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Chapter 194: The Power of Fifth Form

Weekly chapters (2/2)

We\'re reaching the climax!

Fate with his Fifth form vs Gemini!



I tried chopping down the second half of Gemini with dimension destruction. But even with this kind of widespread destructive power, it still managed to dodge using its probability fluctuation.

[Yosh. Eris, are you ok?]

[No problems here.]


The first step in unraveling this mystery.

We need to somehow confine Gemini in an isolated space. It has two convenient dodging skills; the probability fluctuation and the space jump.

First, disable the space jump.

Afterward, we moved on to the next stage. Eris put her hand on my shoulder.

[Kuh…this thing… Why won’t you get down.]

Gemini went on a rampage trying to release itself from the confines of the black threads.

The future of the black threads was being twisted and attacked by the fluctuation of probabilities. The repulsion force was immense. It’s transmitted through the threads, to my fingers, then to my shoulder.

Blood oozes through the gaps in the black gauntlets, dyeing the ground red.

[Eris, your turn!]

[Yes…open your heart to me. Accept me in…]

I closed my eyes and felt Eris’ warm magic power seeping into me. It didn’t feel unpleasant. Gradually mixing and assimilating with my own magical power.

[It is done.]

Taking Eris’ words as the cue, I opened my eyes again. The world looks different now. It’s like everything was doubled.

[This is the world as seen through the magic eyes.]

[Maximize your vision of the future and interfere with Gemini\'s probability fluctuation. See the distortion created with our shared eyes.]

I saw Gemini in the sky having two afterimages. Is that the probability fluctuations?

There were certainly two futures, one where the attack hits and another where it doesn’t. The future where Gemini was hit then started to dissipate, leaving only the afterimage where it managed to dodge.


I could feel Eris pumping more magic power from behind me. Along with that, a change occurred to Gemini’s two possible futures.

The dissipating afterimage started to regain color.


I must not miss the moment. Black threads immediately shot at Gemini from all directions at the same time.

A big explosion occurred in the sky, and the sound of the glass breaking violently echoed. The aftermath became a torrent and blew up, ruining the dome-shaped defense system.

The shining grid collapsed. The smoke from the explosion hindered us from getting a clear view on Gemini.

But Eris was more surprised that she could actually still see.

[This is…..no way…]

She moved to my front, looking at me in the eyes.

[Why did you do that?]

[Sorry. Can’t just put all the burden on Eris.]

My left eye could barely see now. When Eris shared her magic eye with me, I tried to take over the burden.

At that time, my magic power also flowed into the magic eye. It guzzled more than I expected. But it certainly did its work in hindering Gemini’s probability fluctuation.

[We have a good result. Moreover, the fight is not over yet. I still need Eris’ power.]


As the smoke settled, a large crack became visible at the center of Gemini. The pattern that had been moving around its body ceased.

Apparently, its future had finally converged into one. Toward the future where our attack can reach it. Gluttony skill could also sense that the most troublesome defense that hindered it from eating Gemini had gone.

It’s calling out to me. Its voice creeping in my ear, whispering temptations to devour the sacred beast.

[I’ll devour it without you telling me to.]

The black threads of dimension destruction still remained there.

It prevented Gemini from performing a space jump, confining it in a prison-like space.

[Let’s gooooooo!!]

Gemini wrapped its body with its wings to protect itself.

But I could care less about it, as I lashed the black threads brimming in gold aura.

Gemini’s wings were torn apart one by one.

It was cornered… It started screaming shrill high pitched cries even though it had no mouth.

Are you begging for your life now?

[Too late!]

The black threads converged while spinning like a tornado, crushing Gemini.


There was no sound of glass breaking this time. I could feel the feedback from actually hitting something this time.

[Is it done?]

[…..no, not yet.]

There’s no inorganic voice announcing stat growth and skill obtained.

In other words, it’s not death yet.

There should be no place for it to escape… What did it do!?

I looked up to the sky. Even now, the black threads were tightening around Gemini.

The feelings transmitted to my finger proved that as well. Then suddenly, liquid started leaking out from the spherical black threads.

[That’s…could it be? Eris, move out!]


As if the shell of the egg was broken and the contents came out, it flowed down to us who were standing underneath it.

I grabbed Eris along, and immediately moved away. The falling liquid soon gathered together to form a giant slime.

It was the other half of Gemini that Roxy and Myne were fighting against. It’s hard to mistake it when it could slide easily from the black thread.

But the fact that the Gluttony skill failed to devour it still baffled me.

What did it do? It’s not like it could do a space jump under that situation.

Or is it because the two creatures are actually linked? That they could switch position with each other at will.


Eris was calling to me out loud.

That’s because I was already running in a straight line toward the half of Gemini.

I switched back from the black gauntlet into the more familiar black sword. Grasping the handle tightly.

I could tell now. Or I should say I’m quite sure of it.

It’s not that the attack didn’t work. It simply just switched places with its half that Roxy and Myne fought against.

The only reason it’s trying to escape us was because it’s divine protection and probability fluctuation had been disabled.

We cannot afford to lose it now.

Gunshot coming from behind me.

Eris’ buff bullets helped accelerate me.

I dodged the incoming tentacle attack, and squeezed forward. This half of the Gemini would’ve seen through this move.

A large number of tentacles crawled toward my feet. It surrounded me. An attack with no escape, almost like the Dimension Destruction I did earlier.

Eris, who was watching, involuntarily raised her voice.

The tentacles were closing in on me. Even so, I didn’t just stand there.

Spirit union…activate.

The skill multiplies the power of both skill and magic by 5 times for a set period of time. I wasn’t really used to using this skill. But I’ve been training with Myne for a while now.

Next, was to use my most improved skill after my recent training, the sword mastery.

Then I infused the fire ball magic to my sword, causing the blade to be wreathed in flame.

The moment the tentacle tried to touch me, it disappeared.

And what appeared before me was not the slime-like Gemini, but the big egg-shaped Gemini.

It no longer showed six proud wings. Its remaining wings must’ve been cut down by Roxy. There’s also a large crack in its body, signifying that it had suffered a heavy strike from Myne.

At the destination where it escaped, it probably received an attack beyond its imagination. Gemini continued to cry in agony.

And then, realizing that it’s in greater danger, it tried to flee once more.

I firmly grasped the flame-coated black sword. The fire ball magic had been modified by the Gluttony skill, and turned into high level fire magic.

The flame turned into a brighter, golden colored flame.

Believing that this Gemini would switch back here in advance, I was one or two steps ahead of it now.

[Welcome back…]

With my burning sword, I cut down Gemini.

The golden flame devoured Gemini, turning it into ashes.

Even so, its shrill cry still resounded. Its body then started to glow a pale light. Was it trying to switch places again!?

In response, my body instantly reacted by slashing Gemini horizontally.

This time around, it silently turned into ashes.

While I was still vigilant over what’s next to come, I was startled by the sudden announcement from the inorganic voice in my head

《Gluttony skill activated》

At the same time as that inorganic voice rang in my head, immense pain that could probably fry my brain attacked me from my imperfect wings.


Eris’ voice became distant, as my consciousness failed me.