Guild Wars - Chapter 577 - [R-18] There Are Two Paths To Success, One Pink And One Brown!

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Chapter 577 - [R-18] There Are Two Paths To Success, One Pink And One Brown!

It seemed like they still had over a year to go before they could come out, which was fine. They would hatch slightly before Eva gave birth, meaning that his core family would come into fruition soon.

Draco had decided to stop taking more concubines or the like. The Goddess Descendants would be his last batch of them, and even they were taken out of habit rather than any real desire.

After all, Draco was still only a single fellow. He had everything he wanted with Eva, Roma, Zaine, and Hikari. No offense to any of the other concubines, but sex with any of his Four Beauties felt far better than anything else he had ever had.

They were simply in a different league.

Roma had a vagina that could automatically move and contract on its own, feeling like he placed his dick in a bed of soft feelers. She didn\'t have control over them, and they worked automatically to make her partner experience an intense pleasure for quick ejaculation.

Not to mention that Roma had her flexibility, which allowed her to practically bend her into any position Draco wanted.

Hikari was a bit more normal in this regard, but she had a certain feel that intoxicated Draco. It was mostly from his feelings of domination as a Black Dragon, as Hikari became incomparably submissive during sex, like she\'d allow anything to happen to her as long as he was satisfied.

The interesting part was that she would enjoy it too as part of her instincts as a White Dragon. Draco naturally was not a S, so he didn\'t abuse her at all, which was one of the reasons why his relationship with Hikari was so good compared to other Black Dragons with their White Dragon counterparts.

Hikari also had a body that was just one smidgen of an inch below Zaine in terms of sexiness, with two E cups and an SSS+ grade booty. She also had beauty that was just a smidgen of an inch below Eva when not adding Eva\'s Celestial Maiden Inheritance\'s effects.

To top of off, Hikari had a soft, gentle, and innocent personality, which riled one up with the vile intention to defile and degrade her.

Then… there was Zaine. Hoo boy, where to even begin with this one?

Zaine was a Royal Devil with a Succubus sub-race. Like the Nymphs, she was naturally in possession of charms and abilities that made her a sex goddess. Her skills and abilities were ingrained in her bloodline, not needing a conscious thought.

A normal male could not dare to be with a Royal Devil like her, as she would suck you dry and you would die in the throes of pleasure. Yes, it was definitely possible to die from overstimulation, no matter how positive it might be.

Draco still remembered his second time having sex with Zaine. The first time, she had simply done things normally, making it feel good but not too extravagant because she had been worried Draco would not be able to handle it.

Truthfully, the him back then definitely would have croaked happily. However, when she seduced him in the Rank 7 Castle near the end of his training with Richmond, she had already observed him for a while and knew that he had the bloodline of a Black Dragon, Supreme Demon, and Supreme Devil.

At the time, she had been greedy for his sperm so she could give birth to the strongest offspring and use the child to raise her ranks in her family. It was during intercourse with Draco, who turned into his Horned Demon True Body, that the unruly and ambitious Zaine was initially tamed.

Draco still shuddered at the thought. Had he not taken on that form, Zaine would have milked him to death and he would have been disgraced greatly. Luckily, he had the foresight to transform, giving him the upper hand in that battle.

Zaine possessed a fully mobile vagina, something she could consciously and unconsciously control. This allowed her to maneuver her innards in a way that would bring any man to ejaculation whenever she wanted, regardless of how tough the fellow thought he was or how much sexual stamina he thought he had.

Of course, this had the effect of making her extra sensitive during sex, more so than any other. This was true for all succubi, royal or not. After all, sex was their way to sustain themselves, and eating should feel good.

The myth that succubi had so much sex that they practically felt nothing during it was a joke. While you were shooting blanks and on the verge of death, she was in a plane of her own, experiencing orgasms that would likely short circuit the mind of non-sex-based species.

Draco as a Horned Demon conversely possessed infinite sexual stamina and a controllable orgasm. No matter how hard someone rode him, he would only spray the goods when he decided to.

However, that too had downsides. Due to the Horned Demons\' craving for pleasure and to break the minds of their female partners, he had permanently fresh sensitivity. In other words, he would never get sore from long periods of sex and every stroke felt like the first one, with no numbness or repetitivity leading to boredom during sex.

Zaine also could never get sore nor tired sexually, so their stalemate had been a battle of wills, and the lazy and inexperienced Zaine had been beaten. Inexperienced in the sense that before Draco, she had never bothered to have sex because she didn\'t see the need to.

She was a Royal Devil so like just now in the Inner Universe or the time she stepped into Vita City State the first time, she could directly absorb energy from the air. Her first time had been with Draco back then, but succubi did not have a physical hymen but a spiritual one.

That was why it was called \'true virginity\'. You could have sex with a succubus, but never take her \'virginity\'. That one was reserved for the one partner she would choose to stay with until the end.

When that happened, just like with Zaine, they would be unable to gain sustenance from another male, so you basically had won yourself a devoted succubus wife. The rest of your days would be filled with pleasure beyond what you could understand.

And then, there was the almighty Eva herself. Sex with Eva was the most normal of them as she had no freaky vaginal biology nor racial quirks. However, it was the most fulfilling for Draco because his bloodline, body, and soul would metaphorically merge with Eva, giving him a kind of satisfaction that transcended just ramming his hips into any hole before him.

Eva also knew all of Draco soft spots and weaknesses. After all, they had both shared their first times in Boundless during the tenure of their relationship, though it had been impossible to do so in the real world back then due to obvious reasons.

It was only after the whole debacle with Shangtian that Draco ended up in the vile clutches of Maria of the Cartel, who took his IRL virginity and absorbed his vital yang, which gave her immense power and vitality, hooking her on to the unfortunate Draco.

She had then used him extensively, often milking him at least three times a day. If anything had built up his sexual stamina without his bloodline active, it had been Maria\'s craze for his semen.

When he was finally powerful enough to escape her clutches, he abstained for a long while till Rina got abused in public and her reputation got ruined. The two had ended up finding solace in each other, something which had actually bothered Eva for the longest time.

Draco was always speechless when he thought about the previous timeline. It felt like the theme of that timeline had been \'whatever can go wrong, will go wrong\'. Every single person around him had experienced a \'bad end\' of sorts, most of their lives miserable and filled with hate.

Shani had been abused and killed in the real world because of his enemies in the Cartel. That had led to Boyd\'s personality turning ruthless and cold, filled with rage all the time.

He had been more of a berserker than he was now. Because Draco had found him early, he had not yet offended the party who would kill Shani, and he had been able to gather funds to propose to her.

Now, she was even pregnant with his child and was moving into the grounds of the Rank 7 castle soon. She had even already given birth in the game, which left Draco speechless since the semantics of having a digital baby and a real baby with a woman was lost on him.

Uno had never fallen in love per se back then, as his only love had been for combat. Rather, he had been unceremoniously crippled from the neck downward, turned into a paraplegic by an enemy while he was in a fight.

Draco had then gotten him a pod so Uno could continue to be the Godless Paladin in Boundless, but his previously colorful world had become gray and bleak once more. He had been living life through the motions, and only within Boundless had he been able to find some amount of joy.

He had never logged out of the game after that, completely giving up on reality. If someone had offered him a deal to upload his mind to Boundless permanently, he would have likely done so in a heartbeat.

Kiran, as far as Draco knew, had been one of his most mysterious and cryptic general back then. He hadn\'t known much about the fellow aside that he had possessed the most strength of the five back then, even being a fighter whose power was unbeaten in reality despite not having Control.

As for why he had even ended up in the Cartel, Draco still didn\'t know. It was only through Eva that he found out that the fellow was likely from the Buddha Lineage. Although this technically made him their enemy, neither of them could be bothered to be wary of him.

No matter how strong Kiran was, he was leagues beneath them both in Boundless and reality. Besides, the fellow had little to do with his clan anymore, especially in this timeline as far as the White-Haired Duo were aware.

Then there was Cobra, who had eventually murdered his own sister and then his parents in cold blood. The him of that timeline had been broken mentally, becoming a sick murderous, and sadistic bastard that would make anyone\'s hackles rise. He had reveled in torturing his enemies brutally before death and only feared Draco, who was basically the only who could keep him in check.

It was only recently that this timeline\'s Cobra had confessed to coming from an aristocratic family of assassins in the real world as well as the trauma he had suffered from young by being sexually abused by his sister, which led to him developing a mental block against women.

Cobra wasn\'t gay because he liked guys, but rather because he simply could not find any attraction towards a woman.

Understanding Cobra\'s plight as he had faced the same thing under Maria, Draco sympathized. It was also why he had little to no interaction with Bella, despite Cobra begging him to tame his sister and take her away.

Bella herself was a beauty that was above all his concubines in terms of quality and just below his Four Beauties. She would have been a perfect buffer for the two groups, especially since she was Eva\'s protege, but Draco didn\'t like her much.

Even Riveting Night had agreed with this train of thought back then, but Draco refused, so Eva dropped it. She couldn\'t exactly force women down her soulmate\'s throat, now could she?

The theme of the current timeline in contrast was rather \'everything that can go right, will go right\'.

They had enjoyed absolute supremacy since being reborn, the conflict between the duo had been resolved, Draco\'s bloodline unlocked, their guild Umbra had become a powerhouse, gaining the Four Beauties, the Inner Universe, his affiliation with the AI, and its creator, Supernatural and more.

Draco calmly considered all this while caressing Hikari\'s two mounds, all while the lovely Dragoness was blushing and moaning. Naturally, Rila had long been evicted into the park using some flimsy excuses so that Draco could lay waste to his new target.

Sigh, just thinking about how a gentle and innocent beauty like Hikari would be soiled by this vile and despicable fellow really broke one\'s heart!

Still though, how did this bottle of lube and box of tissues end up in my hands?

Draco made sure to give Hikari a good bit of foreplay. The White Dragoness had slowly confessed to being into butt stuff, so Draco stuck a finger in his mouth, lubricated it well, and then pierced the path of darkness.

Hikari trembled and moaned loudly, shaking her thick butt left and right, squirming with a bit of discomfort and desire. Draco pushed further in slowly, savoring how warm and tight it was.

He then pulled his finger back and began fingering her butthole, wiggling his index left and right much to the enjoyment of Hikari who was beginning to make weird sounds. As her current position put her ass up and all in Draco\'s face, he sent his tongue down to the path of justice before giving her a good lick.

Draco smacked her butt with his free hand then began playing with her clitoris lightly. The stimulation from tongue, clit, and butt quickly overwhelmed the inexperienced White Dragoness as she climaxed in less than 5 minutes of intense stimulation.

He saw her panting while still locked in such a sexy position and rubbed his chin. Draco then made sure to get a good taste of her juices before rising up. In truth, eating out any of his Four Beauties was more pleasurable for him than them due to how nice they tasted.

"Well, Hikari. Do you want the usual or do you want to try something new today?" Draco asked with a playful smile.

Hikari, who was coming down from her orgasm, trembled when she understood what Draco was talking about. However, just as stated before, a White Dragoness could not say no to her Black Dragon mate.

Hikari buried her face in the sheets and stuck her ass up further, puckering her pink-ish asshole attractively. Draco raised an eyebrow as it was hard to fathom Hikari could be so naughty… but damn was it alluring!

How could Draco tolerate such provocation? He naturally receded his armor and revealed his bare body. However, he didn\'t stop there, transforming into his Horned Demon True Body.

However, he made sure to \'switch off\' his Nine Hells as it drained too much bloodline energy while just being passive. With it on, he could only remain transformed for a short while, but without it, he could remain like this for more than an hour.

Draco naturally had wicked thoughts in mind from transforming like this. Hikari\'s first time doing anal had to be memorable, and what better way than the demon form with infinite stamina?

Once he transformed, his already sizable member grew swollen, with veins popping all over like worms wriggling under his skin. The size of his glans alone had almost doubled, so forget putting it in the butt, even the usual route would be a hurdle for normal girls.

(Un)fortunately, Hikari was a White Dragon, a being with the highest defense and resilience. Even when nerfed by the Tower, her natural toughness could not be suppressed, much less when she was hale and hearty.

As such, Draco placed the tip of his dick against her entrance, and Hikari\'s buried head whipped up with an expression of horror. The size of what she was feeling slowly pressing into her was too much!

I-If that thing went any further… she could die!

However, Draco did not stop. He suddenly distracted Hikari by slapping both of her butt cheeks hard, and while she was focused on the sensation, he thrust his penis all the way in.

Hikari clutched the sheets and froze like that. Her entire body trembled, but Draco was forced to moan when he felt the walls of her ass clamp down on the intruder repeatedly, as if trying to squeeze him out.

Instead of doing that, it rubbed on his rock-hard member and squeezed it. Hikari also cried out lowly as she felt her ass widen due to her inadvertent reaction. Because of it, the shape of Draco\'s penis began to familiarize itself, and her contractions weakened considerably.

Hikari slumped onto the bed as a shower of white spurted from her vagina, the White Dragoness twitching helplessly. Draco was shocked by this, as he had underestimated Hikari\'s sensitivity and compatibility with anal.

However, understanding that she was not feeling the first time pain, but rather pleasure (or that the pain might be pleasure for her) Draco smiled wickedly and began thrusting slowly.

Hikari still maintained a slumped-over position, which had the effect of increasing the arc of her back. This allowed Draco to see exactly how his member was pushing in and out of her tiny hole that was now widened.

He could only comment internally that it looked like stuffing a baseball bat into an elastic test tube. Though a bit of an exaggeration, this was the closest thing Draco could think of.

Draco was not about to let Hikari fade into the world of euphoria just yet, as her mind was clearly becoming numb. After all, she was not like Zaine who could easily keep up with his form\'s powers.

As such, Draco clamped his hands onto both of her buttcheeks as she suddenly increased his tempo to piston-like speeds, which jolted the weak Hikari back into awareness. She could only hold the sheets as the bed rocked back and forth violently, as if it would shatter the next moment.

Hikari was praying to all the gods that she knew that she would survive this day. She had no idea that Zaine had made a similar prayer just a few hours ago, but what had been her fate?

Buried under a sea of cum.


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