s good that she\'s asleep. After all, the one I came to see was you."

Roma blushed as she wrapped her arms around Draco\'s torso, pressing her soft breasts against his body. She knew exactly what he meant and found herself also interested in having some fun, so she pulled her beloved sot into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Once there, Roma brought Draco to her bed and let him sit down. She then got to her knees on the soft carpet spreading his legs wide as she gazed at the outline of his dick. Draco chuckled and receded his cloth armor, once again returning to nakedness.

Roma marveled at the size of his cock, as well its girthness. Just like how a man would never get tired of seeing his wife\'s lovely tits, Roma never got tired of seeing Draco\'s penis. It was just perfect for her.

She took a deep sniff of it, sighing with pleasure at the manly musk it exuded. She then used her right hand to grip the base lightly, stroking Draco\'s rod using the flesh of her palm rather than squeezing it up and down.

Draco nodded, as Roma showed her experience in this regard. She had started out as a sexually inept and clueless maiden requiring him to teach her, but now she had acclimated and become a Grandmaster of cock… specifically, his.

Roma displayed this talent further by licking Draco\'s glans slowly, while using her hand to stroke the shaft. Roma had an intoxicated expression as she did so, as if she was tasting the world\'s finest candy on a stick.

Roma didn\'t just use the tip of her tongue, but the full length of it. Her idle hand grabbed his balls and began massaging them softly and slowly, adding to the sensual cacophony of Roma\'s endeavor.

Roma continued doing this slowly while Draco caressed her hair gently. He didn\'t take on his Horned Demon state just yet as he wanted to experience this in his normal form for obvious reasons.

Eventually, Roma\'s coiling tongue wrapped around his glands and began to move up and down. Her lips came next, as she swallowed the full length of Draco\'s dick in one gulp. Roma\'s eyes slightly rolled into the back of her head as his cock pushed deep into her mouth and partly entered her throat.

Draco also marveled at Roma\'s complete lack of a gag reflex. He was completely sure that at least 2 inches of his tip was pushing down her throat itself, but she didn\'t react at all.

Rather, Roma came back from her mini orgasm and began sucking his rod with even more fervor. Her head bobbed up and down as her mouth clung to the shape of his rod tightly, not willing to let even an inch go.

Draco raised his head up and closed his eyes as he reveled in the pleasure. The thing about Roma was that she was unique in the way she handled foreplay towards Draco.

Zaine, Hikari, and Eva mostly pleasured him with the intention of satisfying him, pleasing him, and making him enjoy himself. They were selfless in that regard.

Roma though, handled foreplay with the intention of pleasuring herself. In other words, she wasn\'t doing it to please Draco per se, but to please herself through pleasing Draco. It was mostly selfish.

To compare, Zaine would suck Draco off while watching his reactions to see what got him going and focus on that so that he would cum, then enjoy the sound of him moaning and that look of euphoria on his face.

Roma though, was sucking Draco off because she just loved the taste of his cock and got off on it. She wasn\'t particularly paying attention to Draco, rather sucking his cock with a single-minded focus like it was the most precious thing to her.

She wanted Draco to cum so she could feel his burning hot, tyrannical semen gushing down her throat and into her stomach so she could also climax from it.

Truly, being treated not like a king but like a cow that was to be milked was a different feeling for Draco, especially in this way. Draco had to raise his head and stifle his moans because of his own pride, but it was an intense feeling.

Luckily for Roma, even without his Horned Demon True Body, Draco\'s sexual stamina was still strong and he was able to allow her to enjoy her act for a few minutes before she managed to overcome his natural resistance.

When Roma felt his cock pulsing and ready to come, she intentionally sucked him to the base, making sure that the entire head of his penis was pushed down her throat. As such, when Draco blasted out with his load, everything shot right down her gullet with force and entered her stomach straightaway.

Because of how powerful his ejaculation was, one could see Roma twitching with every shot, as her throat visibly expanded in tandem with Draco\'s cock as it shot each thick load like a sniper.

Roma\'s mouth also bulged in this regard, her eyes firmly rolled back into her head from the stimulation of feeling Draco\'s semen gushing about her stomach, electrifying the entire organ.

Draco slowly pulled his dick out, using Roma\'s tongue to clean it thoroughly before slapping both sides of her face with it. This seemed to wake her up a little as Roma smiled towards Draco with a foolish expression, semen leaking down the side of her mouth.

Draco laughed and a blue glow surrounded his body, then covered Roma. The caramel-skinned beauty was lifted up into the air, floating right before her lover with a look of surprise on her face.

Then her clothes were removed from her body systematically without a single finger being lifted. Draco then spun Roma around, allowing her torso to face him as he brought her vagina closer to his cock.

"I call this one the psycho-missionary position!" Draco exclaimed heroically as he suddenly plunged his cock deep into the floating Roma, who shrieked in pleasure from the sudden and forceful intrusion.

Draco could only tsk at the sight of how quickly his dick managed to smoothly enter her, since she was already wet as a river. Roma directly climaxed with her toes curled in the air, her vagina rapidly contracting and relaxing on his dick so heavily that it actually hurt a little.

Once she came down from it, she began panting with misty eyes that begged Draco to continue and so he did. Holding Roma firm with his mind and using his arms to hold her waist, Draco began moving his hips powerfully.

He didn\'t bother with slow thrusts since he was here to bang his girl senseless. His every thrust into the gypsy pierced all the way to her cervix, bashing that point with fury which Roma loved, but most others would hate.

Every time Draco pushed in, her legs would spread outward and when he pulled back, they would contract and bend. Draco liked this position a little, especially since he could look at Roma\'s intoxicated and overwhelmed expression as well as her round and firm breasts bouncing up and down.

He naturally grabbed them and began caressing them softly, kneading her nipples and pinching them with extreme care. Draco noticed that Roma\'s body was twisting like a snake even though she was being held in midair, so he pulled back and turned her around.

Seeing Roma\'s curvy and perky ass presented before him, Draco got even harder as he plunged himself right back into her tight and gaping vagina. Roma clenched his dick tightly as he did, her innards contacted as she climaxed from the sudden penetration once more.

Draco didn\'t stop this time and kept thrusting even as she contracted, making her orgasm extend for a longer period. He slapped both of her thick ass cheeks with each hand, going on until each side was red.

Draco then pulled her arms back as he made her raise her legs and spread them wide. This allowed him to push deeper in this potion, almost breaching the safety barrier was her cervix.

He moaned as the pleasure intensified for him. Draco felt like his dick was in heaven, as the feelers in Roma\'s vagina had latched on him and began caressing his member softly.

The intense sensation was too much, especially since Roma was still carrying on with her extended orgasm. Draco felt the semen climb up his rod as he neared ejaculation, and because of that, the sensations further intensified with each thrust.

Right then, he could only release a pathetic moan as he burst out once more, filling Roma up to the brim with semen. Draco shot out even more this time as he sent his final load for the day gushing into her, making Roma\'s stomach bloat a little.

Roma herself was already barely semi-conscious, a foolish expression on her face as she moaned like someone who was a vegetable. Draco placed her on her bed with his mind and pulled out since there was no more space in her body to take his semen.

He then sprayed the rest of it all over her body, coating Roma in a thin veil of white juice. Her vagina began sloshing as the volume of semen came out and poured all around her.

Draco admired his work and took a picture using Photo Mode before laughing evilly. He then cast a cleansing spell on himself and regrew his armor before leaving Roma in a heap of cum, completely and utterly defeated.

When he came out, he saw Rosella trotting around, trying to find ways to reach up to the cauldron so she could peek inside. Seeing his adorable daughter, Draco rushed up to grab her and began kissing her cheeks with love.

Rosella laughed happily and used her little hands to hold her father\'s face. Draco simply admired his daughter\'s adorableness while feeling warm in his heart, knowing that he would break the world for this tiny thing.

He then brought Rosella over to the cauldron and opened it so she could peek inside. The young lass was utterly curious about it, yet Draco had only some foundational knowledge in the Mystic Arts thanks to his Soul Bond with Roma. Still, he shared what he could with his daughter.

However, he soon realized that it was unnecessary as Rosella seemed to understand everything even better than him. The little girl eventually asked for her papa\'s help in adding some extra ingredients and began to stir the brew herself.

Draco was moved to tears. His little princess was a genius!