Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 2041 - An Lan Was The Only Person Who Understood Him The Most In This World

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Chapter 2041 - An Lan Was The Only Person Who Understood Him The Most In This World

"Are you thinking the wrong way?" Xu Baohan moved closer to her ear mischievously, placing a hand on the back of her neck and gently massaging it. "I\'m talking about a very serious massage."

The vein on An Lan\'s neck stretched all the way to her tailbone. Her face was slightly flushed from frustration, thinking that she might be the one who was not serious now.

"I didn\'t expect you to know how to massage." An Lan held her breath to encourage him, afraid that her rough breathing would reveal her true feelings.

"I have more tricks up my sleeve. Do you want to give it a try?" Xu Baohan\'s voice gradually became deep and hoarse.

An Lan really wanted to be more pure, but she really couldn\'t do it when she met his gaze.

"Stop fooling around. Let me finish my work, alright?" An Lan quickly composed herself, determined not to let herself be seduced by beauty.

"Not good." Xu Baohan hugged her gently from behind. He closed his eyes and his hands trembled slightly. "Don\'t work tonight. Keep me company."

An Lan\'s hand that was holding the pen trembled violently. Her heart almost softened, but when she saw her pile of documents struggling again, she turned back, unable to see his expression.

But his entire face was buried in her neck, breathing lightly.

She suddenly felt that he was a little different from before. "What\'s wrong?"

"I\'m tired, maybe it\'s because I\'m too tired today," Xu Baohan replied softly.

An Lan raised her hand to caress his short and neat black hair. After a while, she said, "Let\'s rest together."


In the middle of the night, An Lan\'s body was gently touched by someone.

She regained consciousness half-asleep. When she was about to fall asleep again, she realized that the person beside her was tossing and turning. Even though he was moving very gently, she still noticed it.

She opened her eyes and saw him sitting up gently under the blanket. His tall upper body leaned against the headboard and he turned his head to look at the crescent moon outside. The moonlight made his face dim and blurry.

An Lan suddenly remembered how strange he was that night. He was just like a child, he knew how to act coquettishly and wouldn\'t let go of her.

"Do you have something on your mind today?" An Lan moved closer to him. It had to be said that he was really a good electric blanket in winter.

Xu Baohan was stunned. He turned around and pulled up the blanket, covering her exposed shoulder so that she wouldn\'t catch a cold.

However, An Lan simply hugged the blanket and sat up, huddling up and leaning against him, "Based on our work relationship, you can\'t tell me about work matters even if you are being tortured, but we can still talk about private matters. If the two of us can\'t talk about work and private matters, then there\'s nothing to talk about. We can\'t talk about what you eat today and what I eat tomorrow every day, right?"

Xu Baohan smiled.

"I\'m telling the truth." An Lan leaned on his shoulder. "You said you wouldn\'t hide anything from me."

Xu Baohan leaned back and looked up at the dark ceiling. "An Lan, tell me honestly what you think of my work."

"It\'s good." An Lan thought for a moment before answering seriously, "There are so many industries in this world, yet we choose this one. We must have a belief in the law. Although it\'s a little strenuous and unrewarding at times, it\'s also full of a sense of accomplishment. We can do something for someone, and we can send more people who deserve to be imprisoned. Sometimes, there are things that money can\'t satisfy."

Xu Baohan turned around and ruffled her hair, his gaze deep and gentle.

When two people were together, they didn\'t just want to like each other, they also wanted to understand each other.

Sometimes, he felt that An Lan was the only person who understood him the most in this world.