Game, Live Stream - Chapter 118.2

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Chapter 118.2

“Send us beneath the metal pillar… Oh right, I forgot you can’t see it, then you can send us under the tallest building here.” Xiao Tangqiu looked at the tall building next to the metal pillar before turning his head to the driver to speak.

The driver was very unconvinced, “Why should I listen to your orders?”

“Only we can save your lives.” Xiao Tangqiu said calmly.

Driver, “…Are you people superman? The kind that specializes in fighting monsters?”

“No, but don’t worry, we can also fight monsters. As long as you send us to the tower, we will be able to eliminate these monsters immediately.”

Although they don’t know what was happening in this instance, as long as they could crack the so-called Labyrinth of the Light God, they would be able to smoothly pass this instance.

The driver gritted his teeth and started to drive the car towards the metal pillar.

Along the way, on top of the two demons chasing them, they encountered countless demons. These demons wreaked havoc throughout the city like monsters, with screams and explosions everywhere.

“…It is exactly the same as the City of the Abyss,” Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help sighing, “I don’t know where Shen Yuan and the others are now.”

“They must be in this instance right now, but we don’t know where,” Tang Mianmian also sighed, “Unfortunately, we don’t know their phone numbers so we can’t contact them at the moment. The communicator from the City of the Abyss can’t be used here either.”

Xiao Tangqiu’s tone was firm, “They will definitely go to the base of the metal pillar too. We will go there and wait for them.”

Along the way, a steady stream of demons joined the ranks chasing their car, but the driver’s driving skills were excellent, and he showed off his skills one after another on the road, and got rid of one after another. Unfortunately, the two demons from the beginning follow them doggedly. No matter how they tried to shake them off, they couldn’t get rid of them.

“Those two should be stronger demons,” Xiao Tangqiu frowned and analyzed, “It seems we can’t get rid of them easily.”

They were getting closer and closer to the metal pillar but the two demons still chased after them. If this continued, they were bound to fight the two demons.

At this moment, another behemoth fell from the sky and landed directly in front of their car, crushing half of the road at once. The driver slammed the brakes.

“Fuck!” Xiao Tangqiu’s whole person felt unwell. There were wolves before them and tigers behind them. They were about to become the sandwich meat in the middle of bread!

In the next second, the behemoth that stood in front of them suddenly fell down and disappeared in an instant… Not far away, a man in a windbreaker was still holding his gun up in a shooting pose. The violent wind blew the windbreaker all around, making loud flapping sounds.

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart leaped and instantly blurted out, “Shen Yuan!”

Tang Mianmian couldn’t help but yell, “Fuck! You are so handsome!”

Even the driver couldn’t help swearing, “Blindingly handsome! &#k2026;No! Wait! There are two more behind us!”

As soon as his voice fell, Shen Yuan began to move.

Shen Yuan stood still, only slightly raising the hand holding the gun. The silver gun aimed at the two behemoths and fired!



Two shots were fired in a row and the two behemoths collapsed and disappeared. But Shen Yuan still had a cold look and tense brows, and even the expression in his eyes did not change at all.

He slowly put down the silver gun in his hand and walked towards Xiao Tangqiu and their car.

The driver couldn’t wait to open the door, “Hey hero! Do you want a ride?”

Tang Mianmian, “…Hey, hey, hey! The attitude is too different!”

The driver heh’d, “Going to the Central Building too? …No, what was it… the metal pillar?”

Shen Yuan glanced at Xiao Tangqiu and nodded, “Yes.”

“Sit! Let’s go!” The driver stepped on the accelerator and set off again.

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t wait to ask Shen Yuan, “Is this the instance we are looking for?”

Shen Yuan nodded, “That’s right.”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “We found it so easily?”

“No,” Shen Yuan shook his head and explained mildly, “On the forum of the City of Abyss, no one has ever mentioned this instance. No one should have been to enter this instance before, and no one even knows it exists, because it only exists in the Book of Light. Only those who have read the Book of Light know…”

“An instance that no one has ever entered before?” Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help taking a breath.

“This instance is called the Light God’s Labyrinth. According to the Book of Light, the Light God hid his weapon that had defeated Abyss Demon in a labyrinth before his fall, the Light God’s Sword. Whoever can get the Light God’s Sword is who can beat the Abyss Demon…” Shen Yuan’s voice was low and magnetic. He paused, then slowly said, “No matter who you are, as long as you have the Light God’s Sword, you can defeat Abyss Demon.”

“Fuck, so overpowered? That’s simply a super plug-in!” Tang Mianmian couldn’t help but interject, “No matter how powerful other cheat artifacts are, they can’t be invincible. According to you, whoever can get the Light God’s Sword is invincible?”

Shen Yuan said lightly, “That’s right.”

Xiao Tangqiu was puzzled, “…How did the Light God get defeated by the Abyss Demon? The Light God clearly has a weapon that can completely restrain the Abyss Demon.”

Shen Yuan was silent for a while, and said, “It is said that they made a bet. No one knows the content of the bet. The Book of Light only says that the Light God lost this bet… But the Light God still kept a final card at hand and hid the Light God’s Sword in the labyrinth before he fell. As long as we find that sword, we can defeat Abyss Demon.”

Tang Mianmian couldn’t help but interrupt again, “Is that sword really that powerful? No matter who gets the sword, they can beat the Abyss Demon? Then why hasn’t the Abyss Demon destroyed the sword himself? “

“Of course he wants to destroy this sword, but he can’t enter the labyrinth of the Light God,” Shen Yuan said lightly, “Since the Abyss Demon can’t enter the labyrinth of the Light God, he naturally can’t find the sword, so how can he destroy that it?”

“So that’s how it is…” Xiao Tangqiu had a revelation.

“It’s not difficult to find this instance, [The Light God’s Labyrinth]. As long as everyone knows its existence, everyone can enter this instance, so we could find this instance all at once,” Shen Yuan frowned. “But the Abyss Demon obviously knows about this instance too. That’s why he sent so many subordinates to chase… We must rush into the labyrinth to find the sword ahead of them.”

“By the way, what about Xue Junli and the others?” Xiao Tangqiu thought of the others in the Reincarnation Team.

“They must have gone there too. Let’s find them under the metal pillar.”

In a blink of an eye, the metal pillar was close before them, but the monsters also became dense. Beneath the metal pillar was an area overwhelmingly full of black monsters.

Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “They were really all here.”

Shen Yuan suddenly said, “Let’s get out of the car. There are too many monsters there and the car can’t get closer.”

There were too many monsters in front and driving was already difficult. It was better to get out and fight out a bloody path.

Xiao Tangqiu turned his head and smiled at the driver when he heard those words, “Thank you for giving us a ride. You should go home.”

The driver nodded, “Then I’ll stop here. You guys, good luck… Defeat those monsters and save the world!”

After the three of them got out of the car, the driver stepped on the gas and left.

Tang Mianmian couldn’t help asking Xiao Tangqiu, “Do you think that guy is also an NPC?”

Xiao Tangqiu said lightly, “So what if yes, so what if no?”

Tang Mianmian chuckled, “Right, now the most important thing is… to kill a bloody path!”

There were more and more demons surrounding them. Looking around, it was simply a large field of darkness.

The three of them didn’t speak. They picked up their weapons and attacked!

So they fought out a bloody path. And when they killed to the point of no longer knowing time, there was a sudden sound not far away, “Boss! I finally found you!”

Xiao Tangqiu turned his head and saw that it was Duan Hongzhen and Xue Junli who were fighting back to back, side by side. Apparently, they had just killed out a bloody road from elsewhere.

“Captain!” Soon, another familiar call rang from the other side.

Yu Fuling, Sai Lulu and Su Manluo, the three girls also broke through the monster pile while armed with weapons.

Everyone was here.

Sure enough, everyone gathered towards the metal pillar. No matter who saw the metal pillar in the instance, they would become curious why the Tongtian Pagoda was here. Was this Tongtian Pagoda the same Tongtian Pagoda of the City of the Abyss? What was the secret in the Tongtian Pagoda?

Shen Yuan nodded to them when he found time, and his eyes darkened, “Okay, let’s enter the labyrinth!”

“Boss, is that a labyrinth?” Duan Hongzhen asked curiously as he hit the monsters, “The Light God’s Labyrinth? What kind of labyrinth is is? What’s in it?”

Shen Yuan quickly repeated what he had just said and finally he said coldly, “We have to crack the Light God’s Labyrinth and get the Light God’s Sword.”

“Crack? Do you want to find the exit of the labyrinth?” Xue Junli frowned slightly.

Shen Yuan looked coldly and said, “Not only to find the exit of the labyrinth but also to find the entrance of the labyrinth.”

“What? Isn’t that the entrance to the labyrinth?” Tang Mianmian was surprised.

Shen Yuan’s voice was low, “How can it be that simple? This is the labyrinth of the Light God… even the Abyss Demon can’t find the entrance to the labyrinth.”

Xiao Tangqiu felt his heart sink. Their task was to crack the labyrinth. It didn’t matter if they could find the exit of the labyrinth, they even had to find the entrance of the labyrinth by themselves!

No one knew what exactly was waiting for them in the labyrinth. It really deserved to be an instance that the system didn’t even know the difficulty level of… And most importantly, even if they found the entrance of the labyrinth ahead, wouldn’t the Abyss Demon follow right behind them?

This was really shooting fish in the barrel… but they were the hapless fish.