Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 2026 - When Did you Get Tang Zheng's Phone Number

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Chapter 2026: When Did you Get Tang Zheng’s Phone Number

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An Lan looked at him from head to toe with a smile and said, “You don’t have to try anymore. You don’t even know how to fry a steak, how can you compare yourself to him? Moreover, if one were to talk about his culinary skills, he would be a five-star chef.”

Xu Baohan smiled, “I don’t know how to fry a steak, but I know how to braise a steak, stir-fry a steak, roast a steak. An Lan, I definitely know more tricks than him. Even if you eat a lot of fish, meat, and exotic delicacies, you will get sick of them. Moreover, your cholesterol will increase. We are already thirty, so you should be more careful.”

An Lan rolled her eyes speechlessly. “I won’t go to the supermarket. If you want to go, go by yourself. I’m going home.”

After saying that, she walked out of the restaurant.

“Take my car.” Xu Baohan caught up to her and pulled her back. “An Lan, you were drunk just now. You can’t drink and drive.”

“Don’t I know how to take a taxi?” An Lan said deliberately.

“Taking a taxi requires money, but I don’t want it. I can pay you back.” Xu Baohan shamelessly dragged her to his car. On the way here, he summarized his experience. As long as he put down his pride, he believed that everything was possible.

An Lan wasn’t that stupid. Although she felt uncomfortable, his identity as a boyfriend was still there. There was no need to fight it.

However, she went straight to the backseat. There was a bouquet of flowers on the backseat and a newly bought scarf.

An Lan opened the scarf and took a look. It was a coffee-colored checkered scarf. It was quite stylish.

“I think this color suits you.” Xu Baohan quickly stood beside the car and said with a worried heart, “The flowers are also for you. An Lan, I’m sorry for making you unhappy a few days ago.”

An Lan turned back and glanced at him. He looked so cautious now. He was no longer as cold and aloof as he used to be in court. She sighed in her heart. The two of them had many faces, “You gave me a necklace last time when we quarreled. This time, it’s a scarf, but it doesn’t work every time. Besides… the flowers you gave me… aren’t as good-looking as the ones Tang Zheng gave me.”

Xu Baohan felt depressed. Tang Zheng had been provoked because of Zhuang Tianya. In the past, it was nothing to see him giving flowers every day, but now he was really smacking his own face.., “That’s different. These flowers were carefully chosen by me. I don’t think he has even seen the flowers he gave you…”

This was definitely a matter of the heart.

“Oh,” An Lan came to a realization. “Even when he gave me flowers, he didn’t even need to look at them to be able to look better than the flowers you carefully selected. This is a matter of taste… ?”

Xu Baohan was stunned, but he quickly came up with a solution, “I really don’t know much about flower shops. I bought them at the flower shop next to the courthouse. I didn’t like to send flowers to women in the past. I’m not like him who often send flowers to women, so he’s very experienced. Next time, how about I go online and find out which flowers in Xia City are the best looking?”

“I think you should ask Tang Zheng,” An Lan said kindly. “I have Tang Zheng’s phone number. After all, he is very experienced in sending flowers to your ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend.”


As a judge, Xu Baohan could only smile bitterly for the first time. “An Lan, when did you get Tang Zheng’s phone number?”

“Oh, didn’t I know when you lied to me about accompany your ex-girlfriend for IV drip treatment, I asked Tang Zheng out for a meal the next day,” An Lan sighed, “The two of us chatted for a long time, talking about you, his ex-girlfriend, and him. I have a new understanding of him. Some people may look annoying, but it isn’t easy to understand them. Some people may look aloof, but they are actually quite stupid.. Some people may look pitiful, but they are actually quite hypocritical.”