Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2011 - : Jun Linyuan the Difficult Man (6)

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Chapter 2011: Jun Linyuan the Difficult Man (6)

Jun Linyuan shook his head and said, “She made way for me.”

Feng Wu said, “If she made way for you, it means that she acknowledged your capability. In that case…

“You gained all three ghost kings’ recognition.” Feng Wu rubbed her forehead and said, “That is to say, you finished the task without knowing it existed.”

She heaved a long sigh and gave Jun Linyuan an indescribable look.

Jun Linyuan looked quite innocent. “What?”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

She should hate Jun Linyuan, because he had sabotaged her plan.

But it was just as he said. He couldn’t even be bothered to do the task and had finished it just like that. She just couldn’t bring herself to be mad at him.

Feng Wu frowned and felt conflicted.

Jun Linyuan asked, “Are you angry?”

Feng Wu looked up and said weakly, “No, I’m not.”

Jun Linyuan raised her chin with his long fingers. “Yes, you are.”

Feng Wu brushed his hand off. “No, I’m not.”

The crown prince didn’t like the way she refused to communicate with him. “Yes, you’re angry!”

Feng Wu said, “I’m not angry. I want to kill you!”

She exploded like a volcano. “Do you know how hard I worked to get the seed of the spirit source?!

“It was so hard to gain the white fairy’s recognition!

“And I tried so hard to defeat Ranmil’s Chosen Team!

“After everything I’ve done and all the dangers I went through, I thought that my hard work would be repaid.

“But what did I get?

“You’ve sabotaged my task!

“And the most frustrating thing is that you didn’t do it on purpose!

“You don’t even know what happened.

“You!” Feng Wu pointed at Jun Linyuan. “Before you showed up, I always found myself to be the lucky one, the blessed, and the biggest genius!

“But then you came along…” Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan. “After you showed up, I became a mere supporting character, one that you pick on all the time.”

The coldness in Jun Linyuan’s eyes began to disappear as he listened to Feng Wu’s accusations. His eyes shone like obsidian stones.

“Pfft —”

One would never expect that the unapproachable crown prince would one day be capable of bursting out into laughter.

“Stop laughing!”

Feng Wu couldn’t believe it.

She felt so miserable, but he was laughing!

Moreover, she had been condemning him. Why would someone as short-tempered as he was laugh now?

“Jun Linyuan, why are you laughing?!” Feng Wu stomped her foot.

“Hahahahaha —”

The angrier she got, the brighter Jun Linyuan’s smile was.

He found her adorable. The way she stomped her foot and complained almost melted his heart.

Therefore, Jun Linyuan laughed wholeheartedly for the first time in his life.

Feng Wu said, “Jun Linyuan, laugh again and I’ll never talk to you again!”