Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 1834 - I’m Back

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Chapter 1834: I’m Back


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Soul God’s terrifying aura tore the starry sky. A huge spatial rift stretched between heaven and earth, sending chills down the backs of countless people and striking fear in their hearts. The world seemed to be in turmoil.

At this moment, the experts who were in the Primitive Universe were all pale and tense. Some of the immortals and deities clenched their weapons tightly. They knew they could not escape what they had to face. Sure enough, as soon as Soul God was freed, he summoned his army.

The invincible army of Soul Demons was simply the nightmare of every universe. Once a small universe was trampled by them, it would be completely reduced to rubble and become dead, with all lives extinct and everything destroyed. They were the most terrible parasites, but there was no denying that the army of Soul Demons was the most powerful force in the multiverse.

Soul God looked very confident. Without that chef, he would be unstoppable in this world—he would soon conquer all the universes! And all this he needed to share with his army.

“Come out now, my mighty army of Soul Demons!” Soul God’s icy voice rang through the air.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… Not a single Soul Demon emerged from the spatial rift. For a moment, the atmosphere became somewhat awkward. Soul God snorted coldly, his crimson eyes narrowing. Then, his aura surged again as he gave his arm a violent wave.

“Come out now! My army of… Hmm?!”

He was halfway through his words when he saw something unexpected. There was no army of Soul Demons nor dreadful darkness in the spatial rift, but three figures walking out at an unhurried pace.

The little group was led by a youth who carried a black iron sword. He had a weather-beaten face covered with a beard, and his waving hair gave him a somewhat natural and unrestrained air. At his side was a chubby metal puppet. As it walked out of the spatial rift, it scratched its bald head with a large hand, its golden mechanical eyes flashing.

They did not look like Soul Demons at all! The crowd hovering in midair was struck dumb the moment they saw the metal puppet.

“Dugu Wushuang?!”

Tongtian’s expression grew weird. He recognized Wushuang. Many years ago, he was impressed by the youth’s understanding of the Sword Path and had given him a sword. It never occurred to him that this young man would come out of the Soul Demon Universe.

And that metal puppet… ‘Isn’t it Bu Fang’s puppet? I thought it had vanished from this world together with him? Why is it coming out of the Soul Demon Universe now? What is going on?’ the Sect Leader thought to himself.

‘The army of Soul Demons is nowhere to be seen, and what’s coming out of the spatial rift are Dugu Wushuang and the puppet… Could it be that…’ Tongtian’s beard floated. A sort of undefined excitement crept upon him. He fixed his eyes at the huge rift.

He saw the third figure. It was a familiar one, a lean, tall man with a calm, expressionless face. ‘The heck?! Isn’t this Bu Fang? I thought this boy had… fallen? His body turned into the purest energy and scattered across the world? Many people had watched him die… How did he come back to life?!’

Not only Tongtian, but the experts of the Primitive Universe were confused as well. No one seemed to be able to figure out what happened. Was Bu Fang a living person or a ghost now?

Bu Fang put his hands behind his back and walked at an unhurried pace. Behind him, the rift was rumbling, and a terrifying aura was drifting. Flower petals danced around him; some brushed against his face as the wind fluttered his clothes. He looked as if he was walking out of a dream now.

Everyone was stunned. Over Hangu Pass, Mu Hongzi smiled. He knew Bu Fang was still alive. How could this guy be dead? A man who could cook a pseudo-God of Cooking dish would not die so easily.

‘He’s getting better at showboating… How could he walk out of Soul God’s lair in such a calm manner? How do you think that made Soul God feel? Have you ever thought about his dignity?’ At this moment, Mu Hongzi just wanted to say well done!

Lord Dog blinked his eyes, and his mouth split in a grin. Er Ha, on the other hand, was so shocked that his spicy strip almost fell out of his lips.

“Dammit… DAMMIT! Why are you so flamboyant, Bu Fang young man?!” In the past, Er Ha always thought he was the most flamboyant man in the world, but now, in the face of Bu Fang, he could only bow his head in submission.

The eyes of Foxy and Shrimpy lit up at the same time, and they cheered. The little fox, listless just now, was so excited that her nine tails all stood up!

Duchess Yunlan, Duchess Nightmare, and Duchess Tianlian all lit up. Bu Fang’s return seemed to bring them hopes!

“It’s… It’s Bu Fang!”

The corners of Duchess Yunlan’s mouth lifted slightly. She had once looked down upon this little chef, but now, she found that chefs were the most adorable group of people in the world!

The immortals of the Primitive Universe looked dumbstruck. The experts of the Chaotic Universe, on the other hand, were very excited, while those from Void City were terrified! The chef had returned after a thousand years!

As the flower petals swirled, Bu Fang walked out of the spatial rift. He clasped his hands behind his back and looked indifferently at Soul God, who had frozen with shock. “Long time no see, Soul God.” His flat voice rang through the air.

Soul God came back to his senses, his crimson eyes narrowing. “F*ck! It’s you again, stinking chef! Why are you still alive?!” He flew into a rage.

‘Why did this stinking chef come out of the Soul Demon Universe?!’ Soul God thought to himself. ‘Wait a moment… He came out of the Soul Demon Universe? Dammit! What had he done to my universe? Why are chefs so nasty?!’

Soul God fumed, and his frightening aura soared into the sky. “Dammit! Where is my army?! What have you done to my army?!” He was so furious that his whole body was shaking!

Bu Fang glanced indifferently at Soul God and pursed his lips. Beside him, Wushuang raised his hand and covered his mouth with four fingers. His eyes were watery as he kept rolling them. He looked as if he was so sad that he could hardly breathe, but at the same time, he seemed to be tittering…

“You… make a guess,” Wushuang said.

Soul God’s crimson eyes were almost spitting fire. “You’re courting death!” With a rumbling sound, a black spear rapidly materialized in his hand. Then, it shot out and sped toward Wushuang.

Wushuang suddenly felt cold all over and could not move at all. The feeling was like… death had come creeping up upon him. Was there a need to kill him when he was only being naughty? At this moment, he was filled with shock and fear. He had finally experienced Soul God’s terror.


Even then, Whitey’s golden mechanical eyes flashed and came in front of Wushuang. Facing the spear from Soul God, it raised its large hand and grabbed it…


The spear kept spinning in Whitey’s hand, struggling violently as if it was going to pierce through everything. The power of the Great Sins spread, and Wushuang felt a chill run down his back.

Despite its great power, Whitey stopped the spear. Then, it slapped it with the other hand and broke it with a crash!

Soul God froze. The experts present were also startled, while Tongtian, Yuanshi Tianzun, and the other almighty experts sucked in their breath. They knew very well how terrifying Soul God’s spear was! It never occurred to them that the metal puppet could shatter it with a slap!

Wushuang breathed a sigh of relief. He was already soaked in sweat—he had gone above himself. After all, he was facing Soul God. Luckily, Whitey was here to save him. “You’re awesome, Lord Whitey!” he cheered, standing behind Whitey.

Bu Fang slowly walked out and stood at the mouth of the rift. The wind was blowing at his robe. Looking at the shattered void in the distance, he raised a hand.


It was as if a peculiar fluctuation had spread between heaven and earth. Then, a crackled blue-and-white porcelain plate flew out of the broken black ball and fell into Bu Fang’s hand. It was covered with cracks and was crumbling. Bu Fang sighed.

Soul God narrowed his eyes. He did not look at Bu Fang but turned his crimson eyes at the rift behind him. There, the world was filled with dancing flower petals.

‘What the heck? Since when did my universe have flowers?!’ Soul God was confused.

Bu Fang stepped out and walked in the starry sky. He exuded no energy fluctuation as if he was a mere mortal. Whitey and Wushuang followed behind him.

“The Soul Demon Universe is really nice, thriving with new lives and full of warmth,” Bu Fang said faintly. He raised his hand. Five beams of golden light immediately shot toward him and hovered around his body.

They were the God of Cooking Sets. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Qilin Transmigration Ladle, the White Tiger Heaven Stove, the Vermilion Robe, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife… He had not seen them for a thousand years, yet he still found them very familiar.

Hovering around him, the God of Cooking Sets had lost their luster, and they were now covered with cracks as wisps of black smoke swirled around them.

Bu Fang’s expression was complicated. Corrupted by Soul God’s black smoke, the God of Cooking Sets were almost destroyed. He raised his hand and snapped his finger.

With a loud boom, a beam of golden light soared into the sky from inside the black ball. The true form of Bu Fang’s divine sense strode toward him and landed at his side. It looked dimmed now.

As their spiritual frequency echoed with each other, Bu Fang raised a hand and pointed a finger at the divine sense. The true form also lifted its finger and pointed it at Bu Fang’s finger…


A ripple spread in all directions as the divine sense disintegrated and turned into thousands of golden light dots. They fell like raindrops onto the God of Cooking Sets, melting the black smoke in an instant. The artifacts restored their brilliant glow. Even their auras had improved.

For a moment, dazzling golden light illuminated the entire universe while the cries of a dragon, a bird, a turtle, a tiger, and a Qilin echoed through the air.

The true forms of the Artifact Spirits emerged, flying and slithering in the starry sky. Eventually, the light subsided, and the divine beasts transformed into five humanoid figures, looking at Bu Fang with excitement.

Bu Fang nodded at the five Artifact Spirits, then turned to Lord Dog and Er Ha in the distance. The corners of his mouth lifted slightly as he nodded at them as well. He glanced around the Primitive Universe and inclined his head at Tongtian and Hangu Pass…

“I’m back.”