Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 2042 - As Long As You Have Me, Don't Bother With Them

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Chapter 2042 - As Long As You Have Me, Don\'t Bother With Them

"That\'s right, I love my job. No matter how hard I work, I still think it\'s good. After so many years, I can\'t say that I\'m outstanding, but I\'ve never thought that I\'m a failure in any way." After Xu Baohan finished speaking, the temperature in his eyes slowly turned colder, "But I never thought that one day, I would be so pathetic that my parents would use me as a commodity to trade."

An Lan was stunned. This was probably the first time she had seen Xu Baohan\'s angry and furious gaze. "Trade what?"

Xu Baohan turned and hugged her in his arms, "My parents\' companies are currently in a slump. They want me to find a rich heiress who can inject capital into their company. Even Zhuang Tianya, who betrayed me, they think that it\'s a good idea. They tried their best to get me and her back together. In their eyes, I\'m just a tool. Back then, she didn\'t hesitate to divorce me and they cut all ties with me. Now that I have something to use, they come to me and tell me that in the future, all the assets in the family will belong to me sooner or later. Don\'t you think that\'s funny?"

At this point, An Lan really didn\'t feel sleepy at all.

Why was Zhuang Tianya brought up again? It wasn\'t easy for the two of them to settle down, why was there another problem.

However, she knew that this time, it had nothing to do with Xu Baohan. Furthermore, she was glad that he could be honest with her this time.

"Your parents seem to know about your relationship with me, right?" An Lan found it laughable. What kind of person did this couple think she was? An invisible person? They were even more outrageous than her parents.

"That\'s right," Xu Baohan said bitterly. "An Lan, don\'t worry, I\'ve never considered agreeing to them. I just..."

"I understand." An Lan nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist, "You have your pride. By doing this, your parents are belittling you and not caring about your feelings. Sometimes, no matter how cold their words are, they are still your parents. We always have a glimmer of hope, but their actions are getting more and more outrageous and cruel. Actually, I only met your father briefly at the funeral home, and I could tell what kind of person he is. He doesn\'t like me."

Xu Baohan\'s heart ached slightly. It wasn\'t for him, it was because of An Lan.

He wanted to give her a peaceful life, but she was always distracted by other things. He had a feeling that his parents wouldn\'t let this go, "An Lan, don\'t think too much. It\'s not that they don\'t like you, they just don\'t like people who aren\'t useful to them. It\'s the same for me. We don\'t need to care about them. We live our own lives. We have jobs, we don\'t lack money and we don\'t need to worry about food. We don\'t need to care about them at all."

"You should say that to yourself." An Lan raised her hand and pinched his face. "As long as you have me, it\'s fine. Don\'t bother about them."

Her last sentence was so short, yet it was so heartwarming that it hit the most vulnerable part of a person\'s heart.

Xu Baohan lowered his head and stared at her for a while, before pressing his lips against hers. "You\'re right..."


The price of coaxing someone was that she was so exhausted yet she couldn\'t even apply for a year-end leave. Fortunately, Xu Baohan was resting, so he drove her to work personally.

"I\'ll pick you up after work," Xu Baohan waved at her from the car window.

An Lan nodded, making a call as she rushed into the elevator.

As she squeezed into the morning elevator, Xiao Si\'s nagging voice could be heard on the phone, "Miss An, please hurry up. In the past, you were so efficient when you weren\'t in a relationship.. You could have handed over the new contract management system on New Year\'s Day, but now that New Year\'s Day has passed, you still haven\'t made any progress."