Forsaken Immortals - Chapter 281 - Yutu

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Chapter 281 - Yutu

Bai Rouyun knew which restaurants that they were talking about, and she could not help but raise an eyebrow in approval.

The places that specialized in spiritual cuisine were extremely popular, and one needed not only wealth, but also power to enter.

Even in her previous life, Bai Rouyun had only dined there a handful of times, and each time had been when Xue Jingyu had invited her. She was a pauper back then, so she could not afford such luxurious things on her own.

However, after her rebirth, not only had her body and physical age changed, her identity and background had too. If she had stayed in the General\'s Mansion, she would not have become what she was now, but after becoming the wife of the Eternal Shadow Lord, she knew that these restaurants would surely accept her, as long as she could pay the bill.

Generally, Xiumeng City did not allow for other factions to set up their own stores within the city walls, but these restaurants were all a part of the Shitian Tower\'s enormous faction, and even the City Lord had to show them enough respect to accept their meddling.

Fortunately, as time went by, the City Lord understood that Shitian Tower was merely using Xiumeng City as a place to earn money, and they had no intentions to cause trouble or stir up a revolution, so the two had long since formed a partnership that allowed them to gain the best benefits from one another.

Although the partnership between Shitian Tower and Xiumeng City was going well, the City Lord did not allow other factions to enter their walls and interfere with their business, so even now, the only foreign faction that had succeeded in settling down their own branch here was Shitian Tower.

"We should walk to the restaurants instead of taking the carriage. Although the distance might be a bit long, it is much easier to walk, and we can also observe the surroundings on the way."

Mo Chu looked around as he suggested that they left the carriage behind. Although it might take them an hour to reach the city center where these restaurants were located, he felt that it was much more beneficial for them to observe their surroundings on the way.

They could also stop and explore if they felt the need to do so now that they were walking, but if they rode a carriage, it would cause great disturbance if they parked in the middle of the street.

Bai Rouyun and Jiang Wei naturally agreed with him, and happily left the inn with excitement. Although Jiang Wei had visited many large cities in the Wushi Continent, he felt a sudden childlike happiness by walking down the road alongside Mo Chu and Bai Rouyun.

Here, no one knew of his reputation, and even though some of them feared him, it was purely due to their inability to fight him.

However, while the majority feared him, it was not to the degree where they would experience an anxiety attack from being close to him. There were even people like Bai Rouyun and Mo Chu here, who did not fear him at all.

It was also due to Jiang Wei\'s first time experiencing being treated like an ordinary person that their walk took more than three times as long as it would usually have.

They had stopped at almost any store along the way to look at their items, and by the time they reached the city center, Bai Rouyun held a pair of candied fruit in one hand, and a skewer of roasted meat in the other.

She was not the only one who had her hands full. Mo Chu also managed to indulge in the festive atmosphere that had shrouded Xiumeng City, and he also had snacks in one of his hands.

"These dumplings are great. I would never have thought that their ordinary cuisine is this good already, I can\'t wait to experience what spiritual cuisine is like!"

Mo Chu was mature and steady, but one often forgot that his actual age was only a few years older than Bai Rouyun. He was, in fact, younger than Li Moyun. Due to the events he experienced as a child, he had matured far ahead of other children, and he had lost the innocence of the young.

This was also the first time he managed to act his age, and the three of them truly enjoyed themselves. Even though they had purchased numerous snacks along the way, they were benefiting from their identities as cultivators, and they could easily consume many times more than an ordinary mortal, so they did not fear being unable to eat these spiritual dishes.

The restaurant was known as the Yutu. It was named after the legendary Jade Rabbit that lived on the moon. According to legends, the Jade Rabbit was the companion of the Moon Lady, and its most important task was to create various elixirs of immortality and delicious cakes.

The reason that this restaurant had been named after this rabbit was due to the wish that their cuisine could also provide the same effects as the elixirs of immortality and the cakes that this little companion constantly strived to perfect.

The restaurant was placed in a five tiered pagoda, and the top floor was open, with only a railing to let the wind gently bring a breeze to the guests seated beneath the roof.

The decor was all in pearl-white and silver colors with a few golden streaks to resemble moonlight, and it was truly an exquisite-looking building.