God Emperor - Chapter 2113 - Another Change

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Chapter 2113: Another Change

Blackie and the others were as silent as a mouse while using the array to hide from plain sight, to avoid attracting anyone’s attention.

After all, everyone’s attention was on Zhang RuoChapter while ignoring others at the scene.

Blackie flapped its wings and stored away from the array along with the short and skinny old man. He said, “I will interrogate this old gramps once I have helped Zhang Ruochen.”

Now that the Son of Darkness was dead, the morale of the Infernal Court was low. It was a great opportunity to crush them.

Ao Xinyan, Elder Patriarch Death Zen, Corpse Emperor Tianming, and the Re-Awakener did not hesitate. They rushed out as fast as they could and charged towards the retreating army of the Infernal Court.

The current situation of True Dragon Island was very complicated, and the Re-Awakener was a mystery. Even though the Seven Top Killers of the Nether Clan had come into contact with them, their identities and origins were unknown, moreover, it was difficult to associate them with the devastating Kunlun Realm. On the contrary, it may be possible that they were deliberately sent by the Celestial Court to ambush them.

After all, the Re-awakened ones exist since eons ago. Some of them could be traced back to hundreds of thousands of years ago. None of them related to the creatures that were born in the last ten thousand years. Everything about them had almost been erased by time.

Therefore, they could attack as much as they wanted now and there was no need to hold back.


Suddenly, violent beast roars sounded one after another.

Hundreds of divine-force monsters of various forms rushed out from all directions and directly charged into the army of the Infernal Court.


In the blink of an eye, hundreds of top cultivators of the Infernal Court were torn into pieces. They did not have the time to resist at all.

It would definitely be futile to resist against the strength of the divine-force monsters.

These divine-force monsters had the strength of the Neverwither Supreme Saint, yet they did not have intelligence. In addition, they could control techniques of the time, dimension, darkness, and origins. Even the top cultivators like the Nine-step Saint Kings might lose their lives fighting against those monsters.

‘D*mn it, where did all these terrifying monsters coming from?’ The top cultivators from the Infernal Court were shocked and furious.

The top cultivators from the Celestial Court were stunned by the scenery as well. First, a terrifying monster with a dragon head and a wolf body appeared and killed the Son of Darkness, who had broken through to the Supreme Saint realm. Now, there was a large group of them, it was as if they wanted to destroy the army of the Infernal Court.

Many of the top cultivators from the Celestial Court retreated far away from the battlefield to avoid being losing their lives. There was nothing they could do. The aura of these divine-force monsters was too ferocious and they were fearful of it.

Joy appeared on the Maiden of a Thousand Stars face. She said softly, “The Infernal Court is going to be in big trouble this time.”

She had personally witnessed how terrifying these divine-force monsters were in the underground world. If it wasn’t for Zhang Ruochen’s protection, she would have perished a long time ago.

I didn’t expect Zhang Ruochen to have such terrifying power. He can do whatever he wishes to on True Dragon Island.’ The Immort Minghu was unease.

He couldn’t help but feel fortunate that he didn’t face Zhang Ruochen. Otherwise, he and the Beidou civilization would be in deep water.

A thought came to his mind, Immortal Minghu became more ruthless. He decided to cooperate with Zhang Ruochen to kill the top cultivators of the Infernal Court.

There were many top cultivators in the Infernal Court. Apart from the Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan and the Three Emperors and Ten Reverends of Bone clan, there were also many top-notch Nine-step Saint Kings. If Zhang Ruochen hadn’t summoned the monster king, he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

It is a fact that when the Seven Top Killers of Nether Clan had formed a Seven Killer formation, it was almost comparable to The Four Heavenly Kings of the Celestial Palace. Even the mighty Ao Xukong, Immortal Minghu, and the others could only temporarily hold them back.

The Bone clan’s Three Emperors who possessed the power of Vajra and their battle strength was stunning. On the other hand, The Ten Reverends could form a terrifying battle formation. They are on the same par as the Nether Clan’s Seven Top Killers.

Unfortunately, The Bone Clan and the Nether Clan were on the verged of being defeated. They couldn’t wait to leave the True Dragon Island immediately.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was standing on top of the monster king’s head. He was chasing after the Seven Top Killers of the Nether Clan.

When he’d first entered the Ying Yang Sea, he’d encountered three of the Nether Clan’s Seven Top Killers. Then, he’d arrived on the True Dragon Island and was ambushed by all seven of them. Now, he would want to settle the score with them.

The monster king ran wildly while releasing all kinds of powerful divine force attacks. The Nether Lotus Flower condensed by the Nether Clan’s Top Seven killers shook continuously.

‘D*mn that Zhang Ruochen. How did he tame such a terrifying monster?’ Never Die was furious.

Xuanming Wushang said in a low voice. ‘Leave the True Dragon Island, for now, there are Emissaries Vigilant in the sky above the Ying Yang Sea. If that monster dares to leave the island, he’ll be killed immediately.’

‘Without that monster, Zhang Ruochen is nothing to be afraid of, no matter how strong he is,’ said the Blood Ripples with killing intent.

The Nether Clan’s Seven Top Killers were still confident and fearless, even after they had seen Zhang Ruochen defeated the Son of darkness with her own eyes.

The Seven Top Killers of the Nether Clan had made up their minds and would not hesitate anymore. They deployed the Nether Lotus Flower and flew straight out of the island.

“You are not gonna getaway.” Zhang Ruochen shouted. He waved the Ancient Abyssal Blade and sharp sword rays were slashed out.

After the fierce battle with the Son of Darkness, his Sword of Space-Time had become more cultivated. A casual slash could subtly merge the power of time and dimension into it.

On the other side, Blackie and the others charged into the army of the Bone Clan. Although they weren’t many, they were all still top-tier cultivators. Their destructive power was stronger than hundreds of divine-force monsters.

“You bunch of rotten bones, where do you think you can escape to? Watch as I crush all your bones,” Blackie shouted.

Its wings were like two sharp blades that could break through anything. Wherever it passed, the bones of the Bone Clan top cultivators were all shattered.

The body of a Supreme Saint combined with its powerful strength was not enough to deal with these Bone Clan’s top cultivators.


A humungous body made of bones disintegrated. The bones of a Supreme Saint were scattered all over the ground. The Saint Soul contained within it had already been destroyed. It belonged to one of the Twelve Reverends of the Bone Clan.

All the Twelve Reverends of the Bone Clan possessed the bone of a Supreme Saint. It was challenging to shatter the bones of a Supreme Saint. Even an ordinary Supreme Saint would find it difficult to do so. However, their Saint Souls were not as powerful as their bone bodies and they could still be destroyed.

The one who killed the Reverends of the Bone Clan was a red-haired man. He was only 1.5 meters tall and his body was covered in vermillion golden scales. He gave off an extremely violent aura like a ferocious beast.

The red-haired man was one of the Re-Awakener. He was known as the Vermilion Aurum. He was not human and was known for his powerful physique.

Previously in the Palace of Silver Dragons, the Vermilion Aurum sat on the first seat on the left and his strength was unquestionable.

Even so, the Vermilion Aurum still fought with the Bone Clan’s Reverends for nearly a thousand moves after the surprise attack. Only then the Vermilion Aurum was able to destroy their Saint Soul. It was not an easy task at all.

Not long after, another Reverend of the Bone Clan has fallen along with his Saint Soul perished. The one who attacked was also a Re-awakener.

This person was an old man with white hair and a beard. He looked old, but his eyes were as sharp as knives. No one dared to look at him directly.

The Thousandblade was a top-notched Saint King just like Vermilion Aurum. His blade techniques were ruthless and created to kill. Ordinary Nine-step Saint Kings wouldn’t be able to block a single blade from him.

Seeing the Vermilion Aurum and Thousandblade killing the Bone Clan’s Reverands one after another, Blackie said suspiciously, ‘These two Re-awakeners were not simple. Their strength should be at the top tier below the Supreme Sainthood. They were about the same as the Jinyang Twin Kings. I wonder what era were they born in because I really couldn’t recall knowing them.’

“Thousandblade was born two hundred thousand years ago. He claimed countless lives because he cultivated the technique that killed lives. In the end, he was suppressed in the Ying Yang Sea.

“On the other hand, Vermilion Aurum was born a hundred thousand years ago, at the end of the Middle Ages. He belonged to the Dracolynx clan. He bathed in the ancestral blood and cultivated his body to the extreme.

“One was invincible in the blade technique, and the other was invincible in the physique. They were reputable in their respective eras,” Ao Xinyan explained.

Kunlun Realm was a long-lasting realm. In every era, brilliant geniuses were born. Because of various reasons, some of the outstanding cultivators of that time were sealed away by special means, and only now were they able to be reborn, they became the precious hidden power of Kunlun Realm.

Ao Xinyan also yearned to have such a powerful strength, but she had only cultivated for a short period, so her accumulation was far from enough. Otherwise, she would not have allowed the army of the Infernal Court to set foot on True Dragon Island.

Seeing the two Reverends members died, the Eight-armed Reverend, who was the leader, could not help but be enraged. ‘Damn it, who are they? How can they be so strong?’

Although the Top Seven Killers of Nether Clan had told Zhang Ruochen that there were more than a dozen powerful cultivators exist around him, he had no idea where these powerful cultivators came from. Each of them was extremely mysterious as if they had appeared out of thin air.

The Eight-armed Reverend was filled with grief and mad. The Twelve Reverends had come out together. They had wanted to obtain more rare treasures, but in the end, not only did they not get anything, they had even lost four of their own. It was simply infuriating.

“Deploy formation.” The Eight-armed Reverend roared and summoned the remaining seven Reverends to his side.

The power of the battle formation formed by the eight Reverends was also not to be underestimated.

With the support of the battle formation’s power, the dark gold staff instantly became incomparably huge and released the Supreme Power that could destroy all things.

Facing the attack of the Supreme Artifact, the Vermilion Aurum and Thousandblade retreated immediately. They made the choice not to meet it head-on.

“Let me had it.” Blackie’s body moved and charged towards the dark gold staff.

The wings that were burning with the Eternal Fire collided with the dark gold staff.


The power of the dark cold staff was too terrifying. Blackie was unable to completely block it and was forced to retreat more than ten steps.

Despite being pushed back, Blackie was completely fine and not even a single feather fell off.

“Is that the best you can do? Your moves are not enough to scratch my back,” Blackie said disdainfully.

Blackie was once a top-tier Supreme Saint and had cultivated an unparalleled body of a Supreme Saint. It could even block the attacks of Shenlong Chaos Tower of Sun and Moon. How could a few Saint Kings hurt it when they used a Supreme Artifact that had not survived the Yuanhui Tribulation.

The Supreme Artifact could not possess supreme powers when it was refined. Instead, it needed to cultivate and overcome the Yuanhui Tribulation repeatedly to increase its own strength.

The more Yuanhui Tribulation it overcomes, the more powerful the Supreme Artifacts would be. It could even evolve into a Divine Artifact consecutively.

Of course, the probability of that happening was very small and some say it was just a legend.

Otherwise, with Kunlun Realm’s history, they wouldn’t have only ten Divine Artifacts.

Seeing Blackie, the Eight-armed Reverend’s eyes filled with hatred. He roared, “You shall die on my hands, owl!.”

An even more majestic power was transferred into the dark gold staff, causing it to completely awakened. A black violent ape appeared and swung the dark gold staff towards Blackie.


The earth shattered and Blackie was smashed into the ground.

“If I don’t show my true power, do you really think I’m just an owl?”

With a growl, a demonic light suddenly rushed out from the ground and turned into a towering demonic mountain, smashing towards the Eight Reverends of the Bone Clan.

What Blackie brought out was the Celestial Demon Mountain. It was a top-notched regal weapon, and its power can be matched with dark gold staff.

The Celestial Demon Mountain trembled as majestic demonic qi surged out, faintly revealing many Heavenly Demon phantoms.


Without the four Reverends, the battle formation had a huge flaw. Under the bombardment of the Celestial Demonic Mountain, it disintegrated instantly.

Without any hesitation, Blackie, Vermilion Aurum, and Thousandblade moved together and pounced on three of the Reverends.

The trio did not hold back on their most powerful techniques launched the attack furiously to kill the three Reverends of the Bone clan.


The three Bone Clan’ Reverends roared and tried their best to block. They were not weak and would not just stand there like a sitting duck taking all the hits.

With their second tier of strength below the Supreme Sainthood and their Supreme Saint bone and body, even if Yan Wushen was to attack, it was unlikely that he could kill them easily.


In an instant, Blackie and the other two had struck out more than a hundred times and sent the three Reverends of the Bone Clan flying, they are all heavily injured.

The Bone Clan’s Reverend who was targeted by Blackie was the most miserable. They had fought back and forth, and cracks had appeared on the Reverend’s Supreme Saint bone and body. If this continued, it was likely that the fate of being shattered will be almost certain.


Just as Blackie and the other two were about to continue attacking, the earth began to shook violently. The heavenly and earthly precepts became extremely chaotic, and the three had no choice but to temporarily stop.

For a moment, everyone on the True Dragon Island was alarmed. Even though the battle was in full swing, they all halted.

For some reason, many people felt terribly insecure as if something terrifying was about to happen.


A large area of Dimensional Collapse, and terrifying black cracks spread out for hundreds and thousands of miles. The scene was extremely frightening.

Some people were unlucky and were affected. Before they could react, they were swallowed by the Dimensional Rift.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Ruochen asked in a low voice.

The monster king quickly replied, “Master, every once in a while, the divine forces leftover from the divine war will explode. The space on the island will become fragmented, forming many spatial faults. The entire True Dragon Island will be divided into countless regions. It will take a long time to recover.”

As one of the overlords of True Dragon Island, the monster king had experienced this situation countless times, so he was not surprised about what happened.

Hearing this, Zhang Ruochen could not help but frown slightly. In front of him, there were large-scale spatial faults that prevented him to move forward. He could no longer see the Seven Top Killers of the Nether Clan.

He could sense that the spatial fault ahead was immensely terrifying. Even if he was a Master of Space, he would be in deep water if he got caught in it.

Zhang Ruochen looked around. In the blink of an eye, more than ten spatial faults appeared and the space was in disarray. Even he couldn’t see it clearly.

With such a huge change, it was a fact that many people would suffer. He was unsure how Blackie and the others were doing.

“Master, although it’s dangerous to burst out the divine force, it’s also a good opportunity to obtain treasures. Every time, many hidden spaces will be revealed,” the monster king suddenly said.

Hearing this, Zhang Ruochen recalled something. He and Blackie found a hidden space and obtained a Demonstone Engraving and the Celestial Demon Mountain from within.

The hidden spaces that could be preserved from the divine war must be extraordinary. Within the hidden spaces were all extremely precious treasures. Finding one of them would be a great harvest.

A thought flashed in and Zhang Ruochen said immediately, “Let’s go back.”

Because they were chasing after the Nether Clan’s Top Seven Killers, they had already left the ruins of the Dragon Temple. If they didn’t return in time, they wouldn’t be able to touch even if a large number of hidden spaces appeared.

Although True Dragon Island was filled with spatial faults, with the dimensional technique of Zhang Ruochen and the monster king, they still had a way to return to the ruins of the Dragon Temple in a short amount of time.

“Master, every time the divine force explodes, We, the five overlords will make a move onto collect the treasures. We must be mindful of Mojo and Lord of Elixir,” the monster king warned him seriously.

After the divine war in the Middle Ages ended, due to various reasons, five mighty overlords appeared on the True Dragon Island one after another. Each of them was not easy to deal with. Even a Supreme Sainthood cultivator might not be able to escape unharmed.

The monster king was known as the Dragon Phantom Lord. Even though the monster king was a combination of divine force, its core essence however was the phantom that was born after the death of the Divine Dragon.

In addition to the Dragon Phantom Lord, the other four overlords, namely the Mojo, the Lord of Stone, the Lord of Elixir, and the Lord of Sword, all had their own unique and unpredictable means.

In the past, the Dragon Phantom Lord had no fear of the other four overlords and had powerful strength that could rival them.

However, it was different now. The Dragon Phantom Lord was injured by the God-Defiance Stele, and many of the chains of percepts had been taken away by Zhang Ruochen. His strength had been very much reduced. If he fought against them, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Zhang Ruochen had an idea and said. “If I have the chance, I want to take all the treasures the four overlords have collected.”

The Dragon Phantom Lord had collected hundreds of millions of treasures. He believed that the other four overlords had also collected many treasures.

They didn’t stay any longer. Zhang Ruochen and the Dragon Phantom Lord immediately changed directions and rushed to the ruins of the Dragon Temple as swiftly as they could.