Forsaken Immortals - Chapter 282 - Troublemakers

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Chapter 282 - Troublemakers

This was the restaurant that Bai Rouyun prefered in her past life. The food was truly delicious and made with care and attention. This restaurant was also the most expensive that the Shitian Tower had on the entire continent.

This place was special, as it did not even allow customers to book a table in advance, which resulted in many people rushing to their location every day. Many would queue for hours before finally getting a position, and they would often end up staying for long, as the food needed to be savored slowly.

The only reason that Bai Rouyun had been able to eat here before was due to Xue Jingyu being the young master of the Shitian Tower. He had his own private room in every restaurant owned by their faction, and could eat without having to stand in a queue.

"We might have to wait for some time."

Bai Rouyun did not mind waiting in line, but after looking at the sheer number of experts crowding outside the gates, she felt a slight throbbing at her temples.

Xiumeng City was already a haven for cultivators, but due to the tournament, it had become overcrowded, and many of these guests all wished to visit Restaurant Yutu.

"It is quite amusing to observe these geniuses from all over the continent."

Before they could answer, Mo Chu could not help but comment, as he glanced at the crowd that were all trying to get a position as soon as possible.

These experts were all known as geniuses in their own territory, however here, many experts were much more talented than them, so their previously swelled ego was suddenly hurt badly, resulting in many negative emotions swirling in their hearts.

When someone was used to being treated as a genius and having everyone caring for them, their temper would, naturally, not be easily controlled.

So, chaos had erupted in the middle of the queue. A young talented cultivator had become enraged, and lashed out against another expert standing by his side.

The audience were already bored having to wait for a seat to be prepared inside the restaurant, and thus they happily observed the fight that was about to break out.

While the two involved partners were furious and looked for a way to let go of their anger, the rest only saw them as cheap entertainment.

Jiang Wei had initially intended to enter the restaurant right away, but upon witnessing the sudden fight that erupted, he halted his steps.

While it was true that one could not book a table at the Yutu Restaurant, it did not mean that there was no way to get a private room without standing in queue for half a day.

Much like how Xue Jingyu had his own private room, these prosperous restaurants had a whole floor which was full of private rooms that were not open to the common guests.

One needed a very special identity to enter, and while Jiang Wei had been pretending to be another person since he arrived, he had still come down from the Wushi continent and had his own identity token that belonged to a member from the world above.

Most of the citizens on this continent did not know about the Wushi Continent, not even the better experts, but due to Shitian Tower\'s extraordinary power, they had a good understanding of the powers above.

If Jiang Wei showed his family token, these staff members would naturally let him in right away. Even if they did not know what the token meant, their superiors had already informed them that any token of such kind should be treated with the highest degree of respect and attention.

The two experts that had begun fighting had, initially, only relied on physical strength, but now they released attacks infused with Qi, which resulted in the marble slabs beneath their feet to break and numerous cracks appeared on the surface.

While the two did not pay much attention to the destructive part of their attacks, Bai Rouyun could not help but wonder when the members of the City Guard had become so slow that they did not even break up the troublemakers before the marble slabs had been broken down.


However, while she was busy contemplating, a loud voice boomed through the air and caused the whole audience to become silent.

A group of neatly dressed city guards appeared on the street and walked towards the two troublemakers with dignity. Their eyes were full of scrutiny, and the anger within grew increasingly large upon witnessing that they had the audacity to harm their beloved city\'s properties.

"Nothing more to see here."

While Jiang Wei had been curious about how the fight would end, he guessed that nothing more would happen for now, as the fighters had regained their sanity and stood still, resembling primary school students that had been caught doing something bad.

Bai Rouyun had to agree with his decision, and nodded her head, after which Jiang Wei led them to the restaurant\'s door.

Just as they were about to enter, the group that were waiting outside regained their senses and began cursing at their trio for wanting to jump the queue.

Bai Rouyun smiled happily as she looked at the group of jumping clowns, wondering how Jiang Wei was planning on dealing with them.

"They are quite noisy."

Mo Chu was of the same attitude as Bai Rouyun, and both of them were happily observing how everything became more and more chaotic as Jiang Wei had to solve the trouble that had cropped up in front of him.

The three young people were all smiling happily, as she kept looking at these cultivators that were trying to throw their weight around and force them to retreat.